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How to get to Valencia from Castellón Airport?


Castellón Airport (CDT) is sold by the airlines as the secondary airport of valencia city. You must know that this airport is located close to Valencia, but is not located in Valencia City, is located about 62 miles far away.

One of the most common mistakes people make when traveling, is not planning the trip; Many people fly to any airport without thinking or planning how do they will reach their final destination.

There are several advantatges flying from/to Castellon or Valencia flying from/to Castellon Airport (CDT). Airlines operating at this airport are continuously launching exclusive offers at very low rates. This is a small airport, then your check-in and boarding will be very easy and fast. And at this moment, if you are flying from Castellon Airport, the parking is free of charge and is guarded; So, you can leave your car parked for the duration of your trip with no problem.

Castellon Region is attractive by itself, and is a territory to be discovered. With more than 3000 hours of sunshine per year, the sun is guaranteed and its beaches are not overcrowded. But Castellón is also mountain. It is the second most mountainous province of Spain and offers countless opportunities for travelers who enjoy rural tourism, mountain walks, natural parks, beautiful villages, tradition and more… But now we are talking about visiting Valencia.

So, if you are going to visit Valencia and you are planning to do it flying into Castellon Airport (CDT), let us provide you updated information about Ground Transportation at Castellon Airport all ways and approximated cost to reach Valencia city.

Ways to get to Valencia City from Castellon Airport.

First of all, and coming back again to our reference at the top of this article about the importance of planning your trip, at Castellon Airport you cannot take the Valencia Metro, and you cannot take any train. There are not train stations at Castellón Airport. I noticed that is one of the most common mistakes. People looks for information about Valencia Airport and find that there is a Metro Station at the airport, but Castellon Airport is sold as Castellon-Valencia Airport due to its closeness, but is not Valencia Airport, it is Castellon Airport.

  • By Bus directly from Castellón Airport to Valencia.

There is a shuttle bus service provided by Autos Mediterráneo company. The ticket costs 20€ from Castellon Airport to Valencia city. Bus stop in Valencia is located in paseo de la Alameda. Visit our article Shuttle Bus service at Castellon Airport for more detailed information about this service.

The trip takes between 1 hour and 2 hours, depending on the bus stops. Let me explain you. If the bus does not stop at Torreblanca, Oropesa, Benicassim or Castellón because no passenger has bought a ticket for these cities, the bus will go directly to Valencia, and it will only take about one hour. At worst, that is, all the stops, the journey lasts 2 hours.

Cost: 20€
Trip time: 2h
Stops in Valencia: 1


  • By Bus to Castellón Railway station + Train “Renfe Cercanías” to Valencia.

This option is a little bit cheaper than going to Valencia directly and gives you 3 different stops into Valencia city.

The bus stop in Castellon is located at Bus and Railway Station. Then, you need to buy a shuttle bus ticket to Castellon and once in there take a Renfe Cercanias train to Valencia.

This option is perfect as well if your final destination is not Valencia city and you want to go to Villarreal, Burriana, Nules, Moncofa, Chilches, Sagunto… other cities in which this train has stops.

Cost: 17,80€ (12€ bus to Castellon + 5,80€ train from Castellon to Valencia).
Trip time: 2h (50 mins at worst, or less to Castellon, and 1 hour to Valencia)
Stops in Valencia: 3
· Stop in Valencia Cabañal.
· Stop in Valencia Font de Sant Lluis
· Stop in Valencia Nord (Downtown). The last stop of this train.

For futher information about Renfe Cercanías timetable, please follow this link.


  • By Taxi.

This could be the quickest, but is more expensive than the options above.

The ride from Castellon Airport to Valencia costs between 115€ and 145€ aproximately and takes around 1 hour. Please note, time and cost is aproximate and depends on the traffic congestions and your final destination area in Valencia city.

Cost: 115€
Trip time: 1 hour


  • Private Transfer.

This is other and maybe the most exclusive option avaible at the airport… or maybe not. Let me explain.

The service can be provided by the same company that offers the shuttle bus service. We have left you a link above. Or this service can be provided by other transfer companies. For exemple, if you come a group of 6 or 8 people, you can book a private transfer from 20 – 25€ per person (almost the same price that the shuttle bus to Valencia). You can check prices anb book a private transfer by clicking here.

They are offering vehicles and minivans with drivers from 1 to 8 people to pick up from/to the airport, hotels and transfer anywhere 24 hours.

Cost: 150€ for 3 people, or 180€ for 8 people max.
Trip time: 1 hour


  • Car Rental.

Obviously this is our favorite option. Car rental service is available at Castellon Airport and you can book your car at best rates on this website. Please do that!!! hahaha ☺. You might also be interested in Best Car Rental Companies in Spain.

Hiring a car can give you freedom and flexibility when you’re visiting Valencia, Castellon and surrounders. Or maybe you are planning daytrips in the area and visit some towns, in that case, it could be the only feasible way.

There are two Car Hire companies at the airport (GoldCar and Malco) and desks are located on ground floor just in front of Arrivals gate.

Cost: from 20€ per day or less.
Trip time: Feel free to enjoy the way.

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