10 Best Beaches in Australia

Australia is equal to infarct beaches, with no doubt. Although now that I stop to think about what my favorite beaches are after several years visiting the country, the truth is that I find it difficult to choose the best beaches in Australia.

If you are going to visit Australia in the next days, we recommend to rent a car and make a road trip around some of these beaches. A good departure point could be Brisbane Airport, Gold Coast Airport or Ballina Byron Bay Gateway Airport.

Here we go! The list of the most beautiful beaches in Australia.

Seventy-Five Mile Beach | Fraser Island


Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world. This island was proclaimed a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1992 and it is a must in this list of the best beaches in Australia.

We booked an excursion to go to Fraser Island from Hervey Bay, where we rode a 4×4 bus. On the bus, we were taken to a ferry that would leave us minutes later on one of the most impressive beaches I have ever seen, Seventy Five Mile Beach.

Wild dingoes and the remains of a ship that sank on the shores of this island – the Maheno, a New Zealand boat that was found on Fraser Island on this day, July 10, 1935 – a jewel in ruins that makes that beach an Even more magical place.

Marley Beach | Sydney


Marley Beach seemed impressive not only for its sand dunes so high, perfect for sandboarding, but for its perfect location within the Royal National Park, south of Sydney.

A different beach and a peculiar beauty that you can reach walking through the coastal track that goes to The Wedding Cake Rock. It can only be accessed by walking.

I assure you that the complete adventure – Wedding Cake Rock, Royal National Park, and Marley Beach – should be a must if you are in Sydney.

Three-miles Beach | Eucla


One of the most spectacular places where I lived in Australia and in all my life and, at the same time one of the least visited and visited by our students because of its inaccessible location, was the plain of Nullarbor, or Nullarbor Plain, in southern Australia.

On one side, this natural park of cliffs of vertigo has the wonderful beaches of white sand dunes of Yalata, a protected aboriginal territory that can not be accessed without permission.

And on the other side, on the way to Western Australia, you’ll find deserted, windy beaches whose waters come from Antarctica. Crystal clear waters of a hypnotic turquoise, that will make you reflect on life and realize that we are nothing.

Nature rules in this part of the planet and one of my many favorite beaches is Three Miles Beach, where you’ll find what’s left of the pier. There is no better place in Australia to see the stars. Awesome!

Belongil Beach | Byron Bay


Belongil Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Australia.

One day I decided to go for a walk on the beach and chose Belongil, without having any idea that I was going to choose that place as one of my favorites on the planet. Maybe for many it’s just a nice beach more, but for me, that rise and fall of the tide, jump over the rocks to continue walking for miles, those movie houses overlooking the sea, those pink sunsets and, above all, that river mouth, they always wanted to go back there.

If you’re in Byron Bay, treat yourself to an afternoon of solitude, leave your cell phone at home and walk to Rivermouth. The connection with the planet is guaranteed. And, by the way, it’s a nude beach.

Tallow Beach | Byron Bay


If you’ve ever heard that Byron Bay is a paradise on earth, they were not exaggerating. And part of this beauty can be attributed to its wild and kilometric beaches.

I remember the first time I walked up to the lighthouse and discovered from the heights that huge beach that I had seen so many times before arriving in Australia.

The beach of Tallow intimidated me. They said it was for the more experienced surfers because their strong currents, added to the waves and sharks, were very dangerous. A beach that always imposed me and that left me fascinated.

Alexandria Beach | Noosa


Noosa is one of the favorite tourist destinations for Australians and is that this town of just 50,000 inhabitants, has a quiet lifestyle and some of the most beautiful beaches in Australia. And although Byron Bay is still my favorite place in the world, I would say that Noosa is given an air.

I recommend the Noosa National Park very much and, among all its beautiful beaches, Alexandria Beach, another nudist beach that you can only access by walking.

Shell Beach | Shark Bay


The first time I saw the red sand of the outback, I was amazed. And when I discovered that there were areas of the country where the red desert flowed into a beach of white sand and crystal clear water and you could see the contrast of both colors, I knew I had to see it sometime. In Shark Bay, you can do this.

But it is also in this same bay is Shell Beach, a beach where instead of sand, you will find millions of whitish shells, something unique that you will not see in many parts of the world.

Hyams Beach | Jervis Bay


Jervis Bay is a white sand beach and a paradise that you have to visit.

Of all the beaches in its bay, perhaps Hyams Beach is the most popular because it is the beach with the whitest sand in the world.

Jervis Bay is an unbeatable place to go camping, especially if you want to dawn with wallabies. Look for 4 days off and go through as many beaches and coves as you can, it’s worth it!

Cape Tribulation Beach | Cape Tribulation


If Tallow Beach seemed like an extremely wild beach due to the strength of its waves and its immensity, the wild part of the Cape Tribulation beach incited that feeling of uncertainty of whether a saltwater crocodile would come out and snack me at any moment.

I only saw five-meter crocodiles during my boat trip on the Daintree River, although on the beach, as if by magic, we managed to see two cassowaries in the distance, the second largest bird in the world and the most dangerous.

Whitehaven Beach | Whitsundays

Whitehaven_Beach _Whitsundays

Unquestionably, Whitehaven Beach has to be on the list of best beaches in Australia and the world.

I can not deny that the whiteness of its beaches, its clear and calm waters, its free camping area and its huge lizards, make Whitsundays a perfect place to stay to live a lifetime.

Although I have to say that when we go up to the viewpoint to see the typical picture of the beach, where the sea merges with the sand forming such incredible drawings, I think my expectations were so high that it did not seem so spectacular, maybe because See the same as from the airplane view.

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