5 Ways to Prevent Theft of Your Rental

Many people experience theft, especially when it comes to valuable things. Most people know that thieves think that tourists are a good “catch.” In general, tourists carry valuable things and at times may leave them in their vehicles.

Once they park their car, they will leave it unattended for a certain period of time. Also, being a tourist means they don’t really know bad spots to avoid, so they’ll park pretty much anywhere.

For thieves, someone being a tourist is a huge plus. This is because tourists are less likely to stay around. The tourist may not even figure it out at first (if the thief is experienced). A rental car can become a huge target for thieves.

How do they know it’s a rental car?

As a general rule, rental cars will have a sign or two that show that they’re rental cars. It’s true, these days you don’t see licenses with “AV” or “HZ” in the plates or registration, as they started to become more noticeable.

These days, companies use different methods like barcode stickers on the front, back, or rear windows. You might even notice signs of dealership stickers or car rental plates.

While the latter isn’t super popular anymore, the former is. Rental companies have their own unique methods that help prevent theft and identification of tourists, but some are still stuck in the past.

Some thieves may even try to steal your entire vehicle. Most rental cars will come equipped with GPS tracking devices so they can find their vehicles easily. You may even consider buying a tire clamp, there are always a number of options to choose from.

How to prevent theft?

Don’t leave anything valuable in the car

When you search the internet, you’ll see that many people have been robbed, because they left valuable things in their car. These attractive items should be left in your room, or, much better, kept with you at all times. Laptops, smartphones, cameras, even jewelry need to come with you when you decide to leave your car parked for a while.

If you absolutely must keep your valuables in the vehicle, keep them out of plain sight. Thieves are only apt to steal things if they are visible as time is of the essence.

No maps for thieves

Guidebooks or maps shouldn’t find their place in your vehicle either, as they suggest that you might be hiding something, like charging cords, the thing that makes the thieve think that there’s, even more, to dig into your car.

Don’t park in Famous Spots

Thieves usually focus on these spots with heavy visitor traffic – the parking spots from famous monuments, national parks, even airports or train stations.

Don’t forget to lock the car…

…and the trunk. Some people can advise you to leave your rental car unlocked (these people are dumb), as it will show the thieve that there’s nothing there to see. This can mean that your car will suffer no damage at all. However, we’re not sure how that’s a good idea.

Leave a local newspaper in the back of your car

If you buy and leave a local newspaper in your vehicle, the thieves might believe you’re not a tourist and will leave you and your rental car alone.

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