7 Benefits of a Staycation

With the travel industry still recovering from one of its most disastrous and less profitable years yet, staycations are experiencing a well-deserved resurgence. Whether you are familiar with the process of holidaying close to home or are used to venturing further afield for your annual family holiday, there are a number of factors you must consider ahead of time. Continue reading to familiarise yourself with the benefits of a staycation in 2024.

#1.- Save Money

Save Money - Benefits of a Staycation

By opting for a staycation this year, you can experience the sights and sounds of your home country whilst saving a considerable amount of money at the same time. With a growing number of travellers looking to cut costs in any way they can, this can be a great way to see more for less.

You will also save money on air travel, resorts, visas, baggage, parking, as well as local transfers. With a recent shift to sustainable travel, a staycation can also allow you to consider the impact of mass tourism on a global scale and support local businesses in any way you can.

#2.- They are Safe

Safe - Benefits of a Staycation

As well as saving money, a staycation can also allow you to stay safe. With health and wellness now a key concern for a growing number of travellers, it can be reassuring to know you are protected by local healthcare rules and regulations in the event of a medical accident or emergency.

If you are travelling with a pre-existing medical condition or are just looking for an extra layer of safety and security, it may also benefit you to organise travel insurance ahead of time. For example, Staysure includes covid cover as part of their policies so you can relax knowing the cost of your trip will be covered in the event of a sudden illness or cancellation. Most hotels and resorts are also now operating in accordance with the latest rules and regulations so you, and your loved ones, can ensure your holiday goes off without a hitch.

#3.- You can Experience new Places

Experience new places - Benefits of a Staycation

Whether you are native to your local area or have just recently relocated for work, a staycation can be a great opportunity to experience new places that you and your family are familiar, or unfamiliar, with. This may be an expensive restaurant, a new café, a shop you drive by on a regular basis, a museum exhibit that you have been following for some time, or a nature reserve you have only seen pictures of.

By saving a considerable amount of money on travel costs, you may also be able to spend more money on local or independent businesses that are more likely to appreciate your custom.

#4.- They are Less Stressful

Calm - Benefits of a Staycation

Compared to holidaying abroad, staycations tend to be less stressful overall. With less packing required, the preparation time can also be significantly reduced. The thought of only driving no more than 100 miles or so can also lower your stress levels by a considerable amount. You are also much more likely to allow your mind and body to rest on a staycation due to the comfort of familiarity and the knowledge that you are close to home.

With no need to spend time waiting to board a flight and queuing for transfers, you can dedicate your staycation to relaxing and spending quality time with your loved ones.

#5.- Enjoy an empty city

empty city - Benefits of a Staycation

The terraces and restaurants for you alone, and who says restaurants, but also banks, shopping malls, stores, supermarkets, parking lots… You won’t have to wait in line all the time, be left without a table at your favourite restaurant or without a parking space under your house. You won’t have to queue all the time, you won’t have to miss a table at your favourite restaurant or a parking space under your house. You will be grateful for it every day!

#6.- Take time for yourself

Time for yoursef - Benefits of a Staycation

Dedicate yourself to all the things you normally don’t have time for. Start some of the books you have piled up on your bedside table? Sign up for that English course you had pending? Paint a painting? Do the Netflix or HBO marathon of those series you’ve heard so much about? Take a nap without setting your alarm clock? Now that’s a VACATION!

#7.- Put your house in order

put your house in order - Benefits of a Staycation

Organize everything you had pending, from bills, paperwork, forecasts for the new course, clean your house, order the closets…. everything that in your day to day you do not have time because you do not give enough, it may be time to get it ready because then it will be worse.

Staycations are experiencing a rapid surge in popularity this year. As well as saving you a considerable amount of money, they are also safe, can allow you to experience new places, and are much less stressful than holidaying abroad.

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