7 Tips to Choosing the Right Auto Repair Software

The automotive industry is one of the most critical sectors of the economy; catering to all of the transportation needs. However, industries over the world are experiencing a paradigm shift in how they work to incorporate the new normal.

Increased use of automation and digital platforms are now fuelling businesses over the world. Lean businesses have the power to cut down costs, drive profitability, and fuel growth using all-in-one auto repair shop software.

Likewise, the automotive industry is also under pressure to make the repair process more efficient for shop owners. An auto repair shop in today’s era needs to be equipped with auto repair software if it is to handle all its operations efficiently.

Today, we discuss:

  • What an auto repair shop software is?
  • How does it work?
  • Why it is critical to the success of an auto repair shop?
  • Top seven tips you can use to choose the right auto repair software for your auto shops.

What is auto repair shop software?

What is auto repair shop software
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An auto repair software is a shop management system that integrates many of the auto repair shop’s tasks in a single platform. It’s been developed to provide auto repair shop owners and managers with a tool to run their processes efficiently by automating various tasks.

While some auto repair owners and managers might want to stick to the good, old paper and pen, most of the auto repair business owners know the nightmare of managing all logistics and tasks manually. Not only are manual processes tedious, but they also lead to higher costs in the long run and can keep the business from higher profit potential.

Shop management software has emerged as the perfect ally against the battle of inefficiencies. Some of the best auto repair software integrates all stakeholders including business owners, managers, teams, technicians, dealership managers, and customers on a single platform for a seamless flow of work operations. Let’s explore some of the common features that come in auto repair software.

Auto Repair Shop Software Features & Benefits

It doesn’t take a genius to know that in order to stay ahead in the automobile game, you have to stay abreast with technology. The right auto repair management software holds the power to really help streamline operations for an auto repair shop. Some of the common features of auto repair software include:

Streamline estimates, invoice processing, and payments

Auto repair software can house a point of sale system to accept credit cards, other payment types and to generate invoices. The software will also allow users to generate estimates of tasks by incorporating labor times, parts used, and other details. These quotes can be shared with customers digitally along with digital invoices.

Automatic appointment scheduling

Using this software, customers can automatically set up appointments on the repair shop website. The management software will then also allow the technicians to view their assigned jobs, irrespective of their location. Automatic appointment scheduling also allows the system to share notifications and reminders with the customers.

Inventory control and parts ordering

Shop management software is quite efficient in the sense that it can track inventory surpluses and shortages in real-time, on a single platform. Using the right auto repair software, you can also add your preferred vendors digitally. You can set up automatic parts reordering when inventory levels run critically low.

Work order management and progress

Managing work orders is critical to the success of auto repair shops. Using work order management, you can create canned jobs and also assign work orders. This feature also allows you to stay abreast of day-to-day operations and inform customers about the progress.

Labor Rates & Tracking

Managing your labor time and rates accurately is another challenge for auto shop owners. Using shop management software, you can manage technician time and assign them cost per hour for easy calculation of billable hours.

Customer management

One of the most critical ingredients in a successful business is customer management. This is also one of the key features which all good shop management software look to tackle. Auto repair software can maintain a database and online history of all customers for improved management along with service history tracking.

Vehicle Verification

Vehicle verification is another critical task for auto repair shops. For vehicle verification, you can use a handy VIN decoder.

Marketing and Sales Management

In addition to tracking customer data and sales, using auto repair software, you can also gather customer feedback to drive marketing campaigns.

Integrations with other software

There are various business support tools that can be found in an auto repair shop. For example, you can integrate your management software with other software like Quickbooks, etc for a seamless flow.

Customer support

Some of the most effective auto repair software allows you to integrate technical customer support into the system.

Performance Dashboards

A shop management software is an ideal platform to look at the top business analytics and performance of your auto repair shop at one glance.

Choosing the best auto repair software

This brings us to the tricky part; how do you choose the best auto repair software for your business that not only meets all your needs but also offers business intelligence. Before you can go on the hunt for a software provider, let’s look at the top factors to pick the best auto repair software for your business.

Ensure the software has all the required functionalities

First thing is first, you need to keep an eye out for the required features and functionalities when it comes to choosing your auto repair software.

Some of the features that are required for business operations in workshop software include:

  • Inventory control to manage inventory levels at all times
  • Point of sale services, invoice processing, and estimate calculation
  • Customer-facing services including point of sale, scheduling customer appointments, and service history tracking
  • Job scheduling and work order management
  • Integrates service requests in the platform
  • Business analytics
  • Tracks key performance metrics including accounts receivable

Apart from this, make sure the software for you includes all the features that you require for successful repair shop management to grow your profits.

Opt for an all in one platform

Good software helps streamline operations, is scalable, and can be used in the long term. Always opt for all in one platform that includes required functionalities, is scalable, and is suited to your business’s individual needs.

The right software offers extra features at a value-added cost and price, as well. Some of the factors to help you pick an integrated platform include a mobile-friendly interface, a cloud-based system, business intelligence, and real-time reporting in a single dashboard.

Having fully integrated software will also reduce the cost of maintaining multiple systems.

Choose a software provider that offers ongoing technical support through service managers

It can take a while for your team to become accustomed to the new shop management system. A good shop management software delivered with top-notch service managers offers constant technical support to users and helps streamline operations. This will also reduce the cost of ongoing software training.

Pick a software with a good user experience

An easy-to-navigate shop management system makes the deployment and use of shop management software much easier and more fun. Make sure you choose the one which has a well-designed user experience, business intelligence, and dashboard.

Invest in ongoing software training for your team

Making sure your team is well versed with the system through training is a necessity. Once you choose your software provider, initiate technical training of your team for deployment purposes.

Go through the complete auto repair software documentation

A management software bundle comes complete with documentation including how-to manuals and tutorials by vendors. Make sure you go through the complete documentation thoroughly.

Ensure the software has an established client base

Choosing a vendor with an established client base will allow you to go through the reviews and see whether the product has worked for clients in the base. Do your research, go through the reviews and then finalize the provider of management software.

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