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Costa Blanca is one of the most important tourist destinations in Spain and one of the historical, scenic, and natural treasures of the European continent. Here we will find large tourist cities with skyscrapers equipped with modern infrastructures, such as Benidorm, to small Mediterranean villages where time seems to have stopped as in the old town of Altea, the valley of Guadalest, or the colorful houses of the old town of Villajoyosa, among others. So, if you are looking for a sun-soaked resort stay or city break, hiring the best car rental from Alicante Airport is what you should seek.

Nature with its landscapes of the Sierra Helada and the Sierra de Bernia dominate everything, as in the wonderful Peñon de Ifach in Altea that rises majestically as one of the banners of the Costa Blanca, the marine reserve of Denia, Benissa, among others, but a good place to be amazed by the landscapes is Javea, in its Route of the Viewpoints we have the perfect sample.

The best way to enjoy all the wonders that Costa Blanca has to offer is to rent a car at Alicante airport to discover it at your own pace. Alicante Airport is the 5th largest airport in Spain where a majority of the flights are international. It doesn’t matter how excited you may be when arriving at the airport. But if you don’t find car rental companies at the airport that matches what you are looking for, your whole trip will ruin. However, the good news is that you can get some of the best services provided by car rental counters right in the middle of the terminal. At the Alicante Airport, various car rental companies offer great deals for their customers’ convenience.

How much does it cost to rent a car at Alicante Airport? When it comes to choosing the right car for your needs, you can have a lot of options. Whether it is compact, mini, SUV, convertible, or sedan, you can choose a car based on your requirement. If you want car rental services, it might cost you 35€ per day on average. However, you can get as low as 25€ or less per day. Car rental companies will require that you should hold a valid license that shows at least two years of driving experience, but, having an international driver’s license will always be the best option, and you will have more peace of mind.

Whether you want to visit Alicante, or any other tourist city on the Costa Blanca such as Benidorm, Calpe, Altea, Javea, Denia, Torrevieja, Villajoyosa, or Elche, we have made a Ranking of the Best Car Rental companies at Alicante Airport in 2024 to help you choose your next car rental booking, which, by the way, you can do easily and at the best price on this website.

1.- offUgo (10/10) 🏆offugo rent a car

offUgo is the best car rental company in Alicante. If you want to focus on your holidays, offUgo’s seamless check-in and check-out system will amaze you. Your car will be waiting for you at the parking and all instructions will be delivered to you prior to your arrival.

offUgo is a new concept in car rental. Everything, absolutely everything is online, both the booking, as well as the pickup and drop-off process. Visit their website, choose when and where you want to go, select when and where do you need your car, and start the easy booking process. Sign your contract and upload your documents through your smartphone, since 24-72 hours before your rental starts, you will receive an e-mail asking you to read and sign your contract. You will be able to upload pictures of your ID and your driver’s license.

To pick up your car, you will receive a link via WhatsApp that will guide you to your car and will let you open it. With offUgo, you don’t need to go to any counter at the airport, skip the queues and go straight to your car, open it in seconds, pick the key from the glove compartment and enjoy your holidays!

Pricing is all-inclusive, forget about extra insurance and deposits, at no extra cost young drivers can rent with offUgo.

With a 5 out of 5 stars rating on Google, the company has proven to be the choice for a premium and hassle-free rental at Alicante Airport. Book your car now with an exclusive 5% discount by clicking on the button below.

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2.- SIXT (9.4/10) 🥈sixt-logo

If you want to drive a vehicle that meets your budget and needs, it is wise to book your car rental with SIXT. Whether you are looking for premium or standard sedans, vans, SUVs, or convertibles, you can have whatever you need at the best prices possible.

Besides, if you pay extra for child seats, a GPS, or an additional driver, you can have a comfortable and smooth ride. Apart from that, you can easily locate them at the Alicante Airport by their orange counter in the main terminal building. And, when it is time for you to return, simply deliver the keys to a SIXT staff at the airport.

The fast check-in, friendly staff, and good collection of vehicles make SIXT the most preferred choice for most people. However, their car rental service is a bit pricey and that makes some people unhappy. Their services can cost you anywhere between $87 and $524 per day depending on the vehicle of your choice.

The cost of renting a car at Sixt is a little more expensive compared to the other car rental companies, but this is because SIXT is known for offering premium vehicles. Sixt offers a well-diversified fleet as they have cars from different brands; Audi, Alfa Romeo, Volkswagen, BMW, and Mercedes Benz among others. They have also added an SUV section where they rent SUVs such as Toyota Land Cruiser, BMW X5, and Mercedes GLA.

SIXT has two offices in Alicante. One is located at the airport and the other in Alicante Downtown, near the port.

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3.- VICTORIA (9.2/10) 🥉victoria-car-rental

It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to making a business successful and Victoria’s car rental service comes out with flying colors. Unmatched services, personal attention, and the good condition of vehicles are what makes Victoria one of the top car rental services at Alicante Airport.

Once you are outside the terminal, approach the parking spaces between P1 and P5. This is where you will find their shuttle bus that will take you to their base office. And, it takes just two minutes. With a 24/7 booking system, you don’t have to worry about last-minute communication.

Apart from that, support from the staff, free insurance, low rates, and 30 years of experience in this industry makes Victoria the second-most choice for many people visiting the place. Still, some people are dissatisfied with their service. Prices start from $140 to $430 and even higher depending on the vehicle.

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4.- KEYGO RENT (9.0/10) 🥉key-go-rent-car-rental

If you want to get carried away by the beauty of the mesmerizing landscape of Costa Blanca, KeyGo Rent might help you get the best car rental service. With KeyGo Rent as your travel companion, you can enjoy and relax throughout the journey.

The KeyGo Rent office is located 5 minutes from the airport and you can reach there by minibus that the company provides free of cost. At the airport, exit the terminal and head over to bus stop number 1 to 5. Someone from the KeyGo Rent staff will take you to their office.

KeyGo Rent car rental has two plans for you to choose from: Excellence and Basic. So, the rates depend on these plans and the car you select. In general, the services start at $39 for Basic and $58 per day for Excellence. Because of their great services, people love them and it is evident from the rating as well.

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5.- WIBER (8.2/10)wiber-car-rental

The office is located 5 minutes away from the airport and you can reach there through a minibus transfer that Wiber provides for free. However, if you are not in the mood to go through official procedures of renting a car and get things done right after landing in Alicante, you can use your mobile phone instead.

As it appears from online reviews of customers, Wiber has managed to gain the trust of people through its remarkable service. There are no big problems faced by customers. To know the latest price of rental vehicles through Wiber, you can use our “Book Now” button below, or visit their website, whichever you prefer.

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6.- CENTAURO (8.0/10)centauro-rent-a-car

For enjoying the best driving choices along Costa Blanca, rent your car at Centauro and enjoy relaxing moments for some days. Locating Centauro is a breeze and you can find them in the arrivals hall of the airport. All you have to do is reach their counter and book the car of your choice.

Or, you can use their website instead. You can find the car you want at the best price on offer. You can add approved child seats, insurance, GPS, etc. to your booking in the form of extras if you want any. The best part about Centauro is that there are no hidden charges, unlike other car rental services.

The best price is guaranteed and there is no need to make a deposit as well. Because of the amazing services, a majority of the customers are extremely satisfied with Centauro. Get in touch with the executives to know how much it costs per day to rent a specific car.

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Visit CENTAURO website

7.- RECORD GO (7.8/10)record-go-rent-a-car

When you are looking for car rental services that are made easy, quick, safe, and convenient, Record Go is where you need to go. Some of its highlighting benefits include 24-hour returns, disinfected vehicles, larger car sizes, and prompt service.

Booking a car at Record Go helps you move freely through the province and enjoy its climate and beaches the way you have imagined. That way, you can make the most out of your trip. Moreover, they offer cancellation for up to 24 hours free of cost before collection.

With a comprehensive car rental service and a large fleet of vehicles, Record Go fulfills the need of every customer with pleasure. Besides, you can locate them with ease because the office is inside the airport. With prices starting from $35 per day, you can find a car that meets your need.

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8.- LEASYS (7.5/10)leasys-rent-a-car

Considered one of the high-rated car rental companies in Alicante and serving customers in seven different locations across Spain, Leasys is another car hire company that has gained the trust of thousands of satisfied customers. They have more than 4000 vehicles so that you can always have the one that you desire.

When you book a car with Leasys, you get to enjoy the freedom of experiencing countless places and seeing things in and surrounding areas of Alicante. Their main office is located a few hundred meters from the airport. So, wait for the shuttle bus on stops number 1 to 3 to take you there.

The best part about Leasys is that if you have any kind of mobility issues, they have vehicles that adapt to your needs better. Besides, people like their short-term car rental plans, mid-term packages, and mobility subscriptions. While booking a car starts from $25 per day, you should go through all the packages on their website.

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9.- HERTZ (7.4/10)logo-hertz

Whenever you are planning to have a good time with your loved ones by exploring the Mediterranean coast, get in touch with Hertz car rental services. With one of their cars, you can take a route along palm-lined streets or mountains next to the sandy beaches.

Hertz is a famous and very prestigious car rental company worldwide. The Hertz car rental desk is located inside the airport building and getting the booking done is a breeze. The friendly staff is happy to answer your query and provide you with the best solution for your needs. As it appears from the online reviews, customers are happy with their services and they find Hertz car rental a reputable company.

However, some dissatisfied customers complained about the poor condition of their vehicles. But those people are very low in numbers. Regarding vehicles, you can choose one that suits your needs because they have plenty of them. Renting a car starts at $137, which is a bit higher compared to the others.

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Visit HERTZ website

10.- OKMOBILITY (7.2/10)ok_mobility_rent_a_car

Book your vehicle at Ok Mobility and explore Costa Blanca the way you want. It is one of the popular beach areas in Spain where millions of people every year visit to experience the most varied and widest leisure opportunities that the place provides.

So, the next time you plan your visit to Alicante, make sure to rent a car at Ok Mobility to experience their amazing services. Although they have an office at a specific location outside the airport, it is wise to make the booking through their website.

They have vehicles that include the latest tech. Its fleet of vehicles is constantly being renewed, which makes its rental cars modern and very well equipped. Another plus point is that they rent to young people between 19 and 25 years old.

Besides, you get to choose from small, economical, wagons, vans, or SUVs. Safe travel and premium coverage are included in the price. Despite the advantages, some people are unhappy with their services. The prices start at $65 and can be as high as $332 per day.

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11.- CLICK RENT (7.2/10)clickrent-car-rental

Click Rent is one of the leading car rental companies in Alicante Airport. With a large fleet of cars under its name, Click Rent has gained a lot of attention in recent years thanks to its remarkable service. Renting a car and exploring this beautiful coastal city becomes an easy affair when you book a car at Click Rent.

Click Rent has provided thousands of customers with the best possible services when it comes to renting a vehicle and discovering places in and around Alicante. The booking is safe and easy. The best way to connect with them is through their website where you can have their contact number as well

All you have to do is visit their website, and choose your preferred date and time. Next, you can choose the type of car you want and proceed ahead with the bookings. The price of renting a car starts at $93 per day. With less negative feedback from customers, it is sure that they are providing the best services.

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12.- AVIS (6.6/10)logo-avis

Having served this industry from the 1940s, Avis car rental has earned a good reputation in many countries. As such, they guarantee value for money when they offer car rental services in Alicante. Its counter is conveniently located in the arrivals hall, shared with Budget.

Despite that, if you need to know more about specific services, you can connect with them through the contact number displayed on their website as well. Most people that booked a car at Avis were extremely satisfied with their services. Yet there are a few who were not pleased with the service.

The best part about Avis is that you can choose the car you want, extras that you may or may not add, reasonable pricing, and exclusive offers that you can avail of. Besides, booking a car online is made easy through their user-friendly website. They have a great selection of different cars in their fleet, starting from small 4-seater cars to 6-seater SUVs. The cost of renting a car starts at $43 per day.

To know the latest price of rental vehicles through AVIS, you can use our “Book Now” button below, or visit their website, whichever you prefer.

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13.- ENTERPRISE (6.5/10)logo_enterprise-rent-a-car

New cars, friendly service, and reasonable prices are some of the important factors that people tend to look out for when hiring a car rental service. So, whether you need a car for your upcoming business trip or you are planning a vacation with your family, Enterprise car rental is where you need to head out for.

Enterprise has been tendering their services to many regions and they have earned a name. Apart from that, the experience they gained from this industry has helped them to serve people in better ways. If you want to book a car at Enterprise, please click on the button below.

Although they claim to provide customers with the best of services, it appears that not everyone is pleased with them. Despite that, Enterprise is serving the needs of people, especially those who want to explore Alicante. The cost of renting a car starts at $170, which offends many people.

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14.- FIREFLY (6.5/10)

Get new car rental deals and save a lot of money when you book with Firefly Car Rental. Hence, don’t miss out on the opportunity to book a car with them and enjoy the perks.

You can reach the Firefly Car Rental counter in the main hall of the airport’s arrival area. However, if you don’t want to waste any more time soon after landing at the airport, perhaps you can make bookings through our website on an early date.

These days, almost every car rental service tends to provide customers with the best of their services and Firefly Car Rental is no different. Just like other companies, it has a fair amount of satisfied and dissatisfied customers. Services start at $46 per day.

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15.- GOLDCAR (6.4/10)goldcar-rent-a-car

Thirty years of experience, several cars to choose from, and the lowest price offerings are what you get when you rent a car through Goldcar. Because their office is located inside the airport terminal, you can get easy access.

Or, you can visit their website. New cars, pleasing behavior of the staff, low price, effective service, and ease of booking are some of the factors why many people love to rent a car at Goldcar.

While their rating might be low, they provide one of the best car rental services in Alicante. Although the price starts at $33 per day, there are lots of options for you to choose from.

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Popularly referred to as Spain’s Costa Blanca region, Alicante is one of the gateways to beach holidays. As you can see, there are many car rental companies at Alicante Airport. Now you know a little more about these companies. We hope it will help you decide on your next car rental in Alicante. You can use our search engine below to compare rental prices, book directly on the company’s website, or on another website, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you get the best price.

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