Best Car Rental Companies in Latvia

Latvia is a country full of light and colour on the shores of the Baltic Sea, it is a paradise of cliffs, caves, and forests, perfect to drive around with your rental car.

Besides Riga, a splendid capital, the most visited cities are Valmiera and Cesis but they are not the only ones. Daugavpils, Jurmala, Liepaja, Rezekne, Sigulda, Talsi – among others – also attract national and international tourists.

Its coasts are beautiful and the city of Jurmala is its best spa resort, a spa complex offers mud therapy treatments, nature lovers will find in Livonia, a paradise of cliffs, caves, forests.

In the province of Zemgale, history lovers will be surprised by the succession of castles and mansions, among which the Rundale Palace with its salons, the Great Gallery, and its museum with important works of art.

In the region of Kurzeme, you can visit the village of Kudilga that conserves intact all the enchantment of century XVII, not very far is the waterfall of the river Sales, the paradise of the salmon; in Liepaja, the lake of the same name, its musical festivals, its port, its museum, the Art Nouveau building; Nearby is the city of Ventspils, very popular in summer for its beaches and its theme park; in the region of Latgale, the best Latvian handicrafts and the Basilica of Aglona, a place of pilgrimage and of a sublime baroque style.

In the north of Latvia is the beautiful region of Vidzeme, with the incredible valley of the Gauja river, a natural and cultural wonder because of the number of historical vestiges it contains since civilization was established in those cold latitudes 2000 years before Christ.

In short, Latvia is a small country ready to be discovered, from its natural wealth to its cultural heritage make that to travel by your rental car will make the experience unforgettable.

Whether you want to rent a car in Riga, Sigulda, Jurmala, Ventspils, Cesis, Cape Kolka, Kuldiga, Bauska or if you want to ride a road trip around Latvia, we have made a Ranking of the Best Car Rental companies in Latvia in 2024 to help you choose your next car rental booking, which, by the way, you can do easily and at the best price on this website.

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#1 – Prime Car Rent, Riga 🏆

They are best and reliable in that business. A local company having the capacity developed in such a way that it can serve an international level. Serving as per the expectation of the customer looks a competitive advantage at Prime. Flexible and convenient approaches and procedures along with reasonable and competitive prices are the things making them a top choice. Giving the right value of money back to customers seems the main Moto at this service. The higher rating also tells us that they are doing best in their capabilities. The company is operating with new cars and reasonably low prices as compared to other local companies.

They are best even when you are leaving for Estonia or Lithuania with them they will give reasonable charges in that regard as well. Professional staff and managers are making it a better choice. Easily accessible as they are located near to the airport so if you are a tourist you don’t have to wait for it after landing.  A well-equipped communication network, so they will answer your calls and queries in no time, makes your process hassle-free. You will spend only enough minutes not an extra in paperwork, car checking, or at the office, they are delivering a very fast service in this regard.

Operating from multiple locations makes them easy to access easily in time according to schedules. You are travelling with family or with kids no worries they are ready to give you an amazing experience in Latvia.  Booking now on this website you can get an extra 10% discount for customers at the total amount is the unique things at Prime Car so why would you choose anyone else, getting a good value of money with a discount for future with the same service.

A few customers have complained about late and fake charging involved in the process after the service was availed by them. Cleanliness of the car seems to be another issue but a mix-up opinion on that is due to the involvement of middle entities.

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#2 – Baltic Netcar Car Rental 🥈

They are operating in Latvia with professional and dedicated staff and the core is friendship behavior, they will treat you like a good friend who is so polite and humble in nature. Valuing like friends means a lot so they are putting equal efforts to make that impression right. They are best for one-way rental Services at a reasonable price as compare to expensive well-known providers. The care is maintained in such a way that will give you an amazing experience regarding cleaning and operations.  Car delivery is accurate to the scheduled time and they are very responsive to queries and complaints especially through internet as we are more internet linked nowadays so its best option you can use in that way. They are rated as efficient from pick up to delivery with accuracy so selecting them will reduce related worries.

New car fleets are attractive along with 8 seat vans so if you have a family with you no problem at all. You can get these on rent from a single day to complete a month at a reasonable price like you get a car of compact class from 39EUR/ Day and the same car for 28EUR/Day if for a month. These are very reasonable when it comes to the same class offering from competitors.

Very active on the internet so if a new customer is looking for rental service there their chances are higher in order to give him a great experience. Being a tourist it’s a major concern regarding charges to go across the border they are just better even reasonable in that sense as well. You won’t get enough reviews related to them but they exist with value and you can rely on their services. But it is recommended and you will love to be with them again and again.

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#3- Europcar 🥉

Europcar is said to be one of the best in customer’s eyes, especially for a luxury class operating in Riga city and capturing a broad network of the customer. Local routine users are satisfied with them along with tourist selecting their service in Latvia. As a cultural home and one of the best tourist destinations in the country. Effective communication network with its customer is making them special they are equally monitoring the feedback as well in order to enhance their services. Serving staff is so polite in emails, phone calls, and most important in personal. So during service if you feel anything uncomfortable, do not hesitate, they will not disappoint you.

Friendly customer service that will accept their mistakes if there is any in between these procedures and operations Mostly holidays are considered to have operational liabilities at certain companies in terms of unavailability of selected cars or other requirements but Europcar are equally efficient in those highly busy days they will ensure the right services at right time and with the right value of money.

You will have an amazing experience with them irrespective of holidays or vacations. They are reliable not just for locals but for the tourists landing in Latvia. No scam practices and delivering exactly what they promise to the respective customers. Their aim is to provide a flexible rental period, a new vehicle, loyalty, and the most important thing is the best price guarantee. This looks so in their behavior as well in the customer’s eye.

They are providing quality service through a good fleet of vehicles along with dedicated professionals. It’s about having a luxury so they are relatively expensive, charging higher as the fleet is designed specifically to be as comfortable as you like. If you want to explore Latvia by car this is the best option and recommended as well.

Service is fine whoever is choosing them and looks satisfied but some issues are related after getting a vehicle. Some detailed paperwork at the counter is highlighted as a concern by some customers and some are reporting about a few extra charging from the company as they were not ready for those unexpected ones.

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#4 – AddCar Car Rental Services 🔝

This is a typical moderate cost carrier with an excellent class in business but giving value to the customer in their respective domain, persons engaged with the customer are polite in nature making them different altogether.  One unique thing in their service in that they have installed toddler seat in some of their vehicles so you don’t have to face issues regarding it. Vehicle fleets are new and well maintained properly in terms of mechanical maintenance and cleaning.

A customer representative is very cooperative at centres making the process more efficient. While providing free shuttle service with faster check-in & check-outs is another good thing additionally. If someone is looking for a long-term partnership they are loyal to the old customer giving them additional ease in their services. It’s a service for every class and for all ages as one of the best operators in the Riga Airport area with quicker responding to approaching tourists as well. Shuttle service is available and it is quite comfortable as well means you don’t walk or be in a hassle after landing at the airport while having luggage. Sharing parking facilities with some other companies and private cars sometimes result in the issue of unmanaged parking slightly.

Mainly highlighted the issue in their service is their website is not providing enough information to the concerned customer sometimes, though they claim it’s a better one. No worries, you can book your car on this website instead.  One more thing they are best when you considering them for travel inside Latvia, but if you are going to cross the border they charge to extra like 18€ for each crossing to Estonia or Lithuanian. when going to another country in Europe they cost increases 60 Euros/crossing with this you can get fully covered insurance at 18 Euros/day only with that low cost and these capacities it’s one of unique in operation so you won’t be disappointed upon selecting them. While counting issues another problem in line is the fuel tank some are complaining that it was not completely filled and later company charged them but the situation might happen to 1 in 100 customers though it may be harsh for that individual. This could happen due to some lack of misunderstanding or miscalculation of either end.

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#5 – Hertz 🔝

They are under pressure from the customers who have experienced their services. It’s a company with leverage of good and average it would be a bit unfair to rate them in either category. On price, they are reasonably fine according to competitors available, but on reservation, parking, damages & ticketing issues a lot of customers are concerned in fact annoyed at them. The parking at the airport is within walking distance but they are claiming on the website that it’s exactly at the airport so if you are having luggage it can be an issue to walk with it. The staff is been pinned by the customer as lazy and sometimes rude in solving customer-related issues. The company doesn’t have dedicated parking usually cars are parked around the office where it’s already full most of the time.

Paperwork is been highlighted as a hassle-making process and customers claiming it that it sometimes goes against their will and locations especially in the drop-off cases. Not responding to the issue after being getting income is another problem here, becomes a negative factor even the company has a better eye on actual happening in certain cases following up may reduce these worried customers.

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#6 – Sixt Car Rental 🔝

Well, it looks just a reasonable rental service where a cost is about somehow justified to services provided. The reservation time period and procedures are time taking making it a bit harder for the customer to keep patience, quite a similar scenario at the end phase.

A dedicated parking space is not available so you are at risk of being charged if any damage to cars during parking at public places. Scheduled timing is often not met by them so if you are selecting them to keep patience and be with margins of additional time. On price, they have a variety of offers from 96 $ to 162$ according to the vehicle in the bucket but make sure that the right vehicle is available when required.

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#7 – Green Motion Car Rental 🔝

It’s one of the low-cost and average rental services in Latvia, seems like struggling on the customer end yet in business for a specific time. The staff is rated as rude and lacks professionalism at work. They have been pinned by multiple customers online as they faced stealing deposits and frauds related to money and credit cards. Customer experience regarding other services is stressful and they are not recommending it, instead suggesting others to stay away from them.

They are accused of charging additionally from a tourist as well so if you are a tourist and landing in Latvia green motion can’t be considered as a good option if it’s not only at that time. Despite unlimited issues and problems some of the customers are rating it easy to use and no problem at the return phase so you could be lucky in that term as well.

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