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Best Car Rental Companies in Portugal

Best Car Rental Companies in Portugal

Portugal might not come to the mind of travellers as often as its neighbour Spain, but those who have decided to give an opportunity to this country in western Europe, next to Spain, have fallen deeply in love with it.

There is a lot to see and do in Portugal: it has beautiful beaches, amazing food, some of the best wine, a vibrant artistic and night scene, and very nice and interesting cities such as Lisbon, Porto, Braga, Amadora, Setúbal or Coimbra. Though Portugal is much more than its beautiful capital, and you can discover its charming cities and villages by renting a car.

Tourists’ interest in Portugal is growing steadily and with good reason. Portugal has all the beauty of Western Europe, with much lower prices, and it is safe to explore by walking and by car; just be careful and get used to the Portuguese driving style!

Give an opportunity to Portugal and fall in love with the country, but before, do make sure to learn about the best car rentals companies in Portugal, so that nothing stops you from exploring Lisbon, Porto and beyond.

Whether you want to visit Lisbon, Porto, Faro, Madeira or Azores, we have made a Ranking of the Best Car Rental companies in Portugal in 2020 to help you choose your next car rental booking, which, by the way, you can do easily and at the best price on this website.

#1 – Amoita Car Rental 🏆

Amoita is a Portuguese car rental company that has been working since 1988, and even though you might not hear about it as often as the big names, those who have rented with them have been very happy with their customer service.

Amoita car rental is especially known for their great customer service, which is a common complaint among renters regarding the different car rental options, making it a good option if you are concerned about the unfriendly or difficult staff.

They own a good fleet of cars of different sizes, brands and types, from small cars to luxury and SUV, and their rates are often lower than those of other car rentals in Portugal, which is another reason for considering renting with them.

Car rentals with Amoita are free of charges for any number of extra drivers, which might be quite convenient if you are thinking about sharing the steering wheel but you wouldn’t like to pay more for that, and you can also drive their cars to Spain, always that you get a Spanish Green Car.

Amoita is a local car rental company with a surprisingly good reputation, with many customers happy to rent with them again, and they have a fair amount of locations across the most popular destinations in Portugal.

As usual, make sure to ask enough questions, read their FAQ and get informed about driving in Portugal in order to have a great experience with Amoita car rental.

#2 – Luzcars Rent a Car 🥈

For those travellers who want to spend their time in Portugal in the city of Faro, in the popular region of the Algarve, Luzcars is a great local car rental company, with many happy customers under their belt.

There are things that you might miss from Luzcars, such as a more modern website, or the possibility of adding a GPS to the rent, which they do not provide. But their excellent service, their prices, and their good reputation rest importance to those.

Another great thing about renting with Luzcars is that you can take your car anywhere in Portugal, and even to Spain, but not other European countries (get informed about the need of a Spanish Green Card), but you must drop-off in their location in Faro.

Even though it might miss some of the good things one gets from renting with a major car rental brand, Luzcars is an honest local car rental, and most travellers have said very good things about them, giving peace of mind to those who might be wary worried about renting a car in Portugal.

#3 – Europcar 🥉

The French car rental company Europcar is one of the most popular options for renting a car in Europe and other countries in the world, and they have a fair share on the best companies to rent a car in Portugal.

As a major car rental, you should expect Europcar’s rates to be higher than with a local or smaller car rental company, though you might still find lower prices than with other major companies in Portugal.

When looking for reviews and experiences with Europcar in Portugal, we found rather mixed reviews and opinions, with several negative experiences, but also positive ones that are reassuring.

It is fair to say that bad reviews are common when talking about the most popular car rentals, and some of these have happened due to a lack of knowledge about renting cars and driving in Portugal.

Europcar is a very popular company to rent a car in Portugal, but you should make sure to do your research, compare prices, and get informed about tolls and the particularities of driving in Portugal, so that you can make sure to have a great experience with Europcar Portugal.

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#4 – Avis 🔝

Avis is a very popular car rental option all over the world, and Portugal is not the exception, as you will find their offices in most airports, as well as in all major cities and popular tourists destinations of Portugal.

One thing that is remarkable about renting with Avis is that their booking process through their website is quite straightforward, and it is clear what you will get, as well as what you can select, such as insurance, Wi-Fi, and other extras.

There is an ongoing thread in travelling forums of customers who rented with Avis in Portugal and were charged an extra fee after drop-off for alleged damage to the vehicle, which might get those considering renting with Avis concerned.

As usual, it is a good idea to learn from these situations and to be careful, but it is also a reminder of how important it is to understand what are we paying for when renting a vehicle. With Avis, the standard insurance that is included with all cars does not cover damage to the windows.

Overall, Avis is a good car rental company for renting a car in Portugal, with many locations and a fleet of cars in very good conditions, as well as an international reputation that might be reassuring.

However, do make sure to take good pictures of your car during pick-up and drop-off and understand the coverage of the insurance you are getting, so there won’t be unexpected charges to your credit card and you have a great time driving across Portugal.

#5 – Sixt 🔝

Sixt is a German car rental company which has become increasingly popular in Europe, and it is one that you will find often among the options for renting a car during your time in Portugal.

The rates with Sixt are not considerably lower than those of its major competitors like Hertz or Europcar, but you could find a great offer with them that could be a deal-breaker, and make you decide to go with Sixt in Portugal.

Overall, Sixt is a well-reputed car rental company with a good presence in Portugal, with locations in all of the most popular places of this seaside country. However, there have been several negative reviews on travelling forums you should be aware of.

The reviews are rather mixed though, and many customers have reported having had a very good experience renting with Sixt during their time in Portugal, while others have been charged unexpected extra fees.

For this reason, do make sure to do your research, understand tolls and car rental insurances in Portugal, ask in a forum about renting with Sixt in Portugal, and take photos during pick-up and drop-off. By doing these, you will be good on your way toward a great time in Portugal.

#6 – Hertz 🔝

As it would be expected from those who have rented cars somewhere else, Hertz is an important name among car rental companies in Portugal, so you should expect to find several offers from it, and find offices across several locations in the country.

One thing to consider if renting with Hertz in Portugal is that their rates are often higher than the competence, especially in a country like Portugal, which is cheaper than other destinations. However, you can be sure you will receive a car in very good conditions.

As Hertz is by far one of the most popular car rental companies, many people choose them when travelling to Portugal, so there is no shortage of reviews and experiences regarding renting with them, and an alarming amount of these go to the negative side of the spectrum.

It is common for big international car rental companies to receive many negative reviews, as more people choose to rent with them, and in many cases, the extra fees charged were in the contract or it was due to an infraction of the particular driving laws of Portugal.

However, it is a good idea to get informed about car rentals in Portugal, in general as well as Hertz specific, as well as getting familiar with the differences in driving in Portugal versus your country, such as tolls and how to pay them.

Hertz is a renowned car rental all over the world, and though it is true that they are franchises and might operate slightly differently in Portugal, they still have a name, so you should have a great time in Portugal if you decide to rent with Hertz.

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