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Car rental in Sweden is one of the best ways to travel in this exciting country, especially when paired with the ferry system available there. Visit the islands of Sweden or Mainland Europe, but be sure not to miss Stockholm or the beautiful Malmo. When visiting Sweden with a rental car make sure you stop in Stockholm and visit the museums, palaces, and historical sites that this city offers.

To rent a car in Sweden, drivers need to be at least 18 years old and must have a valid home driving license for at least two years. Some organizations charge a daily fee for young drivers, such as Hertz, which levies around 100 SEK (10.50 USD) per day for drivers aged 19 to 24. Local driver’s licenses printed in Roman letters are accepted in many countries, but anyone with a different written license will need to present an International Driver’s Permit (IDP).

In Sweden, it is mandatory for children up to 15 and shorter than 135 cm (53 in) to be accommodated in age-restrictive motor vehicles. They can only move in the front seats if the airbag passengers are not in use. Most rental agencies are able to provide child seats for an additional fee – for example, the Enterprise, which charges between 60 SEK (6.30 USD) and 120 SEK (12.60 USD), depending on the size of the seat.

Most car rental companies allow a rental car in Sweden to be driven into neighboring countries such as Denmark, Norway, and Finland without the written permission often required in other Western European countries. Charge bridges operate between Norway and Denmark and are often held daily at border crossings. For example, Europcar charges a border crossing fee of approx. 360 SEK (38 USD) for traveling to Scandinavian countries.

On average a rental car in Sweden costs $ 264 a week ($ 38 per day). Roads in Sweden are considered to be the safest and fastest in the world, making driving there fun. In Sweden, traffic drives on the right and overtakes on the left, with the exception of trams, which should be passed on the right. Headlights should be used at all times of the year and during the day, and it is compulsory for all vehicles to carry a warning triangle and snow shovel; anyone choosing to rent a car in Sweden should check that the car owns these items.

Anyone who decides to rent a car in Sweden should pay close attention to speed limits, which vary depending on the quality of the road. Generally,  expect to travel at a rate of 50 km / h (31 mph) in urban areas, 90 km / h (55 mph) on open roads, and 110 km / h (68 mph) on highways.

Whether you want to rent a car in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmo, Helsingborg, Karlskrona, Lund, Linkoping, Umea, Uppsala, Visby, Vasteras, Orebro, Sundsvall, Halmstad, Karlstad or even ride a road trip around this beautiful country, we have made a Ranking of the Best Car Rental companies in Sweden in 2024 to help you choose your next car rental booking, which, by the way, you can do easily and at the best price on this website.

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#1 – Mabi 🏆

Mabi Car Hire is part of the Hedin Car Group and is one of Sweden’s largest individual car rental companies. Since its inception in Stockholm in 1989, Mabi has grown steadily and today Mabi carries out car hire at more than 100 locations, airports, and central stations.

Mabi car rental’s goal is to offer rental cars at competitive prices without compromising on quality, safety, service, or availability. Mabi car hire is a young company that has made its footprint in the car rental business by providing customer-friendly, environment-friendly, and cheap car hire services in Sweden.

Mabi car hire contains a large fleet of cars, vans, and trucks that are maintained in good conditions to ensure a safe and luxurious journey. When it comes to prices, Mabi offers cheap car rental services as compared to other car rental companies in Sweden. Mabi is growing rapidly with a lot of happy customers and tops the rankings when it comes to cheap and safe car hire in Sweden with fair prices.

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#2 – Hertz 🥈

An American car rental company based in Estero, Florida operating in 10,200 corporate and franchisee locations globally, Hertz is one of the largest car rental companies in the world offering its car rental services worldwide. Hertz offers one of the world’s largest fleet of service vehicles. You can choose your car whether it should be a car, wagon, SUV, or truck.

Available at 239 locations in Sweden, Hertz offers renters a variety of cars that are suitable for any budget and event. If you are renting a compact or economical car with Hertz, you can expect anything from a Nissan Versa, Toyota Corolla, Chevrolet Impala, or similar car. This is your go-to collection for daily budget collection and rental car quality.

Although you find Hertz more expensive than other car rental companies, Hertz car rental promises you a comfortable ride to explore the Beauty of Sweden, that’s worth your money. Hertz performed well in user reviews on many sites even though some customers are uncomfortable with their customer support.

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#3 – Europcar 🥉

Europcar is another big name for car rental companies and is one of our favorites in Europe. Bookable on this website, Europcar is an expert in lending and renting cars for many years. And of course a trusted partner on your journey in Sweden and around the world. Europcar also wants to mention the natural aromatherapy that brings travel to a higher level.

Europcar has received the prestigious award: World Travel Award, which testifies to the quality of their services.

Europcar is available in 149 locations in Sweden and offers many vehicles to ensure you get the car you want. You can also find vans, economic, convertible, sedans, and luxury cars in their large fleet. Their success in the car rental industry is remarkable.

With the best prices and best customer service, Europcar has thousands of satisfied customers with good user ratings and reviews. Europcar is undoubtedly one of Europe’s best car rental providers.

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#5 – Budget 🔝

Budget car rental is one of the most famous car rental companies worldwide as well in Sweden. With a large variety of cars, van’s and trucks, Budget is a bit more luxurious when it comes to royal traveling.

Budget rent a car is usually a bit cheaper than other car rental companies in Sweden, but even so, they promise to provide you with the best car rental experience in Sweden.

Budget is available at 81 locations in Sweden, making it easy to pick them from your desired location.

They have a medium-high average user rating, while most of the customers were not treated well by their staff and high prices which were not mentioned earlier. But still Budget has a reputation for being the best car rental company.

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#6 – Avis 🔝

In 1946, Warren Avis opened the first car rental company at Willow Run Airport in Detroit with three cars. Avis currently operates in over 5,000 locations in almost all countries in the world.

Avis is a well-known, reliable industry brand with a long history of new car hire. Moreover, its commitment to genuine comfort and special service makes it one of the most trusted brands in the world.

Avis car rental services are available in more than 100 locations in Sweden. It is one of the best-known car rental companies operating in Europe. Avis car rental offers a range of models of all time, from Economy, Compact, Premium, Luxury, Convertible cars, or if you are traveling with your family, they have a wide range of SUVs or 7-seat vans in Sweden.

Based on user reviews and ratings, Avis is one of the top car rental companies in Sweden. Their prices are usually a little higher than those of their competitors, but the high quality of their service makes it worthwhile to book with Avis. Their customers highlight the overall value for money, the cleanliness of the car, and the good service received at the rental desk, although the pickup process is sometimes a little bit slow.

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#7 – Thrifty 🔝

Thrifty Car Rental Company was established in 1958. It is now one of the largest car rental companies in the world as it operates in 77 countries and in total around 1,000 locations in Europe, North, Central and South America, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, the Caribbean, and the Pacific.

Nowadays Thrifty is a widely recognizable car hire brand that honorably undertakes business trips, moving, transfers, and casual trips. Whether your objective is a budget-friendly rental car,  With Thrifty you are guaranteed to get the cheapest deal.

Remember that in the case of long-term rentals, the total cost of Thrifty vehicles can be reduced further.

Make new memories by taking the open road with a rental of your local STOCKHOLM Thrifty. With their growing fleet of cars, SUVs, minivans, and trucks, Thrifty has the right car to send you on your adventure, and all of their cars are non-smoking, which makes riding so much better.

Thrifty has the best user ratings on most sites. Thrifty customers highlight the cleanliness of the cars, the good service received at the rental desk, and the pickup/drop-off process.

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#8 – Alamo 🔝

The cars in the Alamo car rental come in all sizes, and colors – from a four-person economy car and two suitcases to a premium SUV, or 7-8-9seat vans for some more people and luggage. And if you’re traveling with a toddler, don’t worry about packing a car seat.

You can load your luggage by renting one of the Alamo kids’ safety seats in your car. You can keep your travel team entertained by purchasing a SiriusXM ® radio satellite for your rental, which offers more than 150 channels ranging from free commercial music and comics to sports and media.

Alamo offers many reward packages as well as discounts for its permanent customers. So you can get a better ride with Alamo car rental and explore the beauty of Sweden at fair prices.

Alamo car rental in Sweden performed well in user ratings by providing high-quality customer services and perfect cars to ride in Sweden.

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#9 – Enterprise 🔝

Their fleet contains all kinds of cars, vans and SUV’s and luxury and sports cars. You can get a clean luxury while traveling and renting with Enterprise. With several locations in Sweden, Enterprise will pick you from your desired locations.

Their prices are usually high and customer support is sometimes above average. Enterprise has a worldwide reputation.

If you rent a car in Sweden and spend some time driving in cities, it is important to know about local parking rules. Street parking is available in many urban areas, with parking meters running from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. Most cities operate on the Datumparkering system ( date parking), where on numbered days you are not allowed to park on the sidewalk on any road with even or odd numbers on their specific days. Parking fine can cost up to 1,400 SEK (150 USD), so if in doubt, it is best to ask a local.

Gas stations are plentiful in Sweden, even if you travel to far northern areas, it is recommended that you fill up at every opportunity. Most operate from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm and have an automated pump for extra hours, which will accept banknotes. Expect to pay about 17 SEK (1.79 USD) per liter of petrol and 16 SEK (1.69 USD) per liter of diesel, or 6.77 USD and 6.39 USD per gallon of petrol and diesel, respectively.

We hope you liked this article. Now you can continue reading our article about the differences between Avis, Budget, Hertz, Europcar, Payless, Sixt, Thrifty, Dollar, Alamo, National, and more, or use our search engine below to book your car.

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