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Best Car Rental Companies Valencia Airport

Best Car Rental Companies Valencia Airport

Whether you want to visit Valencia, or any other tourist city on the Costa Blanca such as Cullera, Gandía, Oliva, or even visit Alicante or Castellon, we have made a Ranking of the Best Car Rental companies at Valencia Airport in 2023 to help you choose your next car rental booking, which, by the way, you can do easily and at the best price on this website.

Valencia is a city where centuries-old traditions coexist in harmony with new trends. Getting lost in the streets and squares of the old town, seeing the magnificent modernist buildings, strolling through gardens and parks, climbing high towers, visiting ancient churches, visiting the futuristic City of Arts, or enjoying its fantastic beaches, are just some of the experiences that Valencia has to offer.

Moreover, if you add to all this a delicious gastronomy of tapas, fish, and seafood, where the stars are the “Valencian Paella” and “Horchata with Fartons”, this city becomes a perfect option to enjoy a weekend to the fullest.

Valencia Airport is one of the busiest airports in Spain, it handles millions of passengers a year. If you are planning a trip to Valencia, it would be incredible to book a rental car to have convenience on your trip and discover the Valencian Community in Spain at your own pace.

Based on the experience, relationship with the customer, rates, and services in this post, you will be able to cover the best car rental companies at Valencia Airport. Now let’s explore the list:

1.- Malco (9.8/10) 🏆malco-rent-a-car-logo

Malco is the best car rental company at Valencia airport. It offers custom car rental services so that it allows you to only use the services that fit your needs perfectly. Its customized service to the customer has made this company at the top of the list since they provide what you will request.

They make sure that you have a smooth stay since they provide you with the car the moment you arrive and you can decide the period you will stay with it.  Although Malco has no counter inside the terminal, picking up the vehicle is very easy. After collecting your luggage in the arrivals hall, you just need to make a phone call and wait for them at the meeting point at the airport parking Express. In less than five minutes a representative of Malco will deliver you the vehicle.

Another of its strong points, and a feature not offered by any of its competitors, is that Malco includes comprehensive insurance if you book at Valencia Airport. The price of the reservation includes Full cover with Zero excess – Fantastic!!!!

Few are the negative points of Malco, but to put one, they do not offer unlimited mileage. Their rentals offer a limited number of mileages per day, but it is ample enough not to exceed it.

Unfortunately, they are only present at the airports of Valencia and Castellón, so if you want a one-way car rental, the service is only limited between these two airports.

Besides their best services, you have different cheap car options that you can choose from. Based on the client’s reviews, they mostly go for this company’s services since with them you can request custom-made car rental services that will help you make your trip much better.

Though the rate for their services varies based on the services you request, it only ranges from $75.00 to $133.70.

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2.- Victoria (9.6/10) 🥈victoria-car-rental

When it comes to looking for the best company that is dedicated to its business and providing exceptional services to its clients, then Victoria car rental company emerges at the top of the list.

Their special attention to their customers, exceptional services, and excellent condition of their cars make the company the top company in terms of car rental services at Valencia airport.

Although Victoria does not have counters in the airport terminal, the vehicle pick-up process is very easy. After collecting your luggage upon arrival, exit the airport and proceed to the P6 parking lot outside the airport, where a free shuttle service will be waiting to take you to the offices.

Besides the best services they offer to their clients, the company has more than 30 years of experience in the industry. Based on ratings, it is among the best choices for most people who visit the area. Customers are satisfied with this company’s services due to the low rates, the support they offer, free basic insurance, the good condition of the fleet, and many other things. The rates vary depending on the type of car you can hire, but they range between $140-$430.

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3.- Centauro (8.5/10) 🥉centauro-rent-a-car

Enjoying the best drive-through car as you enjoy your stay in Valencia is one of the biggest dreams that can come true with Centauro Car Rental Company. This company is one of your choices, and on your arrival at the airport, you can just reach their counter and choose the kind of car you want.

You can also use their online application to indicate where you are and choose the types of cars that are available and make your request. The reason why it is on this list of the best car rental companies is that you can choose between two packages: comfort and premium in every car you want. And also, there is no hidden cost that you can incur.

Although Centauro does not have counters inside the terminal, picking up the vehicle is just as easy as with Victoria or Malco. Once you have picked up your luggage, you will have to leave the terminal and look for the Long Term Parking “P6”, which is just 150 meters away; there you will find the “Meeting Point” sign where the free Centauro Rent a Car shuttle runs every 10-15 minutes.

With them, you will not have to make a deposit, and there is a guarantee of the best price. Most of the customers are satisfied with this company due to the amazing service.

In terms of the pricing, it can range from $250 to $512, but it is better to get in touch with them since the price varies based on the kind of car and the service you choose.

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4.- Sixt (8.2/10)sixt-logo

One thing that every client looks for when wanting to hire a car is to get the one that suits their needs and budget. If this is the case, then with Sixt car rental company you will be able to get premium, standard, convertibles, and other categories of cars and vans. Here at Sixt, you can get what you want at the best price.

The reason why this is the best company is that, apart from the suitable car for a drive, you can get additional services like a driver, child seats, GPS, and other valuable services that will make your stay or ride smooth.

If you are wondering where you can locate this company, then you have nothing to worry about. Sixt counters are located in the arrivals hall of the terminal. Since the offices are located at the airport, you will have an easy time hiring or returning the car.

Also, in terms of services, they offer fast check-in or out, numerous vehicle options, and amazing customer service. That’s why most people usually opt to use this company over others. However, though it has a more positive rating, other customers are not satisfied, claiming their services are a little bit expensive. On the other hand, they are satisfied since, though the services are expensive, they are worth the money since they have well-known premium brands of vehicles. The car rental services from this company are in the price range of $87 to $524.

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5.- Record Go (8.0/10)record-go-rent-a-car

Record Go is one of the best car rental companies that make the process of getting car rental services quick, safe, easy, and convenient. If you’re looking for car rental services like this, the Record Go is your only viable option. They have other services or benefits that you are going to benefit from, like no intermediaries, disinfected vehicles, prompt cars, 24-hour returns, and many other benefits.

The company has its office next to the Valencia airport; they have no counters inside the terminal. Once you land at the airport, you will be able to get to their office by following the signposted directions. Don’t worry, they are clearly distributed throughout the airport. These signs will take you to the Record go passenger pick-up point where you will be transferred free of charge to their office with a free shuttle service.

Most customers are satisfied with the Record Go car rental services and their wide range of vehicle collections. With this company, you do not need to break your wallet to hire a car; with as little as $35, you can get a car that suits your requirements and you can enjoy your ride the whole day.

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6.- OK Mobility (8.0/10)ok_mobility_rent_a_car

OK Mobility is one of the best companies that have a wide range of offers for a rental car that suits your needs for the trip. They have a collection of fully equipped and modern vehicles. You can get cars and vans from small ones to economical ones or the best brands that will help you venture into the vicinity.

OK Mobility counters are located within the arrivals hall of the terminal. They have an excellent team, and once you approach their officer, you will probably be greeted and welcomed by one of the staff to make sure that your service is as fast as possible and you have an excellent trip or ride.

The car rental services are excellent since they come with extra services like a premium cover, discounts, full tanks, renewing fleets, accepting young drivers, and many other services. With these services, most of the customers are satisfied since they feel they are the best and safest services. However, there are a few individuals who are also not comfortable with the services.

The price range for the car rental services per day can range from $65 to $332.

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7.- Enterprise (7.5/10)logo_enterprise-rent-a-car

When you are looking for a car to rent or hire, some of the major factors that you need to consider are the condition of the car, the brand of the car, the type of the service, and the price. Whether you need a car for a vacation or a business trip, depending on your requirements, Enterprise has covered you in terms of these factors that most people look for when they want to rent a car.

The company has been servicing clients from different locations for many years and has built its brand as an experienced company that serves its clients in the best way possible. Enterprise counters are located within the arrivals hall (shared with Alamo and National), so you will find it easy to access this company.

Although they claim to serve their customers in the best way possible with Enterprise car rental services, the company appears at this number because not every customer they have served has appreciated their effort.

In terms of the cost, they offer their services starting at $170, which most people view as expensive to them as compared with other rates from other rental companies.

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8.- Alamo (7.4/10)logo-alamo

Alamo is one of the top car rental companies and you can find their services at Valencia airport. The company is a subsidiary of Enterprise and has the best services or features like online check-in, discounts for the members, a driving app, creating reservations, and canceling them. With this company, you have nothing to worry about since it has been in the market for some time now, and it is proud and committed to serving its customers.

This company is the pioneer of free unlimited mileage, where it provides more fun trips and high-value, low-cost rental services to travelers and families. The company’s counters are located within the arrivals hall (shared with Enterprise and National), so you will find it easy to access this company.

The company offers a different range of cars and services to their clients, and the reason why most of the customers like this company is because they offer their services at affordable rates, a modern fleet, and no hidden fees. However, other customers find it not satisfactory due to some of its rental policies. This company’s prices range from $128 and above.

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9.- Hertz (7.2/10)logo-hertz

If you have a business trip or want to vacation on the Mediterranean coast, then one of the best rental car services that may make your dreams come true is the Hertz car rental company. Hertz is one of the prestigious and well-known companies that deal with car rental services. With them, you can get the car of your choice and make your trip enjoyable.

The good thing about this company is that it has its office inside the airport terminal building, and booking or returning the car would be one of the easiest things for you. You can interact with their staff, who are friendly, to make sure that they provide the best services that you might need. From the online review of the customer, it is clear that is one of the reputable companies that offer the services that the client needs.

Despite the positive rating from the customer, a few reviews raised complaints about the condition of the vehicles. However, this case is minimal. With this company, they have various options for cars, and you can get the one that suits you best. If you want to rent a car, you can get it starting from $137.

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10.- Leasys (7.0/10)leasys-rent-a-car

Leasys is one of the best car rental companies, and it has made it to this list due to its high-rated reviews. By now, the company has gained the trust of many thousands of customers. Then getting the car of your choice is not an issue since they have more than 4,000 cars.

Like other companies, Leasys does not have counters inside the airport. To pick up your car you will have to arrive at the Meeting Point located in the parking lot “P6” and take the Leasys free shuttle minibus.

Another thing about this company is that they have different kinds of cars that suit different clients’ needs. They have short-term rental services, midterms, and subscription services that you can choose from. Most customers have developed trust in this company as a result of the excellent services that they provide.

For you to book a car from them, the cheapest price is $25 per day, but it can be above this amount based on the number of days and kind of car.

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11.- Thrifty (6.9/10)thrifty-logo

The company is among the best car rental companies that you can find in Spain, especially at Valencia airport where its office is located inside the airport terminal. The company has different car rentals that you can rent at a lower cost. It is a good company that provides you with better deals on better cars, offers, no hidden costs, and cost.

Thrifty has a customer score of 6.9. Despite this lower rating, the company has made it to this list of the best car rental companies due to the good condition of their fleet and their satisfactory fuel policy. With the company, there is an easy way to collect and return the vehicle since the counters are located within the arrivals hall of the terminal. Also, they have a pleasant stage. However, other customers claim they are not satisfied with the customer service, which is why it has a lower rating.

The pricing of their service varies, but currently, it starts at the lowest price of $38 per day and can be higher than this depending on the services you book.

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12.- Goldcar (6.3/10)goldcar-rent-a-car

Goldcar is one of the companies that have more than 30 years of experience. They are dealing with car rental services, and with them, you can get different car options at different cheap prices. The company is on the list of the best car rental companies since it has the best car models, friendly staff, ease of booking, effective services, and other factors that customers like most.

The company is located within the Valencia airport terminal building, so in terms of access, it will be easier for you even if it’s your first time in the area. Though the customer rating is low, the company provides the best and exceptional services in Valencia, and there are a lot of car options you can choose from at a low price of $33 per day.

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13.- Avis (5.4/10)logo-avis

Are you looking for an experienced car rental company that has gained a good reputation not only in Spain but in other countries also? If this is the case, then Avis is the ideal option for you since it has been in service since the 1940s. With this company, you are guaranteed amazing services that are worth your money.

This company is among the other companies that are located within the arrival hall (counter shared with BUDGET), and you can find the counter or the desk to book the car of your choice. Apart from the car rental, if you need other services, they have displayed all the other services that you might be interested in on their website.

The best thing about this company is that you can add extra services on top of the car at no extra fee. Though many of the customers are satisfied with this company’s services, there are another bunch of customers who are not well pleased with the services, that’s why it has a customer rating of 5.4. For the pricing of these renting services, it can start as low as $43 per day, though it entirely depends on the services you choose, so it can be higher than this.

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14.- Budget (5.2/10)logo-budget-rent-a-car

Another company that is the best that customers can use and enjoy remarkable services within your budget. It has different car brands, they allow a customer to enjoy their other services with discounts, no fees to change the services, different modes of payment, and other benefits.

Budget is a subsidiary of Avis, so, so they both share a counter inside the terminal.

With Budget, it is very easy to get services that will suit your budget and needs, it is evident through the positive rating from the customer who has already used the services. However, some customers rate them negatively due to the poor condition of some of their cars, and poor customer service.

If you want to rent a car from Budget, then it will cost you starting at $44 per day.

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15.- InterRent (5.1/10)interrent-rent-a-car

If you need a cheaper car to rent at Valencia airport, then InterRent is one of the companies that you can use to get different vehicle options along with other quality services at affordable prices. You can use their website to book the kind of car that you desire. Apart from the car rental services, there are extra services like compressive insurance that will cover you in case of anything bad like an accident happening.

InterRent has a counter in the arrivals hall of the terminal. Although the company has various rental options, a secure application, flexible booking, and the best price, other customers are not satisfied with the services. That’s why it is rated negatively by other users. Though the rental fee depends on the type of the car or the services, you can get the services at a lower cost of around $37.05.

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You have known some of the best companies in Valencia, so hopeful when you have a trip or a vacation you will not have a hard time deciding which company to choose. For correct pricing, since it changes from time to time, it will be best when you want to book to confirm with the official website of these companies.

We hope you liked this article. Now, you can continue reading and discovering the differences between Avis, Budget, Hertz, Europcar, Payless, Sixt, Thrifty, Dollar, Alamo, National, and more, or use our search engine below to book your car.

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