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As travel in the United States gradually returns to normalcy, people are prioritizing social distancing and safety increasingly by opting for road transport and car rentals. Consequently, there is a national shortage of rental cars, leading to a rise in lease prices. Your best bet, when it comes to booking a rental car, is doing it in advance.

Apart from being an expensive and tedious process, some travelers have to show up physically to confirm their rental car reservations even after paying and reserving in advance. Hence, it is critical to look for the best car rental service to ensure you begin and reach your destination safely and hustle-free.

In the guide, our top picks include both peer-to-peer car rental and traditional agency cars. One is basing the ranking on the agencies’ procedures, prices, and policies. If you feel locked out, here is a guide to the best rental car companies in Seattle.

We know you need to rent a car in Seattle but you have doubts and can’t decide which company to book with. To help you decide, here is our ranking of the Top Car Rental Companies at Seattle Airport (Updated 2024).

#1.- Enterprise (8.87/10)logo_enterprise-rent-a-car

The service is a household name in Seattle. The company has been impressive in every category, from pricing to reservations. According to a study by JD Power, a reputable market research firm, Enterprise’s scores were remarkably high for the app and website. It also scored highly on customer satisfaction. It is one of the best car rentals. The company scored 8.87 out of 10 points, only a few points behind the leader, Hertz.

Customer Ratings:

  • Enterprise’s Quote: $705 for a one-week rental
  • Cleaning Policy: the company observes the outlined containment measures, including vacuuming, washing, sanitizing, and disinfecting as per the health authority requirements. It gives attention specifically to areas that the human body comes into contact with often, such as latches, steering wheel, and handles. Enterprise, as well, has a dedicated curbside pick-up service.
  • Cancellation Policy: for customers that have already paid, the cancellation charge is zero. For pre-paid rentals, one who needs to cancel the rental twenty-four hours prior attracts a cancellation fee of $50. Any cancellation made less than twenty-four hours attract a cost of $100.
  • Point of Note: The company’s daily prices are somewhat higher than those of competitors, although Enterprise has recently reported that it has lowered additional charges; for instance, it charges lower for drivers aged 25 years and below.

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#2.- Hertz (8.75/10)logo-hertz

The company comes with the best and highly regarded reputation and decades of experience in the industry and is one of the best car rentals. The firm has over 1,600 locations, including Seattle, across US airports with a unique reward program and varied fleet. The company’s pick-up and drop-off procedures are more than efficient, and it is the primary factor behind the high score in JD Power’s survey, 8.75 out of possible one thousand.

Customer Ratings:

  • Typical Quote: $862 for a one-week rental.
  • Cleaning Policy: Hertz uses its fifteen-point checklist to enact its cleaning policy and marks all sanitized vehicles with a sticker. Its sticker model, reassures people about the COVID-19 containment procedures, which boosts their confidence and trust in the Hertz brand.
  • Cancellation Policy: The company waives any cancellation fees for renters aged 25 years and below, although the minimum age for renting a car is eighteen years. It has recently reduced its rates on one-way trips, and customers can exploit the existing reward program to get even lower quotes. Otherwise, the usual cancellation fee is the full price when the customer does not show up, and $100 and $200 for cancellations before and after 24 hours, respectively.
  • Point of Note: The short-term rental quotes with the company are relatively higher than those of competitors, particularly when the rent duration is shorter. However, its long-term rental pricing is more competitive.

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#3.- National (8.75/10)national-car-rental

National Car Rental thrives on its quality services and a customer loyalty program that targets business travelers. Its attention to customer satisfaction is evident in its customer services and is regarded as the best car rental. Its app and website, all of which rank highly, place it among the industry leaders.

Customer Ratings:

  • National Car Rental’s Quote: $796 for a one-week rental
  • Cleaning Policy: their cleaning policy is similar to that of their sister company, Enterprise. It includes washing, wiping, and sanitizing as per the health authority’s COVID-19 guidelines. It places focus on the twenty high-touch points.
  • Cancelation Policy: National Rental Car has a non-fee cancelation policy that covers pre-paid customers. Before the policy shift, pre-paid cancelation attracted a fee. Customers must cancel a booking twenty-four hours before they’re the pick-up; failure to which they incur a $100 bill fine.
  • Point of Note: The company’s focus is primarily on business travelers, and it does not provide curbside pick-up and drop-off services.

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#4.- Alamo (8.75/10)logo-alamo

Alamo is a reputable rental car with vast experience and a well-maintained fleet of cars. Its prices are among the lowest, going by what they post on their websites. Alamo is highly competitive despite its lower market presence.

Customer Ratings:

  • Alamo’s Quote: $695 for a one-week rental
  • Cleaning Policy: the company uses the standard cleaning guide provided by the health authority, and it incorporates washing, wiping, vacuuming, and disinfecting. It pays particular attention to the twenty high-touch points.
  • Cancelation Policy: Alamo extends the no-fee cancelation policy to pre-paid customers. In the past, every cancelation incurred a cost. It insists that a customer can only cancel a trip at least twenty-four before a pick-up to avoid attracting a fee. All cancelations done less than 24 hours will incur a fee of $100.
  • Point of Note: The company has few locations compared to its competitors, and has a small presence in airports.

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#5.- SIXT (7.8/10)sixt-logo

SIXT is a globally renowned company that offers car rental services across 105 countries and over two thousand locations worldwide. The company was founded in 1912 in Germany. It comes with over a century of knowledge and experience in the car rental business. Its branches offer a varied and all-inclusive range of vehicles, such as carriers, SUVs, hatchbacks, luxury vehicles, buses, and convertibles.

  • SIXT’s Quote: $228 per week
  • Cleaning Policy: the company cleans its cars as per the laid-out health guidelines to control the spread of the coronavirus. Cleaning involves wiping the steering, truck, handles, latches, and keys. However, customers are liable for extra charges if they breach the terms and conditions of the rental agreement.
  • Cancellation Policy: clients may cancel their bookings at any time before the rental period commences. Pre-paid customers wishing to cancel bookings that are more than three days, the first three days are non-refundable. When the rental period is less than three days, the customer will not qualify for a refund.
  • Point of Note: because the company has been in place for decades, customers have a wide range of selections. SIXT is a highly valued company, and satisfaction is guaranteed.

#6.- TuroTuro_company_logo

Turo is a car rental service based on the peer-to-peer model that allows car owners to rent out their private cars. The renting process is relatively simple, and it is almost similar to traditional car rental services. It provides well-defined coverage for car owners, with the pick-up and drop-off locations depending on their location. It provides a 24/7 support service, as well as attractive prices.

Customer Ratings:

  • Turo’s Quote: $200 per week
  • Cleaning Policy: Hosts wash their cars after each trip to avoid exposing the customer to COVID-19 virus. Cleaning involves wiping the steering, truck, handles, latches, and keys. The cleaning also includes high-touch points as enumerated in the health guideline.
  • Cancelation Policy: The company does not charge customers if they cancel a trip twenty-four hours before a pick-up, and those that wish to cancel within 24 hours after booking have an hour to do so. Canceled trips that last forty-eight or more hours attract a fee of $200. Otherwise, if a customer indulges in any other type of cancelation, they incur a $50.
  • Point of Note: The range of cars for customers to select from is endless. However, the level of cleanliness is beyond the company’s control. Because third parties own the vehicles, the level of cleanliness will vary depending on the owner. Even so, they receive a public rating in terms of customer satisfaction.

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All the above companies meet the requirements to earn the label, the best rental car company in the Seattle area. However, Hertz was impressive because it is all-rounded. The guide gives you all the options, from low pricing and customer satisfaction to cleanliness and safety. Just a reminder, weekend rates are slightly lower than weekdays for most companies. Compare pick-up pricing and location to select a service that suits your budget and schedule.

We hope you liked this article. Now you can continue reading our article about the differences between Avis, Budget, Hertz, Europcar, Payless, Sixt, Thrifty, Dollar, Alamo, National, or our ranking of the Top Car Rental Companies in the US.

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