Differences between Avis, Budget, Hertz, Enterprise, National, Alamo, Thrifty, Payless, Dollar, Sixt, Europcar, Keddy, Rhodium, Goldcar, Flizzr, Firefly, Zipcar, InterRent, Centauro and more.

Find the main differences between Premium, Middle Segment, and Low-Cost car rental companies in 2024

Middle Segment Car Rental Brands

This is a segment of brands with an intermediate price between Premium and Low Cost, but with a level of service and customer satisfaction similar to Premium. In this segment, we usually find many good regional or local companies, especially the second brands of Premium companies.

  • Budget (by Avis)
  • Thrifty (by Hertz)
  • Dollar (by Hertz)
  • Alamo, also Redspot Car Rental in some locations of Australia and New Zealand (by Enterprise)
  • National (by Enterprise)
  • Keddy (by Europcar)
  • Rhodium (by Goldcar)
  • E-Z Rent-a-Car (by Advantage)
  • Malco Rent a Car (regional in Spain)
  • Caro (a regional company established in Germany and Austria)
  • Ace Rental Cars
  • AeroDrive Car Rental (regional in New Zealand and Australia)
  • Apex Car Rentals (regional in New Zealand and Australia)
  • JUCY Car Rental (regional in the USA, New Zealand, and Australia)
  • RaD Car Hire (regional in New Zealand and Australia)
  • Omega Rental Cars (regional in New Zealand)

Low-Cost Car Rental Brands

Deeply rooted in the main tourist destinations of the Mediterranean Sea. such as Alicante, Valencia, Castellon, Malaga, and Ibiza, although in recent years they have also spread to destinations such as Madrid, Barcelona, Rome, Sicily, Greek Islands, Milan, Pisa, Bordeaux, Nice, Marseille, Munich, Amsterdam, Berlin and more.

They offer very low prices when booking, but, as a general rule, users are surprised with credit card Deposits of amounts greater than one thousand Euros (some Premium in some locations take also large deposits, please read always the car rental terms and conditions when booking). These amounts are defined in the terms and conditions, but many users do not pay attention to reading them. They count, on numerous occasions, with additional costs when collecting the vehicle, especially related to fuel.

The Deposit is the amount that the supplier will require at pick-up as a guarantee, held on the credit card, in the event of damage or theft of the vehicle. Visit our guide on card blocking to find out what the different rental companies are and how they differ at this point.

  • Payless (by Avis)
  • Zipcar (by Avis)
  • Flizzr (by Sixt)
  • Firefly (by Hertz)
  • InterRent (by Europcar)
  • FOX (by Europcar)
  • Goldcar
  • Centauro (Spain)
  • Autoclick
  • OK Rent a Car (Spain)
  • Easirent (UK)

there are many…

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Differences AVIS vs HERTZ

When deciding between AVIS and HERTZ for your car rental needs, it’s important to consider several key differences to ensure you choose the service that best fits your travel requirements.

  • AVIS is renowned for its exceptional customer service and premium vehicle offerings, positioning itself as the go-to option for business travelers and those seeking a luxurious driving experience. With an emphasis on comfort and class, AVIS also provides a more personalized rental experience with dedicated account managers for corporate clients.
  • HERTZ, in contrast, boasts a wider global reach, making it an excellent choice for travelers in need of a reliable car rental service almost anywhere in the world. It offers a diverse fleet that caters to all budgets and preferences, from economical cars for budget-conscious travelers to high-end luxury models for those looking to travel in style. HERTZ’s Gold Plus Rewards program is another highlight, offering generous rewards and benefits that enhance the rental experience for frequent travelers.

Both companies offer online and mobile app booking for convenience, but HERTZ tends to have a more streamlined digital experience, making it easier for customers to manage their reservations on the go. Additionally, HERTZ’s partnership with numerous airlines and hotels can provide added value through bundled deals or loyalty program benefits.

In terms of pricing, AVIS and HERTZ offer competitive rates, but specials and discounts may vary depending on the time of year and location. It’s always advisable to compare current promotions and deals directly on their websites or through a comprehensive comparison on our website to ensure you’re getting the best value for your rental.

Ultimately, the choice between AVIS and HERTZ should be based on your specific travel needs, preferences for vehicle selection, customer service expectations, and loyalty program benefits. Both companies have their unique strengths, making them leaders in the car rental industry.

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Differences between Enterprise vs National vs Alamo

When selecting a car rental company for your travels, understanding the differences between Enterprise, National, and Alamo can significantly impact your rental experience. These three companies are part of the Enterprise Holdings, Inc. group (operating as Enterprise Mobility). Each brand caters to distinct customer preferences and travel needs, making it crucial to choose wisely based on your requirements.

  • Enterprise Rent-A-Car is renowned for its exceptional customer service and extensive network of locations, making it an ideal choice for travellers looking for convenience and reliability. With a focus on catering to local renters needing vehicles for various purposes, Enterprise offers a wide range of cars, SUVs, and trucks, ensuring you can find a vehicle that suits your specific needs, whether it’s for business, leisure, or an unexpected car replacement.
  • National Car Rental, on the other hand, targets the frequent business travellers with its Emerald Club program, which offers expedited service and free upgrades. National prides itself on efficiency and a hassle-free rental experience, making it the go-to choice for those who value speed and convenience. Its “Choose Any Vehicle on the Aisle” policy allows members to select any car at their reserved rate, providing flexibility and control over their rental experience.
  • Alamo Rent-A-Car offers a budget-friendly option without compromising on quality or selection. It caters primarily to leisure travellers and families, offering competitive rates, a wide selection of vehicles, and convenient rental options. Alamo also focuses on enhancing the customer experience with features like online check-in, which speeds up the rental process, making it easier for travellers to start their journey.

Each company’s loyalty programs, rental policies, and target audiences showcase their unique strengths.

  • Enterprise’s extensive network and focus on customer service make it a solid choice for a wide range of renters.
  • National appeals to business travellers with its speed and efficiency.
  • Alamo provides an excellent value proposition for leisure travellers.

Understanding these differences is key to selecting the best car rental company for your next trip.

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What is the price difference between each type of car rental brand?

Please find below a table comparing the three-segment prices, deposits, and some extra charges. We have chosen Avis (Premium), Budget (middle segment by Avis), and Payless (low-cost segment by Avis). These prices have been compared at Las Vegas Airport (LAS), where the three brands are located.


BrandRental PriceBaby Seat CostGPS CostDepositTotal Amount
AVIS $258 $89 $112 $100 $459
BUDGET $249 $91 $84 $100 $424
PAYLESS $169 $84 $119 $200 $372

Let everyone draw their conclusions. Differences between the Premium and Middle segments are quite insignificant. I believe that the difference is clearly seen. Whether you only rent the car or book some extras, the difference is more than $80 for the same service required: a car to ride. So, in the same company group, it makes sense to book the cheapest option.

Some considerations to keep in mind about low-cost car rental companies.

Low-cost car rental companies tend to be the ones that generate the most doubts among users. This is because the Car Rental Companies Search engines and car rental comparison sites hide or hinder finding and comparing most of the costs and additional conditions in the Terms and Conditions of the Rental (it is very easy to find in CarRental.Deals).

The result is that travelers, in many cases, if they book with other comparators do not discover what they have rented until they pick up the car.

What insurance do I book? Car Rental Company Insurance Vs Car Rental Comparison Site Insurance.

First of all, we should know how car rental insurances work. This is a mess!!! Everything about car insurance is usually a little complicated to understand. Therefore, here we offer a simple and understandable guide that will make you not miss it.

But, at a glance… as default, all car rental companies include some coverages. The conditions of the coverage depend on each supplier, even if they have the same name, and they have to be specified in the terms and conditions that you sign when you pick up the car. On many occasions, there are problems caused by the insurance offered by rent-a-car comparators, since they are incompatible with those offered by the car rental companies themselves.

By kind or Insurance:

  • Default Car Rental Insurance = High or medium excess + High or medium Deposit.
  • Extended Insurance booked on Car Rental Comparison Websites. Better coverage than standard insurance, but … these insurances are private contracts between the User and a third Insurance Company (other different than the car rental company), which means that when you pick up the car you do not reduce excess or deposit. Any damage to the vehicle must be paid by the customer to the car rental company, and then the user must contact the insurance company that was contracted to be refunded. High or medium excess + High or medium Deposit. Not a good option.
  • Extended Car Rental Insurance = Low or Cero Excess + Low or Cero Deposit. It is bookable at the desk or on the car rental brand website.

So, what do we recommend?

We recommend that you book your car on a Car Rental Comparison Website like CarRental.Deals because in some cases you can save up to 30, 40% on the final rental price, and, with the money that you have saved, upgrade your insurance at the car rental desk. Even so, you are saving money.

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Booking a car at a good price is not a complicated task. We recommend using our search engine, but we also invite you to compare prices on other car rental comparison websites, and even on the official brand websites, and if you see it cheaper, reserve it.

We strongly recommend you read the Rental Terms and Conditions, you also need to take a look at the rental information by clicking on the “Important Information” button where you can find all the restrictions, excess, deposit amount, insurance coverage, and more.

Do not hire the insurance offered by the price comparison website. Upgrade or contract the insurance extension at the company’s counter.

And finally, if you are the type of person who looks more at the service than the price, do not hesitate and hire premium car rental companies. In many cases, there is very little price difference.

Enjoy Driving.

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