Exploring Azores by Car: The Ultimate Guide

“The Açores”, a breathtaking archipelago located in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean, stands as a testament to nature’s splendor. Comprising nine volcanic islands, each with its unique personality, the Açores has become a sought-after destination for intrepid travelers and nature enthusiasts.

And while there are several ways to explore these magnificent islands, renting a car offers an unparalleled sense of freedom and convenience. This article delves into why renting a car is your best bet and how to navigate between the islands for an unforgettable experience.


1. Sao Miguel – The Green Island

The largest island in the archipelago, Sao Miguel, is a spectacle of verdant landscapes and volcanic wonders. The Sete Cidades crater, with its twin green and blue lakes, is a vision that encapsulates the island’s magical essence. Meanwhile, the Furnas Valley is famed for its geothermal springs – where one can experience the traditional “cozido” cooked underground by the steam of the Earth itself.

2. Pico – The Mountain Island

Dominating the skyline of Pico Island is Mount Pico, Portugal’s highest mountain, tempting trekkers and climbers with its challenging terrains. The vineyards here, protected by UNESCO, are not just grapevines; they are a testament to the resilient spirit of the Azorean people, who have cultivated grapes on volcanic ground, safeguarded by stone-walled corrals.

3. Terceira – The Lilac Island

Angra do Heroísmo, Terceira’s main city, is a UNESCO World Heritage site that offers a journey back in time with its well-preserved Renaissance buildings. The island’s underground wonders, Algar do Carvão, a volcanic chimney, and Gruta do Natal, a lava tube, give a unique insight into the Earth’s mysteries.

4. Flores – The Flower Island

True to its name, Flores bursts with wildflowers and presents landscapes that seem straight out of a dream. Cascading waterfalls, tranquil lakes, and rugged cliffs create an atmosphere where nature and serenity become one.

5. Faial – The Blue Island

Explore Faial in the Azores archipelago by car

Horta, Faial’s capital, is a legendary port that has welcomed seafarers from around the world. With walls and sidewalks covered in paintings left by visiting sailors, it’s a global diary of maritime tales. The Capelinhos Volcano‘s ash-covered landscape provides a stark yet beautiful contrast, reminiscent of a lunar landscape.

A surprising world to discover

Beyond the islands’ natural beauty, the Azores are a haven for adventurers. Whale and dolphin watching is among the region’s top attractions, with the archipelago being one of the world’s premier destinations to observe these majestic creatures in their natural habitat. The clear Atlantic waters also beckon scuba divers to explore vibrant marine life, shipwrecks, and underwater volcanic formations.

The Azorean culture, a blend of Portuguese traditions with influences from early settlers and traders, is evident in its folklore, music, and cuisine. Festivals like the “Festas de Santo Cristo” in Sao Miguel or the “Semana do Mar” in Faial are lively celebrations of faith, art, and nature.

The cuisine of the Azores is a delight for the senses. Fresh seafood, especially the Azorean tuna and lapas (limpets), are local favorites. The locally produced cheeses, especially from Sao Jorge Island, are a must-try, as are the Azorean pineapples, uniquely cultivated in greenhouses.

In a world of over-tourism, the Azores remain refreshingly authentic. It’s a place where the whisper of the winds, the melodies of traditional songs, and the tales of old sailors fill the air. The Azores aren’t just islands; they’re timeless treasures floating in the Atlantic.

Unrivalled Flexibility with a Rented Car

explore açores towns by car rental

Self-paced Exploration: One of the prime advantages of renting a car is setting your own pace. With no tour groups to hurry you along or fixed itineraries, you can spend as much or as little time at any location. Fancy a prolonged picnic at Sete Cidades Lake or a leisurely hike up Mount Pico? It’s all up to you.

Access Remote Areas

Public transport might cover popular tourist sites, but some of the Açores’ treasures are tucked away in less accessible areas. Renting a car allows you to reach these hidden gems, ensuring a fuller, richer experience.

Economic for Groups

If you’re traveling with family or friends, the cost per person for a rental car often ends up being cheaper than other transportation modes.

Safety and Comfort

Enjoy the comfort of a private space where you can leave behind belongings, and avoid waiting for public transport, especially after dark.

Navigating Between Islands

ferry between islands in Açores

While renting a car is perfect for land exploration, a unique feature of the Açores is its spread across multiple islands. To get the most out of your trip, you’d want to hop between these islands. Here’s how:


The most popular means to travel between the islands. The ferry services, especially in summer, offer multiple daily routes between the islands, making it convenient to plan multi-island trips. Some ferries even allow you to bring your rented car aboard for a fee, so you can drive straight off at your destination. Notable routes include São Miguel to Terceira or Faial to Pico.


For those short on time, regional airlines provide quick connections between the islands. While more expensive than ferries, they offer the advantage of speed.

Private Boat Charters

For those looking for a more intimate experience, private boat charters can be arranged. These are perfect for short distances, like hopping from Pico to São Jorge.

Tips for Renting a Car in the Azores

explore Açores islands by rented car

Book in Advance

Especially during peak tourist seasons, cars can get booked out quickly. Secure your rental well in advance to avoid disappointment.

Understand the Insurance

While European insurance policies are generally comprehensive, always double-check what’s covered, especially given the unique terrain of the Açores.

Familiarize with Local Rules

The Açores might be part of Portugal, but they have their specific traffic norms. Familiarize yourself with local rules to ensure a safe drive.

Check Inter-island Car Transfers

If planning to take your rented car on a ferry, confirm in advance with the rental company. Some might have restrictions on taking vehicles off the home island.

Go Eco-friendly

With the Açores’ emphasis on sustainability, consider renting electric or hybrid vehicles to minimize your carbon footprint.

In Conclusion

Exploring the Açores is akin to stepping into a world where nature reigns supreme. The islands, with their lush landscapes, dramatic cliffs, azure waters, and unique flora and fauna, promise an adventure unlike any other.

By choosing to rent a car, you gift yourself the liberty to explore at your own pace, making impromptu stops, discovering off-beat paths, and truly immersing in the Açorean ambiance.

Whether you’re standing atop a volcanic crater, dipping your feet in a thermal spring, or driving along coastal roads with the Atlantic breeze ruffling your hair, the Açores beckons with memories waiting to be made.

So, pack your bags, rent that car, and set out on a journey of discovery across one of Europe’s most mesmerizing archipelagos.

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