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Travel tips for starting an adventurous travel journey in Dubai


The world as we knew changed in the year 2020. The reality shifted and we had to get accustomed to the ‘new normal’. The COVID19 pandemics drastically changed our priorities, confined us to our homes, and made us count our blessings for sure. But the wayfarer in us deep down wanted to break free and yearned to travel like before. With countries world over shutting down their borders and imposing restrictions, half of 2020 felt like a lost year for travelers. But now, with the pandemic gradually decreasing, there is light shining at the end of the tunnel. While we look forward with hope for a vaccine, another positive news that lets globe trotters heave a sigh of relief is uplifting travel bans in a few destinations that have thrown open their borders for international travelers.

Yet the fear of travel may linger on even as we get excited on the thought of taking a vacation post-COVID-19. However, one must always exercise caution and the journey for a fantastic vacation will feel a bit like an adventure. The first step would be to look for a destination that has a strict and secure safety procedure that screens visitors and makes sure all the necessary steps to tackle coronavirus is taken into full account. Dubai has aced in this segment and is considered one of the safest destinations to travel during the pandemic.

Read on to know more about how you can gear up and plan your post-pandemic holiday to Dubai in 2021.


Focus on Dubai in 2021

  • Why choose Dubai for your 2021 travel? Well, firstly it is among the first of the few destinations in the world that took the courage to go ahead and open the borders for international visitors. Dubai took the first step to show the world that travel can be managed during a pandemic. It started welcoming guests from July 2020 when other destinations were mulling on how to tackle the pandemic and reopen tourism. But it has placed strict mandatory precautions on all visitors entering Dubai. It proudly announced to the world in a clear message – “Dubai is Open.”
  • All safety measures like compulsory wearing of masks, mandatory temperature checks, COVID-19 testing drives, and massive disinfection of public places are in place at all attractions, landmarks, hotels, and restaurants to assure that the COVID-19 situation remains in control in Dubai despite tourists entering and leaving the borders. Dubai takes utmost care to show its visitors that all safety procedures are meticulously followed for their comfort and safety.
  • Dubai is a firm believer in following protocols and is known for its strictness against lawbreakers. That is one reason why tourists and locals adhere to whatever laws are placed as breaking them can lead to strict legal actions or heavy penalties.
  • There is plentiful to see and do in Dubai. At no point in time will you feel that Dubai is dull or monotonous. There are countless attractions and places to visit in Dubai, and most of them are unique, never to be found attractions anywhere else on this planet. The list of attractions In Dubai is ever-involving. During the pandemic, Dubai broke another world record by inaugurating the world’s biggest fountain at Palm Dubai. The coming year will definitely see more mind-blowing attractions unveiled.
  • ‘Work from Home’ has become the new normal way of working all over the world. That gives you the benefit of traveling anywhere and operating your work or business from there. A new term ‘workcation’ is emerging and may become a travel trend in the future. Dubai is one of the best cities in the world that has all the right modern amenities and amazing locations making it an ideal place to work as well as enjoy the leisurely time. Make Dubai your place of choice in 2021 for work-cum-leisure trips.


Before you go: Travel tips for your Dubai 2021 holiday

‘Safe Travels’ or ‘Have a Safe Journey’ is a wish given in a literal sense presently. The outdoors are considered as battle zones and the traveler- a warrior against invisible foes. The only weapon right now that can save us is proper safety measures against the virus. You can no longer just pack a bag and leave for Dubai. Everything from flight procedures to travel insurance has changed drastically. So, before you fly off to Dubai, make sure you keep these travel tips in mind.

  • Every visitor is required to carry a negative PCR COVID-19 certificate which is valid for 96 hours from the date the test was was taken. This rule changes for different countries. Travelers from certain countries have the option to get the test conducted after arrival at Dubai airport. Some nationals need to take one test before departing their country and then after arriving at Dubai airport as well. While these safety measures can seem cumbersome, these rules are the reason Dubai can go forth with tourism.
  • As of now, there are no quarantine rules for passengers from other countries arriving in Dubai. However, even on the slightest inclination that someone is suspected of having the virus, they will be isolated and will have to undergo medical checkups and assessment. Dubai also requires its guests to fill a Health Declaration Form before departure from their home country.
  • Do a little research and get to know the travel rules and entry requirements of Dubai for a smooth arrival. Stay up to date with the safety policies, lockdown and travel restrictions status, current COVID case status, and Dubai visa rules before planning your Dubai holiday itinerary.
  • Travel and medical insurance have become more important than ever in the current scenario. Medical insurance is necessary for those traveling to Dubai. While looking for travel insurance, make sure you search for companies that will cover pandemic expenses in case of an unfortunate situation of testing positive for the virus while overseas.
  • Travel planning might sound as if it has become exhaustive due to the pandemic. But it is a pressing priority. Bookings for any attractions have to be compulsorily done online and in advance. Be it a dinner for two at a posh Dubai restaurant or spending a day at an amusement park, you will have to purchase the tickets online as most points of tourist interests have a complete no-contact zone. This means you can only show your tickets at the entry point and cannot buy them at ticket counters.
  • Do check the status of the attractions you plan to visit in Dubai before purchasing tickets. Some may still not be operational and some have to vary operational timings to comply with pandemic safety procedures. Avoid areas where there are frequent outbreaks of cases.
  • When you do travel, always maintain social distance even if it is not needed at any venue. Keep in mind the same precautions you were using at your home. Let it become a mantra that you ritually follow – wash and sanitize hands frequently. Don’t touch your face or food without washing your hands. Wear a mask at all times. Disinfect surfaces that are frequently touched. The best safety measure is your conscious and common sense during this pandemic.
  • Keep checking your flight details and hotel reconfirmation status. It’s better to know beforehand if there are issues than any last-minute hassles or cancellations.
  • Carry your face masks, protective gears, hand sanitizers. water bottles, disinfectant wipes, personal hygiene products, basic medical kits, toiletries, etc. as much as possible so that you don’t have to rely on products provided by the hotel or have to venture outdoors unnecessarily. Though hotels, restaurants, and all outdoor arenas follow strict hygiene protocol, do your bit and make sure you wipe down places touched often like doorknobs, armrests, switches, handles on public transports for your safety.

While it is too soon to say if the world is on its way to going back to normal, Dubai already has made that promise felt among its visitors. The emirate always had the quality of perseverance to do the best in every sector. This quality is exactly what made Dubai the futuristic city it proudly has become today. Tourism has been a major element of Dubai’s economic success; hence it was the need of the hour for Dubai to bounce back and rise to the occasion by implementing measures that instill confidence in travelers to plan their future holidays to Dubai. Travel is forever redefined with the pandemic and going outdoors may always give a feeling of apprehension henceforth. But with proper hygiene procedures and safety measures, we can get out of our homes and go beyond borders for blissful vacations. And Dubai did exactly that and embedded the hope and confidence to get ready to travel. Dubai is the best destination to visit post-pandemic and a great way of starting the new year 2021 with new hope and happiness.

About the author: Monica Singh

Monica Singh is a freelance travel writer by profession. She is particularly fond of traveling and loves to jot down her experiences and cultural diversities of different countries.