Visit the Fascinating Quang Ninh Province During a Trip to Vietnam

Traveling around the world is the best way to experience many different cultures and traditions, especially if you know where to go.  The Quang Ninh Province in Vietnam is a fascinating place with a plethora of things to do, and a person can get there quickly if they fly into the new Van Don Airport.

This airport is keeping passengers from taking the long bus ride that they used to need to take after arriving in an airport that was much further away from this area.  Passengers will love arriving at the state-of-the-art facility, which is filled with restaurants, shops, and other necessary amenities.

Once travelers exit the airport, they can begin their adventures immediately.  One of the first places that everyone needs to visit is the Vung Duc Temples and Grottoes.  There are five massive caves within this area, and while they are filled with mystery and wonder, they also have quite the religious and historic significance.

Visitors can worship numerous Gods at the temples before venturing into any of the spectacular caves.  The names of the caves are Thien Dang Cave, Kim Quy Cave, Long Van Cave, Ngo Ngang Cave, and Doi Cave.  Many people will not venture into Doi Cave, because its name holds true and it is filled with bats.  The views of Bai Tu Long Bay from these caves and temples are breathtaking and people may find themselves standing there looking out over the water for hours.

Co To Island is another magnificent place that many people will want to visit, although many people may hear this island referred to as the Large Co To Island.  Many of the beaches on this large island are fairly empty, making them the perfect places for visitors to explore.  Everyone can walk along the sparkling white sand as they contemplate going out into the shimmering blue water for a swim.  Visitors must walk all the way to the lighthouse because the pathway winds through pine trees and fragrant wildflowers that cannot be missed.

Ha Long Bay is a World Heritage Site, but that isn’t the only reason tourists are drawn to this area of Quang Ninh Province.  Most people arrive to experience the beauty of the more than sixteen hundred islands that can be found within the bay, along with the numerous grottoes, caves, and limestone pillars.  Travelers will want to take one of the numerous available cruises out onto the water because it is the best way to see the beauty that is out there.

The floating villages on Ha Long Bay are not the same as they used to be, but that doesn’t discount their importance in the past and in today’s world.  Those who lived within those floating villages spent all their time out there, many of them unbothered by some of the horrendous things that were happening in other areas of the world.  After all, they had their own community in those villages and they worked together to keep things safe and stable.

Nowadays, no one is allowed to live in these floating villages full time, but they have been carefully preserved to show visitors what they were like many years ago.  Plus, people do go out to those villages to fish, weave, process pearls, and much more.  That means that visitors can see the traditions and cultures of those people who used to live within those villages year-round.

Shoppers will love the unique shopping experience that they can have at the floating market at Ha Long Bay.  Boats float along the water as they sell their goods and delicious foods.  Everyone can grab a little snack or a drink, but most people will want to enjoy a delectable lunch of seafood that is caught and then cooked right after it is ordered!  There is no chance of receiving a fresher meal anywhere else in the world!

Another wonderful market to visit in Quang Ninh Province is the Ha Long Market.  This market used to only be open on certain days of the third lunar month of the year, but now people can go there almost every Sunday.  While the Vietnamese have quite the presence amongst the merchants, a few Chinese merchants bring their goods over to the market as well.  Travelers will be able to tell where the merchants are from because the Vietnamese merchants will haggle, whereas the Chinese will not.  This is a great place for visitors to go to sit and eat while watching the locals.  Entertainment can be found in various areas too, which makes it perfect for those who want to capture a little of the local music.

Visiting Quang Ninh Province is an experience that people will cherish for a lifetime, especially if they stop to enjoy the attractions above.  This part of the world is unique, which means that many of those opportunities are not available anywhere else, and if a person doesn’t see it while in Quang Ninh, they will never see it again.  Unless, of course, they choose to return to this area again in the future.

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