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One Way Car Rental

Do you need to rent a car or van for a one-way trip? Are you flying to New York but have a meeting in Washington? Do you need to rent a car at London Heathrow Airport and return it to Gatwick Airport? It doesn’t matter what you need; now you can design your own route with our one-way car rental service. We offer the one-way service worldwide, quickly and conveniently, showing you real-time offers from more than 1500 car rental providers.

Your next rental does not have to start and end in the same place. We offer you the best deals on one-way vehicle rental. Choose from a wide variety of economic vehicles and different models of cars, vans, cargo vans, trucks, SUVs, or any other type of vehicle.

Booking a  one-way car rental on our website is very easy. Pick up your car at any of the offices that have all our providers and return it in a different one when you finish your trip. Renting a car and returning it to another city is a fast, comfortable and efficient option that will allow you to plan the routes as you wish, without having to drive around more than necessary.

What is One Way Car Rental?

One way car rental is when you need to pick up a vehicle in an office and return it to a different office, in the same or different city, without having to go back to where you picked up the rental car to return it.

One-way car and van rentals are perfect:

  • If you need to pick up your rental car in one city and return it in another.
  • Save time by renting a car on a single journey and returning it to a different office.
  • The one-way rental service is ideal for moving.
  • Flight delays, modifications, or cancellations.
  • Changes and unforeseen events during the trip.

Book online now your one-way car rental and get the best price in any of the offices that have our suppliers in the world.

What companies offer a one-way car rental?

In order to rent a car for a one-way trip, in which we pick up the vehicle in “Office A”, and we return it in “Office B” of the same or different city, it is necessary that both offices belong to the same rental company.

For example, if we rent a car at the Avis office at Chicago airport, we can only return the car at another Avis office, and usually from the same country; although sometimes it is even possible to rent a car in one country and return it in another, such as between the USA and Canada.

As a general rule, domestic One Way service is allowed as long as the rental company has a subsidiary at the destination, but it may happen that some journeys are only allowed if the pick-up and/or return office is located at the airport.

International One Ways are usually allowed in North America, Australia, New Zealand, Western Europe, and some countries in Asia. However, not all companies allow it and there are countries that are banned depending on the country of origin of the vehicle.

So, the companies that offer One Way Car Rental are usually the largest and most widely used companies around the world, such as Avis, Budget, Hertz, Enterprise, Europcar, Payless, Sixt, Thrifty, Dollar, Alamo, Sixt, Advantage, Thrifty, Dollar, Alamo, National, and others that even though they are smaller and do not have offices around the world, are located in one or several countries such as Goldcar, Firefly, Payless, FOX, Apex, JUCY, RaD, or Omega.

How to find a cheap one-way car rental?

Using our search engine to find the best one-way car rental is very easy. Just specify your destination in the booking panel above and we will take care of the rest.

We collaborate with hundreds of the best car rental companies in the world, which have offices in the main airports of the world, in the best-located train stations and ferry ports, and in the centers of many cities. Many of these offices have a 24-hour vehicle return facility, which makes it easy and quick for you to return your car if you choose a one-way rental.

With this rental option, you will have many facilities to book and all the freedom in the world to travel. Here you are some tips for a cheap one-way rental

  • Use our comparison portal and compare offers.
  • The longer the rental period, the more likely it is that you will not have to pay a one-way fee (often from the 7th day of the reservation).
  • Make a search for rental cars with different pick-up and drop-off stations (e.g. at the airport) in the surrounding area.

Are one-way car rental reservations more expensive? What is the One Way service fee and why does it apply?

Yes, it is usually more expensive because this service carries an extra charge since what it costs the company to return the vehicle to the office of origin is a charge. Although sometimes there are companies that do not charge it, or that apply promotions in which the extra one-way fee is not charged.

The price of the one-way rental may vary depending on the car rental company. Not all car rental companies charge a one-way fee. You will find the exact information in the rental conditions of each offer.

The One Way service fee is an additional charge that applies to car rentals when you pick up the vehicle at one office and return it at a different one.

The different car rental companies have, in most cases, their fleets organized by offices. Therefore, when you rent a car in a certain office and deliver it in another, then that vehicle will have to return to its initial office, so as not to unbalance the stock. The payment of this fee covers the costs of fuel and the costs related to sending a company employee to pick up the car.

One-ways between different countries are usually quite expensive because, despite the fact that the distance between many of the European Union countries is quite short, the truth is that each country has its own laws and rules on insurance and traffic. This will make returning a car to the office from which it departed more expensive than usual. Because of this, the additional charge that applies to the customer must cover the costs of transportation, insurance extension, and wear and tear.

How much does the One Way service cost?

Although One Way charges depend on several factors, the main factor is distance. Following this idea, the following can be established:

It can be said that domestic One Way trips usually do not exceed $50 of additional charge, even becoming free if they occur within the same city, while international One Way trips start from $70 to $100 and can reach really high amounts.

The exact price of the One Way service depends on the following factors:

  • The company with which you rent the vehicle: there are car rental companies that reduce the charge to its minimum (only in domestic One Way), while others penalize in an outrageous way this type of car rental if they prefer to avoid it.
  • The type of car you rent: small cars, and with less gasoline consumption, usually present minor additional charges when you make a One Way rental.
  • Distance between the offices of collection and return: the distance between offices is also a factor to consider. Therefore, international One Way cars are much more expensive than domestic ones. In the case of the international One Way, the number of countries you cross, the tolls, and the security in those countries are also taken into account.

The length of the rental, as well as the country and the distance traveled, may also influence the amount of the one-way fee. The further away from the rental location, the higher the return costs will be. Therefore, many rental companies charge a one-way rate per kilometer. If the owner charges a flat rate for the one-way rental, it is usually only worth it if you want to make a long trip with the rental car.

What types of One Way rentals are there?

There are two types of one-way car rentals:

Domestic One Way Car Rental

Applies when the car is picked up and delivered to two different offices, but located in the same country. Domestic One Ways can be differentiated depending on whether the car is returned in a different city or if it is returned in a different office within the same city (e.g. pick up at the train station and return at the airport. The latter option usually has the lowest One Way rate, some companies even allow it for free.

International One Way Car Rental

It applies when the car is picked up in one country and delivered in another. These trips imply great logistic costs for the rental company since they have to return the car to its country of origin. For this reason, international One Way fees can exceed several hundred euros, with the cost being directly proportional to the distance between the collection office and the return office.

Advantages of the One Way Service

Get real deals with cars from $1

There are times when a car rental company, for whatever reason, needs to relocate some units of its fleet of vehicles and publishes rental offers where you can pay as little as $1 for your reservation. Sometimes they don’t offer this offer, but they directly eliminate the additional One Way charge regardless of the distance to be driven, which can help you save a good amount of money. They need someone to take a car from point A to point B, and if you need to travel between those same two points.

Moving with a rental car

If you need to make a move, many times it can be much cheaper to make a One Way trip, renting a cargo vehicle than hiring a specialized company. In addition, you have the peace of mind of knowing where all your things are at all times.

Even when it is an international move between two countries it can be much cheaper to make the trip yourself with a rental van, than by hiring logistics companies, who will obviously charge you for the drivers’ working hours as well.

Roadtrip: The best way to travel around a country

If you are going on a trip and want to know a country in-depth, the best thing to do is to take a road trip visiting several cities. You can make an international One Way if the trip to the destination country is not too long and the car rental companies in the city where you live allow it. You can also travel by plane to a city and book your return flight from another city and in the destination country make a domestic One Way through its landscapes from end to end.

Economic mobility

If you have to move from one city to another unexpectedly and do not find good rates in the most common transportation options (flights, trains, or buses), perhaps you can find a much cheaper option by renting a car to make your way to your destination.

Especially if you are traveling with your family or a group of people, as it can be cheaper to rent a car for one way than to pay for a plane ticket for each one, plus the travel to the destination.

We also have offers for renting one-way vans.

If you need to make a move, renting a one-way van is a perfect solution. When you move, you carry your whole life in boxes, and you need a vehicle that can carry them all from your old home to your new one.

Search now and find the best offers in our booking engine, without fear of making a mistake, as we always offer the best prices, with no limit on kilometers, and we work with the most reputable car rental suppliers in the market.

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