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Explore Switzerland and Central Europe Easily with a One-Way Car Rental

Switzerland is undoubtedly one of the most desirable travel destinations. With its beautiful architecture, sweet, cold air, and museums filled to the brim with history, Zurich is a very dreamy tourist spot. This fact is demonstrated by the crowd of tourists who populate most of Switzerland at all times of the year.

But how can one travel to Europe from Switzerland? Is it possible to travel from Zurich to Milan by car? Will a car rental cover all your needs?

To answer your burning questions — Switzerland is smack dab in the middle of Europe. This allows it the unique privilege of being an excellent place to visit other European countries from, even by car!

Other than that, car rental companies offer various options that can cover all your needs whether you are traveling from Zurich to Milan or even to Frankfurt.

Is it possible to rent a car to visit Europe from Switzerland?

Yes, it is possible to rent a car to visit other European countries while you are in Switzerland, so if you are dreaming of having a romantic road trip from the Swiss alps to the bustling cities of Europe, you are in luck. Whether your final destination is Lyon or Stuttgart, all you need for this journey is a map, a car, and a zeal to see the world.

This is an excellent idea because Switzerland is neighbors with some of the most exciting countries in Europe. Once you rent a car, you can taste the delicious pastries of Paris, drink the tantalizing beers of Munich, buy the artful styles of clothes available in Milan, and hear the breathtaking music of Vienna all in one go.

Why is renting a car to Europe extremely convenient?

If you are about to wander around most of Central Europe, it’s going to cost you a pretty penny. Instead of saving up by not buying that pair of keychains you liked in Stuttgart, you should consider renting a car which will surprisingly allow you to save a large amount of money in the long term.

So, what are the benefits of car-renting?

  • It allows you to save up on mileage. Whether you are traveling with your family or on a solo trip, rental companies can give you some excellent options to choose from in terms of mileage.

This is because your car is less likely to be economical in terms of gas or petrol usage.

  • Road trips with family are a source of some of the greatest fun that you will ever have. However, this fun can very quickly turn sour if you do not have a car big enough to hold your family and their luggage while traveling.

With rental cars, it is possible to choose a vehicle according to your family’s size and luggage.

  • Renting a car from a rental company saves your car from depreciation.

The decrease in price that comes as car racks up miles is an unavoidable aspect of driving a car, but you can reduce it to some extent by renting a car for long travels.

So, while you may have to spend some of the money from the holiday nest egg on renting the vehicle, it will more than makeup for it with the degree of comfort that it will afford you.

Which countries can you visit from Switzerland by car?

Have you ever heard of the Schengen Area? It’s a large group of neighboring European countries that allow visa-free entry amongst themselves. Since Switzerland is in the Schengen Area, residents of Zurich and elsewhere in Switzerland can easily travel to many countries in Europe without going through the hassle of passports and visas at the borders.

1.   Pick up at Zurich Airport drop off in Germany

If you are a fan of the spires of German castles and historic architecture, book a rental car right away as it only takes seven hours to go from Switzerland to Germany, making it a prime tourist spot for you and your family.

Top One way car rental trips from Zurich to Germany

  • Zurich Airport to Munich
    • Distance: 338 kms
    • Time: 3 hours 33 minutes
    • Route: A1 and A96
  • Zurich Airport to Frankfurt
    • Distance: 405 kms
    • Time: 4 hours and 8 minutes
    • Route: A5
  • Zurich Airport to Stuttgart
    • Distance: 216 kms
    • Time: 2 hours and 15 minutes
    • Route: A81

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2.  Pick up at Zurich Airport drop off in Austria

If you are craving some mountain air, this may be the option for you. It takes eight hours to travel by rental car from Switzerland to Austria. This means that you can quickly realize your wish to see the Austrian Alps in less than half a day.

Top One way car rental trips from Zurich to Austria

  • Zurich Airport to Vienna
    • Distance: 745
    • Time: 7 hours and 41 minutes
    • Route: A96
  • Zurich Airport to Innsbruck
    • Distance: 286 kms
    • Time: 3 hours 13 minutes
    • Route: A1

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3. Pick up at Zurich Airport drop off in Italy

No one knows what it is—Verona’s romance, the idyll of Tuscany, or Venice’s fantasy land, but Italy is at the top of every person’s favorite tourist spots.

If you are one of those people, this holiday plan may be for you as it only takes nine hours to get to Italy from Switzerland.

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Top One way car rental trips from Zurich to Italy

  • Zurich Airport to Turin
    • Distance: 414 kms
    • Time: 4 hours 37 minutes
    • Route: A2 and A4/E64
  • Zurich Airport to Milan
    • Distance: 296 kms
    • Time: 3 hours 22 minutes
    • Route: A4 and A2
  • Zurich Airport to Bolonia
    • Distance: 506 kms
    • Time: 5 hours 35 minutes
    • Route: A2 and A1/E35

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4.  Pick up at Zurich Airport drop off in France

The French are famous for their food, their fashion, and their culture. Their love for romance is also well-known, with many calling Paris ‘The City of Love’. This makes it one incredible destination for a romantic getaway or even a honeymoon.

So, if you want to wow your Swiss partner with some of the coolest experiences that the world has to offer, rent a car and take them to France!

Top One way car rental trips from Zurich to France

  • Zurich Airport to Paris
    • Distance: 614 kms
    • Time: 6 hours 32 minutes
    • Route: A5
  • Zurich Airport to Lyon
    • Distance: 424 kms
    • Time: 4 hours 24 minutes
    • Route: A1
  • Zurich Airport to Strasbourg
    • Distance: 232 kms
    • Time: 2 hours 29 minutes
    • Route: A5


Life is made interesting by the memories you make, so update your Google Maps and brush up on your German, French and Italian because you are about to say hallo, ciao, and bonjour to many new places soon!

The companies that offer One Way Car Rental from Switzerland to other countries in Europe are usually the most recognized and most widely used companies around the world, such as Avis, Budget, Hertz, Enterprise, Europcar, Payless, Sixt, Thrifty, Dollar, Alamo, Sixt, Advantage, Thrifty, Dollar, Alamo, National, and others that even though they are smaller but equally reliable. These brands do not have offices around the world, but are located in one or several countries such as Goldcar, Firefly, Payless, FOX, Apex, JUCY, RaD, or Omega.

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