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Best Car Rental companies at London – Stansted Airport

When you plan to visit a tourist destination like the UK in-depth, it is essential to rent a car to drive around it in your way. We know you need to rent a car at London – Stansted Airport, but you have doubts and can’t decide which company to book with. To help you decide, here is our ranking of the Top 5 Car Rental Companies at London – Stansted Airport (Updated 2024).

  1. AVIS (9.1/10) šŸ†
  2. ALAMO (8.7/10) šŸ„ˆ
  3. SIXT (8.5/10) šŸ„‰
  4. BUDGET (8.4/10) šŸ”
  5. HERTZ (8.1/10) šŸ”

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Drive and enjoy London with your rental car

Are you planning to visit and discover London? Do not hesitate to hire a car at London Stansted Airport and explore the UK on your own. Pack your bags and get ready to discover all that London has to offer easily and comfortably with your most economical rental car.

If you are planning to travel to the United Kingdom and are landing at London Stansted Airport, you can book your rental car right now so that as soon as you land, you can be sure that your rental car will be waiting for you so that you can start your journey immediately.

During your trip to London, great adventures await you. If you waste time waiting for taxis, buses or trains, you may not have enough time to visit everything this magnificent city has to offer. Book a rental car and discover all the sights of London and surroundings, known or not; thereā€™s no more comfortable way to get around the UK.

On the banks of the River Thames is the largest city in the United Kingdom, Western Europe and the European Union. We mean London, capital of the British and a place you always want to explore. You may have already visited it, but you will certainly have some London corners left to explore. So whether you’re a first-timer or an expert, we’ve set up almost 40 pick-up points across the city, including Stansted Airport, so wherever you need to go you can rent a car in London.

You should indeed discover the centre on foot, by underground or on the legendary red buses. But the British capital, with more than 8 million inhabitants and 33 districts, is so big that having your means of transport will help you. You can even use it to get to nearby cities like Windsor, Stonehenge and Bath.

To drive in the UK you must bring your vehicle documents: identification document, car rental contract, insurance certificate and driver’s license. Remember that you drive on the left side and overtake on the right side. At intersections, always observe the priority indicator; it will help you. You may also find the gearshift arrangement strange, as it is on the opposite side. But it’s a matter of practice. Pay a little attention and you’ll quickly get used to it.

In urban areas, the speed limit is 30 mph, while on motorways it’s 70 mph. Keep in mind that in the UK the speed and distances are in miles, not kilometres.

On the other hand, given the size of London, it will be very good to have a rental car, especially to move through the most remote districts. Remember that drivers must pay a congestion charge to drive in the centre. The aim is to reduce the volume of traffic in this area of London, famous for its traffic jams. That’s why we don’t recommend driving in the centre, but we do recommend driving in the rest of the city and its surroundings.

For those who prefer not to drive or may not have the option to rent a car in London, taxis present a more comfortable alternative to public transport. Particularly when considering journeys to and from key locations like airports, checking Stansted Airport taxi prices might reveal that this option is not as costly as one might think, given the convenience and comfort it offers. Taxis provide a direct, hassle-free route to your destination, which can be particularly appealing after a long flight or when navigating the bustling city with luggage or during peak hours.

London has a comprehensive road network:

  • The inner ring road (which surrounds the centre)
  • The circular north and south roads and the M25 ring road surround the whole urban area and are interlinked by several radial roads.Ā  The M25 is the longest ring road with almost 196 km.
  • And London also has the A1 and M1 roads connecting it to Edinburgh, Leeds and Newcastle.
  • When parking, pay attention to the red and yellow lines on the road.

A quick guide of London

When visiting the London capital, there are many emblematic places that you should include in your route.

Tower of London

The Tower of London is one of them. Situated to the southeast of the city and on the banks of the Thames, for 900 years it was considered the “tower of terror”, since all those who offended the monarch were locked up in it. It contains the Crown Jewels, protected by the halberdiers and is a World Heritage Site.

Buckingham Palace

Since we mentioned royal heritage, you should also visit Buckingham Palace, one of the queen’s official residences. Mind you, for tourists, it’s only open in the summer.

London Eye

Another of the mythical attractions is the London Eye, the eye of London. Get on this 135-metre high Ferris wheel and you will have the best views of the capital. You will be able to see St. Paul’s Cathedral, another landmark, from the heights. Its majestic dome is sure to surprise you.

Westminster Palace

Very close to the Ferris wheel you will find the Palace of Westminster, also known as the Houses of Parliament. This Victorian Gothic building houses the British Parliament and the city’s most famous symbol: Big Ben, the clock tower.

Westminster Abbey

The next stop from here is Westminster Abbey, another of the city’s gems. Get ready to tour this temple, the oldest in London, and travel into the past. Consecrated in 1605, this abbey has been the site of royal coronations and weddings and houses the tombs of British monarchs and historical figures from the last thousand years.

Piccadilly Circus

Right in the centre of the city is Piccadilly Circus Square, the place chosen by many Londoners and tourists as a meeting point thanks to its privileged location and the wide range of leisure activities available in the area. You will easily recognize it by its luminous signs and the Eros fountain. Nearby, there are also other places of interest, such as the well-known Trafalgar Square, and prestigious museums such as the National Gallery and, just behind it, the National Portrait Gallery. Don’t forget that Chinatown, one of London’s best-known neighbourhoods, is also very close to here.

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One Way Car Rental from London Stansted Airport

Do you need to rent a car in London and drop it off in any other airport in the United Kingdom such as Manchester, Newcastle, Liverpool, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Bristol, Birmingham, Southampton, Leeds or Cardiff? No problem, take advantage of our one-way car rental offers for Stansted Airport and return your rental car anywhere else in the UK at the best prices. Our prices include one-way fees.

Pick up Stansted Airport and drop off Heathrow Airport

  • Time: 1 h 05 min
  • Distance: 64 miles via M25

Pick up Stansted Airport and drop off Gatwick Airport

  • Time: 1 h 15 min
  • Distance: 71 miles via M25

Pick up Stansted Airport and drop off Luton Airport

  • Time: 1 h 00 min
  • Distance: 55 miles via M25

Pick up Stansted Airport and drop off London City Airport

  • Time: 45 min
  • Distance: 35 miles via M11

Pick up Stansted Airport and drop off London Southend Airport

  • Time: 1 h 00 min
  • Distance: 48 miles via M11 and A127

Pick up Stansted Airport and drop off Manchester Airport

  • Time: 3 h 25 min
  • Distance: 199 miles via A14 and M6

Pick up Stansted Airport and drop off Newcastle Airport

  • Time: 4 h 15 min
  • Distance: 265 miles via A1 and A1(M)

Pick up Stansted Airport and drop off Liverpool Airport

  • Time: 3 h 40 min
  • Distance: 212 miles via A14 and M6

Pick up Stansted Airport and drop off Glasgow Airport

  • Time: 6 h 15 min
  • Distance: 387 miles via A1(M)

Pick up Stansted Airport and drop off Edinburgh Airport

  • Time: 6 h 20 min
  • Distance: 387 miles via A1(M) and A1

Pick up Stansted Airport and drop off East Midlands Airport

  • Time: 2 h 05 min
  • Distance: 122 miles via A14

Pick up Stansted Airport and drop off Bristol Airport

  • Time: 3 h 05 min
  • Distance: 171 miles via M4

Pick up Stansted Airport and drop off Birmingham Airport

  • Time: 2 h 05 min
  • Distance: 117 miles via A14

Pick up Stansted Airport and drop off Southampton Airport

  • Time: 2 h 00 min
  • Distance: 123 miles via M25 and M3

Pick up Stansted Airport and drop off Leeds Bradford Airport

  • Time: 3 h 15 min
  • Distance: 190 miles via A1

Pick up Stansted Airport and drop off Exeter Airport

  • Time: 3 h 35 min
  • Distance: 214 miles via A303

Pick up Stansted Airport and drop off Cardiff Airport

  • Time: 3 h 30 min
  • Distance: 208 miles via M4

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Our Car Rental offers at London Stansted Airport

Compare prices and book your rental car in London here now. You can choose from a wide range of cars from the best brands and with the guarantee that you will always get the best possible price on car hire at London Stansted Airport.

Our car for hire offers will allow you to enjoy your holidays in London most comfortably and simply. All you have to do is compare our rental car offers and book the car that best suits your needs at the most economical price.

Our London Stansted Airport economy car rental service will allow you to compare prices and move around the United Kingdom in complete comfort and autonomy. Whether you travel alone or as a family trip, you can also select the car accessories you need, such as car seats for babies or GPS, on this website you can book and have at your fingertips a modern selection of vehicles of different categories, including Economy, Compacts, Vans, 7 Seater, 8 Seater, 9 Seater, Cargo Vans, Fullsize, Luxury, Premium or SUVs, as well as a range of optional extras, so you can move with a model tailored to your needs.

Last-minute offers in rent a car in London can be found on our website, where you will find the best prices in cars for rent in London from major companies: Avis, Budget, Hertz, Alamo, Firefly, Arnold Clark, Easirent, Europcar, Sixt, and more local companies. To book your car at one of the many London Stansted Airport offices available, simply use the car rental search engine above.

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Rent a Hybrid or Electric Car at London Stansted Airport

In addition to conventional cars that run on petrol or diesel, on this website you can also find environmentally-friendly rental cars, with less noise pollution and almost imperceptible vibrations in London.

If you are planning to rent a modern car in London and enjoy the latest technical advances, both to go on holiday, business trip, or to make a good impression at an event, we invite you to discover the comfort and performance of our Hybrid and 100% Electric cars available at London Stansted Airport.

We are an outstanding car rental website with a great commitment to the environment, and we are aware of the growing demand for sustainable and environmentally-friendly vehicles, which is why we work with leading car rental companies in the United Kingdom, which put at your disposal a large and modern fleet of hybrid and zero-emission electric cars at London Stansted Airport.

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