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Best Car Rental companies at Karratha Airport

We know you need to rent a car at Karratha Airport but you have doubts and can’t decide which company to book with. To help you decide, here is our ranking of the Top 5 Car Rental Companies at Karratha Airport (Updated 2024).

  1. HERTZ (8.4/10) 🏆
  2. EUROPCAR (8.0/10) 🥈
  3. AVIS (7.8/10) 🥉
  4. BUDGET (7.7/10) 🔝
  5. THRIFTY (7.6/10) 🔝

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One-Way Car Rental from Karratha Airport

Do you need to rent a car at Karratha Airport and drop off it to other of these popular locations in Pilbara, Western Australia or Northern Territory such as Port Hedland, Alice Springs, Darwin or Perth? No problem, take advantage of our one-way car rental offers for Karratha Airport and return your rental car anywhere else in Australia at the best prices. Our prices include one-way fees.

Pick up Karratha Airport and drop off Port Hedland Airport

  • Time: 2 h 30 min
  • Distance: 248 km via National Route 1

Pick up Karratha Airport and drop off Darwin Airport

  • Time: 27 h 00 min
  • Distance: 2,646 km via National Highway 1

Pick up Karratha Airport and drop off Alice Springs Airport

  • Time: 27 h 00 min
  • Distance: 2,493 km via National Highway 1 and Tanami Rd

Pick up Karratha Airport and drop off Perth Airport

  • Time: 15 h 30 min
  • Distance: 1,525 km via National Route 1

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Drive and enjoy the Pilbara region and the north of Western Australia with your rental car

Are you ready to discover Pilbara? So if you are planning to visit this beautiful region, do not hesitate to hire a car at Karratha Airport and explore this area on your own. Pack your bags and get ready to discover all that this unique spot has to offer easily and comfortably with your most economical car.

The Pilbara region is such an incredible place that it constantly attracts the attention of tourists around the world. If you are planning a trip to this gorgeous region of the northwestern side of Australia we have a lot of activities to recommend for you. That is because this region is packed with interesting sights to see and places to explore.

With such an amazing set of natural wonders and archeological points of interest, the Pilbara region is one that has a lot to offer to tourists. You will be able to enjoy wonderful natural sights and the most amazing fauna that is characteristic of Australia. You can also expect to be able to dive very deep into the local ancient cultures and everything that they left behind. The stones are right there for you to come into direct contact with.

Visiting Pilbara is not a trip that will be forgotten easily, you can expect to make great memories exploring all the wonders that this place has to offer.
We would highly recommend that you take your time in exploring the place, it is quite huge and there are many points of interest that could occupy you for a lifetime.

During your trip to Pilbara, great adventures await you. If you waste time waiting for taxis, buses or trains, you may not have enough time to visit everything this magnificent city has to offer. Book a rental car and discover all the sights of Pilbara, known or not; there’s no more comfortable way to get around Australia.

The best way to explore Pilbara on your own is with the freedom of your own car. Renting a car on our website at Karratha Airport is fast and easy, with nine major car rental companies located at the airport.

We are confident that you will have a great time from the time you set foot on the Car Rental Karratha Airport office. We have put together a great list for you so that you never run out of fun activities while you visit this beautiful spot. Let the adventure begin.

The Pilbara Region

The Pilbara is a region that is located in the northwestern part of Australia. It has a coastline as well as an expansion that goes deep into the center of the continent. It is of over five hundred thousand kilometers in area, truly vast expanses. The land here is characterized by being rather low on the local population. Indigenous tribes can be found in the region, but they are widely spread throughout the territory.

Climate is rather dry and the landscape is dominated by red, due to the color of the ground itself. The earth here is rich in minerals, including iron ore. That also contributes to the hues that are prevalent.

You will see a very large variety of fauna that is very characteristic of Australia in Pilbara. All the animals that are widely known to inhabit this land can be found in this region.

Now that we have briefly described what you can expect here in terms of the general landscape let us get into specific sites to visit.

Visit Karijini National Park with your rental car from Karratha Airport

This is considered by some to be the most iconic and beautiful national park in all of Australia. Inland water masses and incredible rock formations are hallmarks of this park. It is one of the biggest parks in the country. The average duration of a tourist stay at Karijini is of about 3 nights. There is a lot to see in this place and it really is expansive.

There are quite a few gorges in this park. Many of them are freely accessible so you can dive into them and enjoy a good swim. Others are off-limits to tourists unless specified otherwise by the park’s rangers. You can enjoy the waters here without fear of dangerous fauna.

The main concern in bodies of water around Australia is crocodiles. Fortunately, there are no sweet nor saltwater crocs anywhere near the Karijini National Park. That is because it is south enough that it is far from the crocodile population.

Visit Millstream Chichester National Park with your rental car from Karratha Airport

This is another natural treasure in terms of incredible surroundings. This site is the homeland zone of the Yindjibarndi people. These are natives that date back many thousands of years in the history of the region.

Many of the bodies of water and other landmarks of the region are of spiritual and sacred connotation to the local population of indigenous people found here. You will still be able to interact with this beautiful place if you are respectful of nature.

You will find that this is a very good spot for camping, there are facilities for this kind of activity that will make things easier for you if you decide to camp here.

The sights here are just as beautiful as in Karijini but very different. It is absolutely worth the visit in our opinion.

Visit The Burrup Peninsula with your rental car from Karratha Airport

This region of Pilbara is also known as Murujuga. It is an island that belongs to the Dampier archipelago. It is not to be convinced with the Dampier Peninsula, which is to be found to the northeast of the Burrup Peninsula.

You can find the town of Dampier in this region, which is close to the city of Karratha. These two are important hubs of activity in this part of Pilbara.
The peninsula contains the world’s largest collection of petroglyphs, which makes it an incredible tourist attraction. Some of these ancient rock carvings have been dated as far back as ten thousand years.

These depict a lot of the local fauna, including the Tasmanian tiger. There is also a large collection of standing stones to be found here. The largest in all of Australia.

This is a great archeological site to visit if you are curious about such things, it is incredible to come into direct contact with art depictions that are thousands of years of age. It will connect you to the past as few as other activities can.

There is currently a fierce contest between industrial development efforts and the conservation of these environments. This conflict has been at play for many decades, and recently this site has been marked for preservation in a more comprehensive way. That is great news for all of those interested in coming into contact with such a rich history.

Visitor Centers

There are plenty of visitor centers around the areas that are most frequented by tourists. All of these are of excellent quality and the accommodations there will not disappoint. You can find great centers in the main cities of Karratha and Port Hedland, while there are others available within the national parks, or in very close proximity to them.

Australians know very well that the tourism industry is an important part of their economy so they make sure that people feel welcome whenever they stop by. Australians, in general, are usually quite hospitable, so that adds up to the excellent quality of interactions that you can expect from these places.


There are a few available tours that you will be able to hire once you get to Pilbara. These are led by professionals that could help you appreciate everything that you are seeing and experiencing even more than if you were alone. These crews are made of very knowledgeable professionals that will provide great insights while showing you all the spots that you should not miss while there.

We would highly recommend hiring a tour for at least some portion of your trip. Especially if it is the first time you are visiting the region. Keep the guided tours as an option when planning your trip. it could make a difference in the way you enjoy this land.

Find now with our cheap rent a car search engine the offer that best suits the characteristics of your trip, and start the Australian adventure you have always dreamed of.

Our car for hire offers will allow you to enjoy your holidays in Pilbara in the most comfortable and simple way. All you have to do is compare our rental car offers and book the car that best suits your needs at the most economical price.

Our Karratha Airport economy car rental service will allow you to compare prices and move around the area in complete comfort and autonomy. Whether you travel alone or as a family trip, you can also select the car accessories you need, such as car seats for babies or GPS, on this website you can book and have at your fingertips a modern selection of vehicles of different categories, including Economy, Compacts, Vans, 7 Seater, 8 Seater, 9 Seater, Cargo Vans, Fullsize, Luxury, Premium or SUVs, as well as a range of optional extras, so you can move with a model tailored to your needs.

Last-minute offers in rent a car in Karratha can be found on our website, where you will find the best prices in cars for rent in Karratha from major companies: Avis, Budget, Hertz, Europcar, Thrifty, and more local companies. To book your car at one of the many Karratha Airport offices available, simply use the car rental search engine above.

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Rent a Hybrid or Electric Car at Karratha Airport.

In addition to conventional cars that run on petrol or diesel, on this website you can also find environmentally-friendly rental cars, with less noise pollution and almost imperceptible vibrations in Pilbara.

If you are planning to rent a modern car and enjoy the latest technical advances, both to go on holiday, business trip, or to make a good impression at an event, we invite you to discover the comfort and performance of our Hybrid and 100% Electric cars available at Karratha Airport.

We are an outstanding car rental website with a great commitment to the environment, and we are aware of the growing demand for sustainable and environmentally-friendly vehicles, which is why we work with leading car rental companies in the market, which put at your disposal a large and modern fleet of hybrid and zero-emission electric cars at Karratha Airport.

How long does it take to charge an electric car?

  • Conventional or slow recharging offers a power of 2.3 kW, for every hour plugged in you get 10 km of autonomy and the battery is filled in about 8 hours.
  • Normal or semi-rapid recharging has 7.5 to 22 kW of power, each hour of recharging offers 25 to 70 km of autonomy and it takes 2 to 4 hours to fill the battery.
  • Fast recharging has 50 kW in DC and 43 kW in AC, every 20 minutes of recharging provide 120 km of autonomy and 80% of the battery is charged in half an hour.

Here you are a Worldwide database of EV charging stations to check where you can charge your electric rental vehicle.

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