10 best places to visit in the Netherlands

There are so many more amazing places to visit in the Netherlands apart from Amsterdam which is the city’s capital. From the magnificent field of flowers to the classic windmills this country has much to offer visitors.

Here you are the best tourist spots in the Netherlands.


The capital of the Netherlands and also one of Europe’s most visited destinations. Some of the unique features of the city are the red light district, party atmosphere, and cannabis practice. The most popular stops for visitors include the Rijks museum and the Anne Frank house. Apart from Anne Frank’s house and Rijks museum, the Prinsengracht is also a popular area for gallery viewing, shopping, and pub crawling.


Leiden is an amazing city to visit for its natural landscape, wooden bridges, and lush parks. One of the best experiences in the city is a boat ride down one of the canals in the city, attractions in Leiden include the oldest academic observatory in the world, scientific museums, natural history museums, botanical gardens, and so much more. The 16th-century church of St. Peter is also considered a pilgrim’s center for practicing Catholics and Christians alike.


Delft is a city characterized by traditional canals and busy streets; The Prinsenhof is the most visited part of the city this is due to the bullet holes from the death of William of orange still remains. Other places that serve as an attraction to visitors include the Vermeer Centrum, this museum has the Johannes Vermeer souvenir in it and some other intriguing artwork.

The Hague

The Hague is one of the most amazing places to visit in Holland, known for its reputable art exhibition done at the Royal Picture Gallery and the Gemeente Museum Den Haag. There are so many side attractions and luxuries in the city which includes cozy shops, departmental stores and supermarkets, miniature city, Madurodam, and the international art gallery. The seat of the government house is sited in The Hague although Amsterdam is the capital.


Maastricht is a city known for its amazing city square, known as the Vrijthof, this is the home of Vestigingswerkens, or old fortifications, Saint Jan’s cathedral, Saint Servatius church is the attraction of foreigners here. Sides attractions in Maastricht include the hip bars, cafes, galleries, the Helpoort which is the oldest town gate in Holland and St. Petersburg caves.


This city has a unique feature that makes it one of the most visited cities in the Netherlands. Its unique feature is the inner canal wharf system that was built to stave off parts of the Rhine River from entering into the city center. Utrecht’s claim to fame is the fact that the largest college in the Netherlands is located in the city, the University of Utrecht. Another popular attraction in Utrecht to visitors includes the Dom tower, the museum Speelklok which is equipped with many collections of music boxes, striking clocks, etc., the Rietveld Schroder house, and the Gothic Cathedral of Saint Martin.


Haarlem is also known as the flower city, it’s the natural home of the annually bloemencorso parade. This city is located at the shoreline of the Spaarne River.  The city boasts of the Teylers Museums which is the oldest museum in the country it specializes in science exhibits, natural arts, and history. The city has many medieval structures around town, one thing visitors enjoy doing in Haarlem includes shopping and exploring the city’s architecture and museums.


This is the main place to visit in the northern part of the Netherlands; it’s one of the smallest cities in the Netherlands. This is the best place to visit for those who are lovers of business, education, and arts. There are many museums located in the city and the most popular which is the Groninger Museum. Other museums in the city include comics museums, maritime museums, graphical museums, etc. among others.


Just like Gouda, Rotterdam has many historic districts and buildings for foreigners to explore. Delfshaven district is the most popular district in the city, It also has a museum known as Bojimans Van Beuningen museum, a visitor from nearby European countries troop in to watch the beautiful artworks on display, some of the artworks display are masterpieces by various artists like Van Gogh, Bosch, Dali, and Rembrandt.


Gouda is a small city located in Holland with prehistoric buildings and canals, its popular means of transportation is by rail which makes it very easy to tour the city in a day, its highway connection is also remarkable which aids easy movement within the city. One of the popular meals prepared here is cheese, other side attractions include candles and its clay pipes, the syrup waffles, the beautiful glass windows located at St. Janskerk.

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