Top 7 Places to Visit in Simferopol – Crimea

Crimea is an autonomous republic where approximately 2.5 million people live and Simferopol is the capital.  The biggest city Simferopol is also a touristic city which is visited by many people from all over the World. Simferopol Airport is the most popular option to reach the city. After you landed at the airport it is better you rent a car to visit the beautiful places in and around the city. First, you can drive to the city center. It will take only 30 minutes by car. After you find your hotel, it is time to discover  Simferopol city.

Simferopol has a very old history and people from different cultures lived in this city. Therefore, there are many nice places to visit during your Crimea tour. Here is the list of top 7 places you should definitely see in Simferopol.

1. Tavrida Central Museum

Tavrida is the biggest museum in Crimea. It is a nice place that you can learn more about Crimea history. There are many archeological findings in the museum and they are all impressive. If you like visiting museums then it is a place you should definitely see in Simferopol.

2. Kebir Jami Mosque


Kebir-Jami Mosque is the oldest building in Simferopol. It was built in the 16th century and still stands as its original version. It is built by white stone in Crimean Khanate times. It is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the city that you can add to your program.

3. Caves of Chatyr-Dag


Caves are really magnificent and one of the best places to take some interesting photos. Marble Cave is one of the most beautiful ones in Europe. It requires a short drive from Simferopol city center. It is better for you to rent a car during your Simferopol trip. So that you will be able to see the nice places closer to the city. With the car, you can organize your own tour plan by spending a lot of time as you want at the places you like most.

4. The Scythian Naples

 The Scythian Naples is a must seen archeological monument. It is possible to see the ancient town’s ruins. It is better you have a car to go there whenever you want. You will like this place for sure. It is one of the places that are recommended by travel bloggers and vloggers.

5. The Church of St. Alexander Nevsky

This church is one of the most important cultic buildings in Simferopol. It has a very beautiful architecture that amazes visitors. It was the main church of the city for many years.

6. Salgirka Park

Simferopol is located around the Salgir river. And there is a big park next to the river. The park’s history lies back to the 1800s. It is a peaceful park that you can have a rest after your sightseeing tours. Especially during the summertime, the park is really beautiful and you can have a great time in this lovely park. It is also possible to do activities like horse-riding, boating, etc. İn Salgirka Park.

7. Lenin Square

This square can be called as the main event place in Simferopol. Especially during the new year, Lenin Square is very fun with live concerts. It is a place that you should see during your Simferopol trip.

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