Best Car Rental Companies in Paris

Paris symbolizes the epitome of fashion as well as tourism. It is one of the favorites of tourists from across the world. The historical and beautiful city of Paris is the capital of France and has always been one of the most visited cities and countries in the world. The unique cultural elements, the delicious recipes and food variety, the historical monuments and masterpieces of architecture, and the vibrant and thriving fashion industry of Paris and France are unmatched. Paris also has more than enough to offer to nature lovers like the serene and beautiful beaches and other natural tourist destinations and hotspots.

However, renting a car in a tourist destination may be a bit of a tricky game, especially when you are new to the place. Paris is also a part of the Schengen zone and international foreigners and tourists need to make wise and appropriate choices when they want to rent a car to tour Paris. The article and information below help you make the right choice when it comes to the car rental companies in Paris and Europe. Remember that you can arrange with these popular car rental companies to visit Paris as well as other beautiful and iconic cities of France including Nice, Bordeaux, Mulhouse, and Lyon among others.

So, let’s start with our ranking of the best car rental companies in Paris.

1.- SIXT (8.6/10) ๐Ÿ†


Sixt (a German Owned company) can offer you efficient car rental services in Paris and that at more affordable rates. Sixt is known to offer the passengers and its customers good quality cars that are quite new and do not suffer from issues such as breakdowns or any other. The customer service offered by the company is also efficient and takes pride in serving the customer at any time of the day. This company has a good number of positive reviews on the Internet and the digital footprint speaks for itself.

The company does not subcontract its vehicles and passenger cars and therefore you can expect better quality automobiles from it when you rent one. Sixt can also offer the customers and passengers good discounts when they book a car in advance and also pay for it in advance. Some of the important benefits of Sixt Car Rental service include:

  • Offers you some of the cheapest rates for car rentals.
  • Good customer service and positive name in the market.
  • Cars that are really cared for and cleaned thoroughly.
  • Availability in various cities of Europe including France.
  • Discounts on advance payments and bookings, and other car rental deals.

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2.- RENAULT EURODRIVE (8.0/10) ๐Ÿฅˆrenault-eurodrive

When you are looking forward to touring France and Paris for a week or more, the Renault Eurodrive car rental service may offer you the best and most affordable car rental options. Here you can rent a car for a period of up to 6 months and therefore can even escape buying a car through the alternative.

Some of the exclusive benefits that Renault Eurodrive can offer you include:

  • A zero-deductible insurance cover along with roadside assistance that covers your tour and holiday throughout its duration.
  • Fully inclusive rates with no hidden charges (including the young driver charges or any other surcharges).
  • Tax-free rates make the rental service even more affordable.

In the year 2021, there are also certain special offers and plans being offered by the company. One of these is the zero-cancellation fee policy and plans. Dealing with the company, you will find how convenient and hassle-free a car rental process can be.

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3.- HERTZ (7.5/10) ๐Ÿฅ‰logo-hertz

Hertz is one of the most renowned and popular car rental companies in the world. However, the French may pronounce the name in a unique, charming, and different way. The company has a fleet of new and exciting cars and SUVs available for you when you plan to tour and visit France and its capital Paris.

Some of the best benefits of Hertz car rental services include:

  • Expedited and efficient pick and drop services.
  • Overall better value for money.
  • Efficient and courteous rental staff and employees.
  • Affordable rates.
  • Variety of rental options and the fleet includes reliable and clean cars.

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4.- ENTERPRISE (7.2/10)logo_enterprise-rent-a-car

While the Enterprise car rental services are usually popular in the USA, they are still gaining ground and more popularity in other regions of the world including France.

Book Enterprise if you are looking for a more affordable and cheaper rate. Just like some other car rental companies, the Enterprise car rental service also offers you a certain discount if you book your car in advance or pay for it in advance. Some of the best benefits that Enterprise car rental services may offer you include:

  • Faster pick and drop services.
  • Neat and clean cars that are also reliable.
  • Better value for money services and affordable rates.
  • Roadside assistance and other useful and relevant features.
  • Good brand value. The company’s employees hold up the reputation through expedited and efficient services.

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5.- EUROPCAR (7.0/10)europcar-logo

Europcar is a French car rental company only and therefore has a comprehensive presence and coverage in Paris and other cities of France. The company offers better quality services than its competitors, and it could be the sole reason why you may like to prefer it. However, while the company offers car rental services at fair rates, it may not have the lowest rates. But for that extra price, you get a highly accountable and proficient service.

The fleet of sedan cars and SUVs that you can rent at Europcar may also be highly appropriate for the French roads. Some of the best features of the Europcar car rental services include:

  • The majority of the bookings can be modified or canceled free of cost for up to 48 hours.
  • There are no hidden charges such as young vehicle charges or any kind of surcharges on the rental services.
  • The company also offers the “price match” guarantee wherein it will match the price if a customer finds a lesser price somewhere else.
  • Socially distant rental counters are quite helpful in the present circumstances.
  • The company focuses on ensuring the reliability and cleanliness of the cars it provides for rent.

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6.- NATIONAL (6.0/10)national-car-rental

The car rental service by the name National Car Rental is an American company, which is also quite popular among international tourists. The more noticeable benefit of the service is that it offers you the same rates for manual as well as automatic vehicles. The National Car Rental service can offer you sedan cars, SUVs, and even trucks. If you are a group, you can approach the rental service for a minivan as well. Some of the important and useful features offered by the National car rental service include:

  • Roadside assistance as well as liability assistance.
  • This is a highly accountable and transparent car rental service that takes customer complaints seriously.
  • Availability of a comprehensive variety of cars and passenger vehicles.
  • Feature and supplementary services including roadside assistance and liability insurance.
  • Prompt and responsive customer service.
  • The rental desk follows social distancing, which is a must during these pandemic times.

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7.- ZIPCAR (5.8/10)zipcar

Zipker is a relatively new car rental agency and service in Europe and France. The service is more affordable as it allows the customers and passengers to rent and use a car by the number of hours, and not based on week or days.

The Zipcar best car rental Paris services are available on the app, and the members have to pay a fee of 7 every month. One can easily hire a car just for a few hours as well and save good amounts of money. If you are a frequent tourer and like visiting European countries, the service can help you save lots of money over a period. On Zipcar, you can book a car for a minimum of 1 hour, something that the competitors do not offer. Members also get insurance and the coverage may depend on the date of joining and age. New customers also get a 30-day trial period. The positives of Zipcar include:

  • Fees and rental charges are highly affordable.
  • Features include clean cars, roadside assistance, and others.
  • Insurance coverage to reduce your liability and to cover for any accidental damages.
  • Reservations can be booked in advance.
  • Availability of a wide variety and comprehensive rate of cars at any point in time.
  • Roadside assistance at the majority of locations.

However, you need to check the terms and conditions carefully to know about all kinds of additional fees that may be there.

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If you are looking for car rental services, it is important to look for features like social distancing in the present scenario. When you want the best and most affordable rates along with the features you need, you should check the website and terms and conditions of the different car rental service providers in Paris and France. The car that you rent should follow your requirements, including the group size, number of days, distance to be covered, the price you can afford, and other factors and aspects. There are a variety of affordable options available in France and Paris as well. However, you can always choose the luxury sedans and other premium cars as well from renowned brands including Mercedes and Audi among others when you are willing to pay a premium price for it.

Now you can continue reading our article about theย differences between Avis, Budget, Hertz, Europcar, Payless, Sixt, Thrifty, Dollar, Alamo, National, or our ranking of the best car rental companies in the rest of France.

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