Renting a Vehicle in Rapid City: South Dakota Road Trip

Want to see some of South Dakota’s biggest attractions, like Mount Rushmore, or the Badlands? Taking a road trip through historical South Dakota may be on your bucket list, and you may be wondering how to get started. Renting a vehicle in Rapid City is a great option for those who wish to have the freedom to explore where they want on their own time.

What is There to Do and See Near Rapid City


Flying into and renting a vehicle in Rapid City is the most convenient option, as most of South Dakota’s attractions and sights are located near Rapid City. It is nestled in the gorgeous Black Hills region, with plenty of nature to explore and history to be found.

The airport is only a 30-minute drive from Mount Rushmore and the old-West town of Keystone. Mount Rushmore is South Dakota’s biggest attraction, if not one of the biggest attractions in America. Many people from all over the world come to see this monument, and it will be specially packed during the summer. Nearby is the Crazy Horse Monument, left unfinished but still impressive. You are able to get a lot closer to this monument and really appreciate its size. Visiting the Crazy Horse Monument is a great addition to a day trip to Mount Rushmore.

If you continue into the Black Hills, you’ll find the Black Hills National Forest. From here, follow the famous 14-mile Needles Highway (SD 87) down to Legion Lake. This is a scenic drive with incredible views, through pine and aspen forests with rock needles jutting into the sky. Make sure to bring your camera along as you embark on this adventure!

Custer State Park is another great place to visit in the Black Hills region. It is home to abundant wildlife, and it is a fantastic place to spot bison, elk, and antelope. This park also protects some of the most beautiful scenery in the Black Hills, from towering rock spires to colorful prairies. There are many hikes to embark on, the most popular being Sylvan Lake. Camping is also a popular activity, particularly during the beautiful summers.

An hour West of the Rapid City airport is Badlands National Park. The Badlands is a region full of interesting and unique geography. It is completely different from the Black Hills region and is worth the hour’s drive. Here, you can drive the 31-mile scenic byway loop around the park and see some of the most incredible, multi-colored buttes and rocks. There are also many hiking trails to explore, some of the most popular amongst families being the Window Trail and the Cliff Shelf Nature Trail. Check out the nearby town of Wall for accommodation options, as well as the Wall Drug Store. This historical mall has many different stores ranging from drug stores to bookstores to Western-themed gift shops. There’s even a restaurant selling local bison burgers.


Our Car Rental Offers in Rapid City

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Enterprise is one of the highest-rated places to rent a vehicle from in Rapid City. They have options ranging from mid-size SUVs to small, economy vehicles. Their prices are low for the economy SUVs, averaging from $70 a day. A family of five could comfortably fit in these vehicles, even for long road trips. The Enterprise in the airport is open from 7 AM-11:30 PM.


Hertz is another highly-rated rental car company with vehicles ranging from luxury to economy. Prices are lower at this location, and economy SUVs range from $50-$60 per day. This location also offers full-sized luxury vans accommodating larger groups, holding up to 12 passengers. Hertz is open from 8 AM-10:30 PM and does allow after-hour returns. Specific to this company, underage drivers (under 25) with AAA have waived the young driver’s fee.


Alamo is the best option for a budget car rental company. Economy SUVs go for as little as $38 a day. Larger families can rent a 7-person minivan for $70 a day. This company has more options in the way of sedans, suitable for those traveling alone or with a partner. Alamo is open at the airport from 7 AM-11:30 PM and does offer after-hour drop-offs.

Use our platform to seamlessly search between different car rental companies in Rapid City, and choose the best one for you and your family. Road-tripping through South Dakota is a blissful experience, and renting a vehicle shouldn’t make your trip stressful. If anything comes up, rest assured knowing we offer free cancellations, anytime.

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