Reasons to travel and invest in Dubai

A trip to the UAE can be one of life’s most memorable and educational experiences. The country’s magical economic boom over the past decades has created a host of world-class attractions in Dubai. Resting in the largest city of the UAE, you should see the best of them. There have also been huge changes in the field of real estate. The city is constantly being built, and you have a great opportunity to enjoy the sights and try yourself as an investor, trying to find a property for investment in Jumeirah Village Circle, Downtown, Business Bay, etc.

Ferris Wheel

In October 2021, the world’s largest observation wheel, 250 meters high, was opened on the coast of the Persian Gulf. Translated from Arabic, the structure’s name sounds like “Eye of Dubai“. The wheel contains 48 cabins, from which you can view the surroundings 360 degrees. A large-scale structure makes one revolution around the central axis within 38 minutes. The Ferris wheel is made of metal spokes, each longer than a standard football field. The weight of the entire structure is about 5 tons, corresponding to the mass of 16 large passenger aircraft. From the height of the attraction, you can observe the beautiful natural scenery of the sea coast, with the artificial island of Palm Jumeirah, and the modern rich area of the Arab capital Dubai Marina.

Aquaventure Waterpark at Atlantis Hotel

There is something to visit on the territory of an artificially created archipelago in the form of an exotic tree surrounded by a crescent moon called Palm Jumeirah. A magnificent and unforgettable family vacation is provided to visitors of the famous water park. On more than 42 hectares, there are many slides for swimming and other exciting attractions. There are also beaches for recreation and entertaining playgrounds where adults can be with children. The various facilities of the park are divided into a children’s section and extreme structures for adults. The park’s territory is on the seashore with soft white sand and green palm trees.

Miracle Garden Flower Park

For the hot climate of the United Arab Emirates, the unique flower park is a new, unusual attraction. Approximately 110 million plants are represented on an area of about 7 hectares. Unusual flower beds are often made as animals or decorative figures. The park is one of the most beautiful places in Dubai, where clocks, peacocks, camels, and famous capital buildings, such as the Burj Khalifa, are lined with natural flowers. In addition to observing the bright colors of living flowering plants, there is where to walk and enjoy the magnificent natural aromas.

Safari Park

The huge city borders the Arabian Desert, so one of the interesting attractions in Dubai is visiting the protected area. Antelopes, bustards, giraffes, and many other exotic species of birds and animals live in the sands on an area of 119 hectares in natural conditions. Some animals are listed in the Red Book and under state protection. Safari lovers can take part in the proposed eco-excursions in the desert, where tourists are taken on off-road vehicles.

Madinat Jumeirah or Dubai Venice

The largest recreation complex on the map of Dubai with sights is a kind of city on the water:

  • the buildings, stylized as medieval Venice,
  • surround picturesque canals where tourists travel by boat

Resort areas are spread here among greenhouses and beach shoals, where relaxation is reminiscent of being in a fairy tale, and the infrastructure pleasantly surprises with innovative technologies.

Global Village Fair

The famous World’s Fair has long been held as part of the annual village festival. The tradition began in 1996 when the modern part of Dubai was just being built. Currently, a place has been allocated for the ethnic fair in the capital’s suburbs, known as Dubailand. The peak of shopping and tourism here is in the winter months, from November to April, during which about 5 million spectators and buyers visit the event.

All the benefits of Dubai

This is just a small list of places you can visit in Dubai. Walking around the city, you will see many areas that have become home to expats from different countries.

It is vigorously developing. A lot of residential real estate is being completed. These are consistently impressive, fascinating architectural solutions that are not identical.

Purchasing real estate is a convenient, promising acquisition. You know you have a flat with a pass to the sea using this property. You can come at any time, live here, and, if necessary, rent it out. About 8-9% per annum is supplied to you if you rent out the property. It is suitable, pleasing, and safe.

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