10 Most Amazing Places of Riga

We finally came out with the 10 most amazing places in Riga. We are sure you will enjoy all of them.

Riga is the most important city in the Baltic zone. This is the capital of Latvia and has an important cultural heritage. Riga is also an important political and commerce center. There are many places to see, and it was hard to make a selection.

Riga’s Central Market

Riga’s Central Market is a fine example of a European market. It is full of colors, and food. You will find the finest cheese, fresh vegetables, and fruits, along with smoked meat. Feel the traditional Riga as you walk by this market.

The Rundale Palace

Rundale Palace will take you to a magical place. It was designed by the same architect who designed the Saint Petersburg Hermitage. Francesco Rastrelli created one of his masterpieces with this castle with Rococo and Baroque styles joined in harmony.

Saint Peter’s Church

Riga has some excellent cathedrals, and Saint Peter’s Church is a great example. The best of it is the view from the top. Chose a sunny day to make sure you get the best views of the city. The place is used to exhibit works of art, so you may get the chance to see an exhibition while you are in town.

Latvian Ethnographic Open Air Museum

This is an open-air museum that pictures the Latvian way of life in ancient times. The best is to go in summer because winter is cold and the shops are closed. You can bring lunch to make it an outdoor experience with a picnic. If you like to get in touch with nature and to learn about ancient moors, this is a must-go place in Riga.

Lady Liberty

To celebrate Latvians’ independence, they built lady liberty in 1935. This is a symbol of the city designed by Karlis Zale, which is a famous sculptor in Riga. He pictured the fights and struggles to gain liberty, making Lady Liberty a meaningful monument to celebrate freedom.


Jurmala is by the seaside. You can play along the beach and enroll on a pampering day. There are various options on local spas that offer different services. You may get a relaxing massage or a rejuvenating package with mud treatments. The nature in the surrounding area is impressive, so you will have plenty of things to admire while you are at this place.

The Riga Ghetto and the Latvian Holocaust Museum

Get an insight view of the Holocaust era by visiting this museum. The facilities of the ghetto have been preserved to remind the future generations about how Nazi Germany came to this city to change the existing order. The holocaust museum is an impressive reminder of how humankind can become cruel against others. There is no doubt that those obscure days marked Latvians, and they maintain this museum as a reminder of those times.

The Bremen Town Musicians

If you like fairytales, the Bremen Town Musicians square is a must-go stop in your journey while you visit Riga. This is a statue inspired in the Grimm Brother’s tales. Knowing the story will make it remarkable because Riga was precisely where their journey started. There are nice cafes and souvenir shops in the surrounding area, so you can spend a nice afternoon wandering around.

Doma Cathedral

The Doma Cathedral is impressive, considering that Riga saw the first works to build it back in 1211. The place has been renovated several times, adding new elements throughout the following centuries. The result is an Art Nouveau cathedral with Baroque, Romanesque, and Gothic elements that live together in harmony as if they were from the same era. Its organ from 1884 is known worldwide for its magnificent sounds. If you have the chance to listen to a concert, you will confirm that its fame has strong grounds.

The Riga Motor Museum

Boys of all ages love this museum. The Riga Motor Museum is right next to the racetrack. It all starts with the building itself. The façade looks like the front side of a car. Inside you will find many examples of cars’ history, including Ford’s T Model. There are other iconic vehicles that belonged to important figures like Brezhnev, Stalin, and Khrushchev. The museum is full of information. When you travel with kids, it is a must-go place.

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