Best Car Rental Companies in Cancun

Mexico has been the 7th most visited country in the world by international tourists, with good reason, as it is a mix of culture and fun; but a good part of this success belongs to Cancun, the flagship tourist destination in México.

Cancun is the largest city in the Mexican state of Quinta Roo, and it is the starting point for tourists who want to enjoy all the wonders of the Mexican Caribbean. And in order to explore everything this area has to offer, a rented car is probably the best option.

One of the best things about going to Cancun is that not only the city has many great places to stay, eat, bath and party; but all of this geographic area known as the Riviera Maya has places like Playa del Carmen and Tulum, and there’s no better way to get to them than by car.

As a top tourist destination, you can expect to find all major car rental companies, plus many popular local options, so it is better to know what are the best car rentals, or rentas de autos, as they call it in Mexico, in Cancun before taking your flight.

This is the ultimate Ranking of the Best Car Rental Companies in CANCUN in 2024. We hope it helps you to decide on your next car rental booking.

#1 – Mario Friend Renta De Autos 🏆

For a very local, enjoyable, and rather cheap experience renting a car in Cancun, Mario Friend Renta De Autos Cancun, a small car rental exclusively dedicated to visitors in Cancun, has earned a very good reputation thanks to their no hidden fees policy.

Even though Mario Friend is a smaller, local car rental, they have a good fleet of cars in great conditions, very clean, and their rates are hard to beat, with very low renting prices for a minimum of three days of rent.

As it is a growing car rental in Cancun, Mario Friend doesn’t have a website, which might be inconvenient for those wanting to compare prices or read the FAQ, but you can easily find their Facebook page by searching Mario Friend Renta De Autos Cancun. Here, you will be able to find their contact information to ask for a quote, as well as read the reviews.

Not having a website is actually something they use at their advantage, because of their no hidden fees policy, compared to some car rental websites where prices are not always completely clear.

They seem to be focused on Spanish-speaking customers, but a couple of customers have left positive reviews in English, so there should not be an issue if you don’t speak Spanish. Their rental process is straightforward and you will be able to have a smooth renting experience.

The many happy customers leaving reviews on their page make it clear that renting with Mario Friend is a great experience, with a shuttle from and to the airport, great prices, and the peace of mind of paying only for what you were quoted for.

#2 – Isis Rent a Car 🥈

It might be unfortunate for a great local car rental company in the Yucatan Peninsula to have a name that currently holds such a bad connotation, but Isis Rent a Car has nothing to do with those sad events. Instead, they are all about great and honest service for their customers.

Isis rent a car has its main offices in Playa del Carmen and Cozumel, but for those going to Cancun, Isis will deliver the car to Cancun’s airport for free for 5 or more days rentals, and you will be able to take your car everywhere you want in the Riviera Maya.

If there is one thing to highlight of renting a car with Isis in Cancun, that is how well those who have rented with them talk about the company and its manager, whom you good most likely deal with, which hasn’t been an issue whatsoever for most of the happy renters.

With a policy of transparency in their prices, and one of the friendliest staff in the Riviera Maya, as well as very good rates; Isis rent a car is a great option for renting a car for your trip to Cancun, as it will most likely be a smooth and great experience.

#3 – Avant Rent a Car 🥉

Avant Rent a Car is another popular local option for a car rental company in Cancun, as well as Playa del Carmen, with great customer service, as well as many positive reviews from those who have rented with them.

One thing that sets them apart from Mario Friend, its local competitor, is that Avant does have a website with a good design and information. You cannot automatically book or get a quote on the site, but they have a section to introduce the rental information, and they will send you the quote to your email.

This car rental, or renta de autos, enjoys very good reviews from many travelers, including several reviews in English, which means that you won’t need to worry if you do not speak Spanish, as they rent to many non-Spanish speakers each year.

There have been a few reviews saying that Avant offered them a car without a plate. There is not enough information regarding this situation, but if it ever happened to you, you can confidently reject the car and ask for another with a plate.

Overall, Avant Rent a Car is a local car rental in Cancun and the Riviera Maya that many people have chosen and have been happy with their service, without any extra fee or unpleasant surprises, making them a great option to rent a car during your time in the Mexican Caribbean.

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#4 – America Car Rental 🔝

It is surprising how many local options there are for renting a car in Cancun and the Yucatan Peninsula, and yet another company that is often mentioned by satisfied customers is America car rental, with many locations in the Mexican Caribbean and beyond.

America car rental has a good website with the features renters would expect from a car rental site, where you can directly book with them with your dates, with several locations in Cancun, and add extras. The 0% deductible loss damage waiver is included in the booking.

During booking, you can also include an international permit to cross borders to Belize for free, or to Guatemala for a fee.

Compared to its smaller local competitors, America has received some negative reviews from travelers who felt scammed due to last-minute reservation cancellations or having to pay for insurance.

In order to avoid these situations, you should always book directly with America car rental through their website, and contact them to confirm the booking before taking the flight to Cancun.

America car rental is a solid option for renting a car, with many locations, service in English, and good prices, even if not the lowest; for you to have a great vacation in Cancun, the Riviera Maya, and the Yucatan Peninsula.

#5 – Easy Way Rent a Car 🔝

Easy Way Rent a Car is a well-known car rental company in Cancun where they have their main office, with more locations like Playa del Carmen and Tulum; and many satisfied clients who would be happy to rent with them again.

Although Easy Way is a local car rental company focused on Cancun, the Riviera Maya, and the Yucatan Peninsula; they are larger than other popular local car rentals, which can give some of the relief of renting with a larger car rental.

Their website is modern and allows you to book directly with them, which is the recommended option. Here you can easily get a quote for your location and time, and you will easily add better insurance and extras, in a what you see is what you pay fashion.

One thing that might be slightly confusing is that they own many domains for their locations outside of Cancun, such as Tulum or Playa del Carmen, but they are ultimately Easy Way Rent a Car.

As a bigger car rental in Cancun, Quintana Roo; there have been a few more complaints and negative reviews on forums regarding renting with Easy Way. However, these are mostly out of their main location in Cancun, and some of these might have to do with renting through a consolidator instead of renting directly with them.

Overall, Easy Way is a well-reputed and popular car rental for those traveling to Cancun and the Yucatan, with most reviews going towards the positive side, and very low prices, even if not the lowest, along with very good customer service and no hidden fees.

#6 – Sixt Rent a Car 🔝

For a bigger, international car rental brand, Sixt is a good option for renting a car in Cancun and the Yucatan Peninsula if for any reason you wouldn’t like to go with the local, smaller options.

As it is the case with all of the big names in the car rental industry in Cancun, Sixt has received some negative reviews, but compared to other companies, the ratio of good and bad reviews is much better, and many customers have had an overall good experience renting with them.

You can expect higher rates than with the smaller, local car rentals in Cancun, but you can still get a good offer with them, but do make sure to rent directly with them in their site’s Mexican section, and take at least the basic insurance, in order to avoid unexpected charges during pick-up.

Sixt is an overall good car rental option when traveling to Cancun, but do make sure to take photos during pick-up and drop-off, and contact your credit card company as well as Sixt Mexico to know more about mandatory insurance in Mexico and ensure you will have a great time in the Mexican Caribbean.

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