Best Car Rental Companies in Malta

You can never be too careful when trying to figure out the best car rental companies to use in Malta. Choosing the perfect car rental company with the best deals while in a strange country can be a daunting task. Comparing customer reviews, car conditions, and appraisal-worthy service, we have put together some of the top car rental companies in Malta. We hope our list helps your next car rental decision in Malta.

Malta is located in Southern Europe, between Sicily and the North African coast. It is famous for its iconic historical sites. With about 2.6 million annual tourist arrivals, it can get a little overcrowded during the holidays. Many people troop into Malta annually to view the breathtaking coastlines and take a refreshing dive in the crystal clear waters.

Besides the palatable cuisine and perfect water views, Malta has a must-see landscape structure, providing the ideal background for movies. What better way to explore this breathtaking landscape than to rent a car? You could take any of the numerous means of transportation while exploring Malta. The bus, ferry, helicopter, seaplane, and your legs are all available. However, the best means, especially for a tourist, is by using a rental car. This is a more relaxing and convenient means, which can also be cut according to your budget. Also, with a rented car, you do not have to be constrained to the operating hours of public transport.

The roads in Malta are mostly smooth, especially the major roadways. Also, unlike other cities, the roads in Malta can be narrow. This makes getting a rental car the most conceivable option as the cars will be more suitable for the road.

From the abundance of car rental companies in Malta, we have extracted this list consisting of some of the best. This is the ultimate Ranking of the Best Car Rental Companies in Malta in 2024. We hope it helps you to decide on your next car rental booking.

#1 – Avis 🏆

Avis is a famous car rental company in Malta. When it comes to renting a car, affordability is usually a key factor. Although Avis does not offer one of the cheapest deals, they are a very remarkable car rental company that you should consider using during your stay in Malta.

Avis has a reputation for being trustworthy. With a well-built reputation since their start-up in 1946, they have been able to expand to about 166 countries around the world.  They are always available, and customers do not have a lot of disappointing experiences with them. Also, Avis car rental provides customers with the opportunity to select their preferred vehicle from a variety of available vehicles. The price of renting a car with Avis is more on the expensive side. However, if you consider the risks involved with using an unknown rental company, you might want to stick with the company that assures you of reliability and good delivery. Also, the earlier you book with Avis, the better your rates. From the booking to the collection of the car, all procedures are quick and easy with Avis car rental.

Their booking differs with prices as low as $10 to as high as $54 depending on the month in which you hire the car. They also offer good reward programs that allow people with just the right amount of patience and determination to get free rentals. Because of the number of locations that Avis car rental has, customers can also find branches away from Malta airport, in places like; Valletta, Msida, Bugibba, and Gozo; automatically reducing the rate.

With impressive customer reviews, Avis car rental in Malta is an excellent choice.

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#2 – Hertz 🥈

Hertz car hire was launched in 1918 and is currently one of the reputable and popular car rental companies. It provides services in over 145 countries in the world. The most popular location to find Hertz car hire in Malta is the Malta MLA airport. Other close locations in Malta include; Gzira, Gozo Mgarr Harbour Terminal, and Sliema.

Hertz car rental comes in Mini, Economy, and compact types. The price of renting a car from Hertz car hire ranges from $14 – $44 depending on the months the rental is made, and the type of car rented. The company provides excellent customer service with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, making communication easier. You can get cars in good working conditions at a very affordable rate when you use Hertz car hire.

They also provide various rewards and eye-catching deals when you; book a car very early, use their long-term deals, opt for the full/full option for fuel usage.

The cheapest rental car at Hertz is the Hyundai i10 which goes for $5 per day.

#3 – Europcar 🥉

With locations in over 150 countries in the world, Europcar is among the premium car rental companies in Malta today. Their services are so tremendous that in 2016, the company was awarded the TripAdvisor Traveler’s choice awards. The availability makes it very easy to locate this car rental company from anywhere. 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, Europcar rentals are always available to render their services.

From wedding cars to luxurious holiday cars, Europcar offers a wide variety of cars, with a company vehicle fleet of over 200,000 cars. You can choose the vehicles that are suitable for your stay in Malta, or according to your budget. Europcar rentals are famous for their excellent price deals, with prices ranging from $19 to $52 depending on the type of car rental and the month in which it is done. Though the price is a bit on the high side, the reliability of the company cannot be questioned. From the choice of vehicles to the ease of booking the vehicles, it all just works out well with this company.

Another important reason why you should consider using Europcar is the ease of booking rental cars. With the availability of mobile apps, you can easily place your bookings from your comfort region. Their bonus pack includes; road tax, young driver, unlimited mileage, and airport fee. They also offer good loyalty program deals which can enable you to unlock special rewards when you earn them.  The most beneficial deal with Europcar in Malta is the Hyundai i10 which is offered at $5 per day. There is also an additional option for an extra driver. This option allows another person to drive your rented car for you, and it is activated when the extra charges are paid.

#4 – Budget 🔝

Budget is another reputable car rental company in Malta. The name budget does not imply that they have the cheapest deals amongst rental companies. However, they are certainly one of the most reliable and available.

Founded in Los Angeles by Morris Mirkin in the year 1958, the name of the company is not so far from the values it provides. They are a value-providing company that keeps in mind the budget of various possible users. Budget has a way of delivering quality service at affordable prices. It is listed as one of the middle segment car rental companies. This means that the price range is somewhere between premium and low-cost. Their moderate charges combined with their quality services have made them popular among travelers in Malta.

Budget car rentals also have a large number of company locations around the world. They offer several deals, but their rewards program is not quite as attractive as other car rental companies. Like most rental companies, the most popular car types used are Mini, Economy, and Compact. They offer deals as low as $10 daily for mini-type in November. You would find more of the Budget location in the Malta MLA airport. However, other locations include; Msida, Valletta, and Bugibba.

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#5 – Sixt 🔝

Another interesting car rental company to use in Malta is Sixt. Founded in the year 1912 in Germany, Sixt continues to take leading positions in the rental world. Sixt is quite popular with availability in over 105 countries and 5 thousand car rental locations around the world. Currently, Sixt is among one of the largest car rental companies in the world.

One thing that makes Sixt car rental outstanding is their choice of cars. They offer a wide variety of vehicles ranging from luxury cars to simple family cars, made by some of the world’s best vehicle manufacturers, and the cars are usually not more than 3 months old. In addition to this, they also allow their customers to choose their most preferred vehicle.

Sixt provides extremely friendly customer service, and they are available 24/7. This makes them easy to reach. The car rental service is quick and easy and allows for free cancellation when payment is made on arrival. All cars are released with a tank full of petrol to reduce your stress and increase your comfort. Past users of this service have commended the ease with which a rental desk can be found and the sound condition of the car when picked up. Asides from the Malta MLA airport, you can also find other locations of Sixt in places like; St Julians, Bugibba, and Gozo.

Due to the availability of a large fleet of cars, several car rental types are available with Sixt and they include; Mini, Economy, Compact, 7seatcarrier, Intermediate, Premium, SUV, and Convertible car types. Sixt is listed among the premium car rental companies, implying that their prices are slightly above average. However, they are versatile and extremely reliable. With locations in almost every part of the world, you cannot doubt the authenticity of this car rental company.

#6 – Firefly 🔝

Firefly is a popular car rental company in Malta. They offer quite an attractive package known as the Firefly Freedom Pack along with their rental which includes; full/full fuel policy, free GPS, no young driver’s surcharge, and no-one way rental fee.

The most used car rental types in Firefly Car Rental are the Mini, Economy, and Compact types. The price ranges from $14 to $54 depending on the rental type you choose, and the month in which you are hiring the car. You are more likely to find Firefly locations at the Malta MLA airport, but you can also locate them in other places like Gozo Mgarr Harbour Terminal.

Firefly car rental offers very good deals for their car rentals. Coupled with their excellent customer service, and their ease of booking, Firefly can compete with top car rental companies.

#7 – Goldcar 🔝

Notable for its affordable prices, Goldcar Company has also made a name for itself in the car rental company list. The thing about Malta is that the longer you stay, the more places you will find to explore. Exploring the rich cultural display from Valletta to Manikata alone can make you lengthen your stay in Malta. With Goldcar, you can enjoy your trip at very affordable prices.

Goldcar Rental Company is rated among the low-cost car rental companies. This implies that the price of the booking is usually very low. The problem with low-cost car rental companies is that most times, customers tend to be skeptical about using them. This is due to the hidden additional costs that apply most times. In most cases, users only find out the kind of car they have rented after all conclusions have been made, and when they come to pick up the car.

From Goldcar rental, Malta, the cheapest car is usually the Toyota Aygo. The price range starts from $24 – $43 daily depending on the car rental type (mini, economy, and compact).  Some of the locations close to the Malta airport where you can find a Goldcar car rental are Luqa, Valletta, Gzira, Zejtun, Balzan, and Zabbar.

They have a large fleet of cars that are both classy and strong, and mostly under a year old. You can hire your car for days, weeks or even months, depending on your budget and expected duration in Malta. You also get to choose from 8 categories of cars. What’s more, the prices are slashed further during low seasons. Enjoy good customer care, quality cars and also benefit from the amazing Goldcar gifts and discounts from various high-value brands.

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#8 – Thrifty 🔝

Established in the year 1958, Thrifty is a reputable car rental company. After years of hard work and consistency, Thrifty is ranked among the largest car rental companies in the world today. Like most rental companies, the popular rental types include; Mini, Economy, and Compact types. The price of renting vehicles with Thrifty varies depending on the type of vehicle and the period when you are renting. Naturally, some months like March are cheaper than the rest, while July can be more expensive.

Thrifty provides excellent services, quick and easy booking procedures and offers some of the best price deals for car rentals. Asides from the Malta airport, you can also locate Thrifty at Qormi, Luqa, Sliema, and Gozo around Malta.

Excellent customer service, a friendly environment, attention to detail, and provision of good quality services are some of the benefits of using Thrifty Company while in Malta. The most popular classes of vehicles are; Compact-Peugeot 208 at $5 daily, Intermediate-BMW 2 Series Convertible at $19 daily, and SUV-Nissan Juke at $13 daily.

#9 – First Car Rental 🔝

First Car rental provides some of the best car rental deals in Malta. The price ranges from $19 to $43 depending on the month and the car rental type chosen. The most popular car rental types offered by First Car rental are Mini, Economy, and Compact.

There are more locations of First Car rental at Malta airport. However, you can still find other locations nearby in places like; Balzan downtown, Hamrum, Luqa, Qawra, Sliema, Bugibba, and Valletta. A notable feature of First Car rental is its outstanding customer service. The friendly and welcoming environment created by this rental company makes the booking process easy. There are ways to save money while renting with First. Some of them are; choosing long-term deals, selecting a cost-effective insurance package, early car booking, and avoiding one-way journeys. The most popular rental vehicle you can get from First is the Peugeot Expert for $52 daily. You can also pay for the option of an additional driver.


Malta is a place you would want to explore in comfort. To ensure that you get the best of your stay in Malta, you need to have a suitable and reliable car for your tours, whether private or group tours. With this list, you can be guaranteed of a suitable car rental company. We understand that deciding on the best car rental company to use in Malta may not be an easy task. However, by listing some of the pros and cons of some of the popular car rental companies available in Malta, you can look through the list and make a decision. All companies listed are among the top rental companies in Malta, so you will most likely find the best deals here.

It is advisable to have a particular company whose services you are familiar with. By sticking to one company, you can increase your chances of getting discounts and rewards, and you may eventually end up winning a free car rental. Do enjoy your stay in Malta as you patronize any of the car rental companies on our list.

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