Best Car Rental Companies in Bulgaria

Are you planning to visit Bulgaria soon? Or are you pondering on the best mode of transportation for ease and comfort during your trip? Well, let us help ease your movement around Bulgaria.

When it comes to having a perfect vacation package, Bulgaria has it all. From great views, tasty cuisines to the wonderful culture, you will definitely be impressed. It is located in southeastern Europe and has the black sea bordering its east. With about 9.3 million visitors in 2018, one can hardly doubt that the country is becoming an emerging tourist destination. Famous for its rich musical culture, folklores, costumes, and yearly traditional rituals, not to mention the tasty, fattening cuisine, it is with reluctance that most people leave Bulgaria after visiting.

Bulgaria roads are not in their best conditions, but still, the best way to explore Bulgaria is by road. You need a flexible schedule and also be independent of public transportation to explore Bulgaria fully. Characterized by mountains and lots of magnificent road-blooming flowers, the roads can be quite a sight. You would find the most picturesque buildings, get to pick the famous Bulgarian rose, and maybe get to taste the Rakia. There are indeed a notable number of old buildings and bumps on the road, but the breathtaking sites and the experience will surely distract you.

Since you are most likely to need a car in Bulgaria, the next issue in mind might be finding the best car rental company to hire a car. We understand that with the number of car rental companies available in Bulgaria, the task of finding the right car rental company might be difficult. After considering quality service, customer reviews, and level of experience; we have enlisted some of the top car rental companies available in Bulgaria. We hope this list helps your decision-making, the next time you are in Bulgaria.

Whether you want to visit Sofia, Burgas, Plovdiv, Varna, Veliko Tarnovo, Ruse, Stara Zagora, Pleven or Sliven, we have made a Ranking of the Best Car Rental companies in Bulgaria in 2024 to help you choose your next car rental booking, which, by the way, you can do easily and at the best price on this website.

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Despite starting up in 2003, TOP RENT A CAR is ranked the number 1 car rental company in Bulgaria with a leading number of over 5000 reviews.

TOP RENT A CAR has a mission to provide high service quality in order to give customers value for their money.  You can locate a Top rent-a-car company in most major airports in Bulgaria — Sofia, Varna, and Burgas all have branches of this company. One of the perks of using TOP RENT A CAR is their choice of cars. They offer new cars, along with renowned customer services. Their loyalty programs are also top-notch, and they provide personal rewards when earned. Their price ranges from $13-$51 depending on the class of car used. They have a wide range of car classes but offer mainly mini, economy, and compact cars.

TOP RENT A CAR offers some of the best price ranges in the rental market. To save some money while hiring, you can use long-term deals, book the car as early as possible, or use full-to-full for fuel options. One of the most popular cars with the highest ratings from customers you can get from Top rent a car in Bulgaria is the Mercedes V Class available at $165 per day.

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Famous for its leading position in the car rental world, Europcar is a brand you definitely want to consider. Their 60+ years of experience in the car rental industry and their obvious hard work have left them with over 3000 locations worldwide. The TripAdvisor traveller’s choice award given to them in 2016 is proof of good service.

In Bulgaria, the most popular place to find Europcar is at the airport, but there are other locations close to the airport like Sofia Airport, Sofia downtown, Bourgas, and Varna.

Most customers that have used Europcar services commend the organization at the administrative desk. The politeness and manner of customer service make it easy to use this company. They have some additional services like child car seats, GPS, Wi-Fi and an additional driver if opted and paid for. The most common classes of cars are mini, economy and compact.  Some of the bonuses you can receive when you use Europcar are breakdown assistance, airport fee, and unlimited mileage.

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#3 – HERTZ 🥉

With over 7,000 locations in diverse countries, HERTZ is a remarkable car rental company. They claim to provide the best car qualities at the most affordable rates. The company was launched in the year 1918 and is one of the biggest car rental companies currently.

The popular HERTZ rental types in Bulgaria are the Economy, Compact, and Luxury types. The price of renting a car varies in different months and is usually higher in August where the luxury is placed at $277. On other months, you can get the economy type for a price range of $19 – $45. The most popular place to find a location is at the airport, but other locations are at Sofia downtown and Sofia terminal 1 and 2 airports.

There are available discounts and reward programs that can help you get a car at a cheaper rate. The most popular vehicle in Bulgaria is Mercedes Vito available for about $56 daily. They offer some good bonuses like airport fees, unlimited mileage, a younger driver, and a one-way rental fee.  

From customers’ reviews, HERTZ is easy to find, and people love the speed of the booking process. Other than some complaints about an overdue car service, the general remarks seem encouraging.

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YES RENT A CAR is a popular car rental company in Bulgaria. With the combination of their convenient cars, excellent customer service, good quality, and very affordable prices, YES RENT A CAR is making a name in the car rental company.

Starting from the time the car is rented, the price is calculated based on a 24-hour rental. There is no fee placed on delivery or collection services within the city. Extra charges apply for additional equipment like Navigation equipment, Wi-Fi, and child seat. The range of renting a car from YES RENT A CAR varies depending on the month and the type of car class. The most common car rental types are; Economy, Compact, and Luxury, and the price range is between $13 to $54 for the economy class.

The Airport is the most popular location of YES RENT A CAR, but there are several other locations around the airport. By booking long-term deals, choosing the full/full fuel option, and selecting an efficient insurance package, you stand a better chance of getting a good deal and cutting off some extra charges. The cheapest car deals at the airport are the Ford Fiesta which goes for $7 daily, while the most popular car based on user ratings is the Mercedes Vito Traveliner available at $56 daily. They also include the option of an additional car driver if requested.

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#5 – BUDGET 🔝

Since its start-up in the year 1958, Budget has experienced a fast and steady growth rate. Presently, Budget companies are operating in over 3000 locations around the world. They claim that the name represents their value, as they understand that their customers are budget-minded and value-conscious.

There are several car types available at BUDGET car rentals; however, the most popular car types are Economy, compact, and Luxury. Again, the price of the car rental varies in different months but ranges between $13 and $194 depending on the preferred class of car chosen. You can find BUDGET locations more at the airport in Bulgaria, but you will also find other locations around.

The company is famous for its affordability and ensures that the price ranges are kept in check. The friendly atmosphere, excellent customer services, and discount rates are other factors that can make you keep choosing BUDGET. If you hope to save some money with this company, the best way is to maintain your loyalty to them as dedicated use will always bring rewards. When you avoid one-way trips, book early, and find good discounts, you have a higher chance of gaining from their loyalty programs.

The cheapest deal at the Bulgarian airport has to be the Ford fiesta which goes for $7 daily. The most popular car in Bulgaria offered by BUDGET is the Mercedes Vito Traveliner priced at $56 daily. The Compact, Intermediate, and SUV car classes are the most popular car classes in BUDGET. There is an option to get an additional driver if needed.

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The above-listed companies are some of the best car rental companies in Bulgaria. You can review the companies and decide which one fits into your budget, and is more satisfactory for your trip. By being loyal to a particular car rental company, your chances of getting a good discount increase. You can also have backup plans — in case your main company does not suit a specific need, you can consider your backup company.

During your next trip to Bulgaria when you need a car rental company to hire from, we hope that you would know better. With this knowledge, nothing should stop you from having a swell time during your next vacation in Bulgaria.

We hope you liked this article. Now you can continue reading our article about the differences between Avis, Budget, Hertz, Europcar, Payless, Sixt, Thrifty, Dollar, Alamo, National and more, or use our search engine below to book your car.

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