Best Car Rental Companies in Mumbai

A major area of concern for anyone travelling to a different country, either for fun or business, is transport. It gets trickier when visiting a crowded city like Mumbai. The city has a population of over 20 million people, and considering that only 22 people in a 1,000 own a car, public transport is a nightmare.

But this should not be the reason you cancel your trip. There is the option to rent a car for the duration you need. And you can have the model of your preference dropped at the airport as soon as you land. The only hard part is choosing the best rental company in Mumbai.

Are Car Rental Companies a Good Option for Transportation in Bombay?

Bombay covers an area of 603.4 km². If you intend to explore the historical forts, spiritual places and admire the beautiful architecture of the city, you will need a private vehicle. Unlike public means of transport, a rental car will provide the flexibility you need.

Due to the countless tourists who visit the city, numerous reliable car rental companies have sprung up in the city.  And the aggressive competitiveness among these companies pushes them to offer world-class services.

You can take the option to drive yourself around for privacy or get a chauffeur-driven car where you can relax while someone else deals with the traffic.

Can You Trust Car Rental Companies in Mumbai?

There are some major international players in the rental car industry in Bombay, such as Europcar and Avis. These are trusted brands, and other local companies are following suit by offering outstanding services.

The top car rental companies provide new cars that are insured, and you can worry less about incurring additional expenses from breakdowns and accidents.

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What are the Top Car Rental Companies in Mumbai?

Here are ten of the best car rental companies in Bombay.

#1 – Europcar 🏆

For world-class services at an affordable price, hire a car from Europcar. They guarantee the best price and are available in 99 stations across 58 locations in India. You can book from a wide range of young economy and luxury car models through our website.

You will be glad to know that Europcar has certified commitments to protect the environment. They care about the impact car hires have on the environment, as indicated by Europcar’s Green Programme.

Europcar provides a privilege loyalty program with a four-tier level structure. The more you rent, the higher you rank. The loyalty program earns you rewards such as free weekend rentals and values off coupons.

#2 – Zoomcar 🥈

Zoomcar has achieved remarkable growth over the years. Remember that you can conveniently make your car booking through this website. All you need to do is pick your car from the location.

If you are renting a car, one of your worries is probably the additional costs you will have to incur on top of the initial cost of renting the vehicle. But that’s not the case with Zoomcar. Fuel cost is included in the initial payment, and in case you refuel, you are sure of getting a refund.

The premium club comes with juicy rewards every time you drive with one of their cars. After two bookings or driving a distance of 400 KM, you become a Supermiler and don’t have to pay for the standard security deposit.

#3 – Travelocar 🥉

With over 29 years of experience, you can book Travelocar with the assurance that they understand customer needs. You can get a chauffeur-driven car or self-drive for all your transport needs including corporate duties and airport transfers.

The cars come with effective GPS tracking for security purposes and the convenience to make a booking by phone. They offer low prices. A transparent pricing structure ensures that you know what you are paying for.

A variety of well-maintained cars are available across more than 99 major cities, and the drivers are top-rated. The 24/7 on-road support ensures that your needs are catered for at all times.

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#4 – Myles 🔝

If the thought of paying for a security deposit turns you away from car rental companies, then Myles is an excellent choice for you.

They have more than 38 models to choose from, including luxury cars. And the fact that there are over 250 pick-up locations makes it convenient and easy to access a vehicle from most locations. Their frequent offers and discounts are attractive, and there is an entire webpage dedicated to it on the website.

Myles, in partnership with MG, provides the option for interim car ownership through a car subscription program where you can get tenure for six to sixty months with is no down payment required.

#5 – MyChoize 🔝

Mychoize exclusively deals in new self-drive cars at low prices and with no hidden fees. You get access to a variety of vehicles, including luxury cars for self-drive, business, or leisure travel. You can pick the car at its numerous locations or have it dropped at home, office, or airport.

A great advantage with MyChoize is that you can travel and have fun or fulfill or your needs without continuously monitoring the mileage. There are no extra charges for extra kilometers travelled.

MyChoize provides some extra partner deals and offers, such as holiday homes, and cashback for payments made through particular platforms. The more you drive MyChoize cars, the more you save through extra intermiles and value-off coupons.

#6 – Avis Car Rental 🔝

A great advantage of Avis car rental is that you can get a car for international travel, either chauffeur-driven or self-drive.

Avis car rentals provide an awesome experience with clean cars and well-trained and English-speaking chauffeurs. The vehicles are categorized into first class, economy, vans, and business, with attractive offers and deals.

The company’s security is on point. There is an Avis Secure Desk dedicated to responding to the panic button. It also tracks lady travelers using an Avis car.

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#7 – Carzonrent 🔝

Your travel with Carzonrent, which you can book on their website or app, is sure to be hassle-free. You will not have to worry about the car breaking down unexpectedly. Their fleet is very well-maintained and installed with GPS devices for safety.

Whether you need a car for local travel or business travel, Carzonrent has your needs covered. And it is available across the major cities. They also have stations close to major airport terminals, such that you can carry out last-minute bookings without wasting too much time.

If you are keen on travelling around fast, then you can get a chauffeur-driven car. The drivers are professional and trained to deal with Mumbai traffic.

#8 – Revv 🔝

Renting a Revv car is easy. All you need to do is upload your driver’s license in the Revv app and choose a car from a fleet of new cars. You will have it delivered to your doorstep in a short while, and you can later return it to your preferred location after use.

Revv rental cars come with unlimited kilometers. You can drive as much as you want without monitoring the distance. The company also gives discounts which go as high as 30%.

Revv offers a ‘without fuel’ pricing method where you don’t get to pay for fuel when booking your car. And this means you only pay for the fuel you use. In case you choose the ‘with fuel’ option, you get a reimbursement for refueling the car.

#9 – Urban Drive 🔝

This car hire company provides a wide variety of self-drive cars with the option to rent using limited or unlimited kilometer plans. And you get the option to rent a bike for your outdoor adventures.

There are no maintenance charges. However, a downside to this company is that they charge over speeding penalties.

But we have to mention that Urban Drive’s customer service is commendable and the cars are always in top condition. Bookings can be made through this website, and once you subscribe to their newsletter, you get access to discounts and promotions.

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#10 – Milan Travels 🔝

Milan Travels is an excellent solution for your travelling needs without having to deal with the hassles of traffic. Whether your focus is in affordability or luxury, you can choose a car from a variety of hatchbacks, sedans, and SUVs, both premium and luxurious.

You get the option to choose outstation services, airport transfer, or local rental. Milan Travels provides outstanding customer service, on-road and off-road. The car is delivered fast and charges are made on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

However, you will have to pay an extra amount per additional kilometer and hour depending on the car hired.


You can move around the city conveniently in a chauffeur-driven or self-drive car of your choice. And whether you prefer a premium or luxury car, there are numerous trustable rental companies in Mumbai to provide it at an affordable price.

Before making your choice, go through the policies of the car hire company, and take note of any extra charges that could arise from extra Kilometers or hours. Ensure that insurance is included in the package, and take advantage of special offers to reduce the overall cost of the car hire.

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