Best Car Rental Companies in Warsaw

If you’re visiting Warsaw and are looking to discover more about the country, you might want to consider car rental deals in the country. Whether you’re looking for a brisk walk along the city streets or need to witness the majestic Polish landscape, things will be a tad simpler with the right car.

Car rentals will ensure that you reach your preferred destination exactly on time. In case you are planning to rent a car from the city’s airport, you’ll only need half an hour to enter the city. You will find multiple rental outlets at the first Terminal or Terminal A. Alternatively, you might want to check out the following car rental options in our article. Over the next few sections, we have discussed every rental company in detail shedding more light on their exact pros and cons.

Choosing the best car rental in Warsaw is certainly no easy feat! With so many options out there, it is only likely that you are baffled. To help you out, we have curated this list with the leading car rentals in the city. Because we’ve included a brief review, you will have an easier time choosing the rental company that best meets your requirements. So, here is our ranking of the best car rental companies in Warsaw.

1.- HERTZ (9.1/10) 🏆logo-hertz

If you’re looking for a car rental that offers city tours and airport transfers at the best price, Hertz is an excellent option. The agency operates in Warsaw and they claim to offer the best prices on rented rides. The biggest highlight of the company is its wide coverage. Currently, Hertz offers pickups from Modlin Airport, Hotel Mercure, Chopin airport Second Terminal, and Warsaw railway station among other locations. The company has an excellent collection of fleets and you have the option to choose the best car from the lot. To add to that, every driver is highly trained and experienced, thereby limiting the possibility of potential accidents.

The company exerts immense emphasis on quality and safety, both of which are uncompromised throughout your ride. The cars are sanitized and you can rely on the company for a safe and convenient ride across the city.

Other main takeaways include free membership, predefined free rental car days, options for a luxurious and enhanced membership, free upgrades, and more. In case you are looking to hire alternate vehicles, then these professionals have their back. From trucks and vans to cars- you will find almost every kind of vehicle in their fleet. Overall, this is an excellent company for your rented car requirements and given their strong focus on quality, you certainly won’t be disappointed.


  • Excellent coverage
  • Clean cars
  • Affordable pricing

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2.- ADDCAR (7.9/10) 🥈addcar-logo

Are you looking for cheap but luxurious car rentals in Warsaw? If so, you might want to check out AddCar. This company offers cheap rides to, from, and around Warsaw and their fleet is impressive, to say the least. Whether you’re looking to ride a Toyota, Polo, Opel, VW Golf, VW Jetta, or any other car, you will certainly find your option in their available fleets. What’s more, every car is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before and after every ride, thereby ensuring and upholding the maximum standards of safety.

The drivers are licensed and extremely competent at their tasks and you can hire cars for as many days as you prefer. Simply navigate to their website, choose your preferred car, set the timing, and you’re good to go! The website is extremely easy to navigate and booking a car from their portal is a breeze!

The testimonials for the website further guarantee its credibility and almost all users are satisfied with the cars and the drivers. Given the rave reviews, we would certainly recommend this company for safe and economical car rides in warsaw.


  • Extensive fleet with details about passenger capacity
  • Insured rides
  • Deals and attractive discounts

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3.- EUROPCAR (7.8/10)europcar-logo

Europcar is yet another leading portal for rented cars in Warsaw. It operates in all popular locations including (but not limited to) Chopin Airport and Hotel Sobieski among others. Europcar has an impressive fleet of premium cars and vans. So regardless of the duration of your trip, you can depend on them for the best and quickest service. This company also embraces a sustainable approach, meaning they have certified and legal commitments for the environment which they consistently honor.

The average car rental speed in Warsaw is 35 mph. However, if you are traveling across National highways and similar areas you can legally speed up to 65 to 90 mph. The company intimates you about these rules if you are riding alone. Alternatively, if you are riding with a driver, they would be well-versed with the city traffic rules. The drivers are especially professional, and they can help you get in and around the city with minimal hassle. If you are planning to drive Europcar without a chauffeur, you will need some basic identity proof like your driving license, credit card, and other identity proof.

Since Europcar is also highly affordable, you can easily travel across Warsaw without any major investment.


  • Lowest guaranteed rates
  • Exclusive loyalty program
  • Very friendly staff

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4.- AVIS (7.7/10)logo-avis

Do you want to conduct detailed research before you choose the car rental agency in Warsaw? Are you looking to glance through dozens of options for a clearer picture of the types of cars and packages? In that case, Avis might serve your purpose. This all-encompassing platform features the best car rental packages across Warsaw. Avis operates across all top Warsaw locations including Mariott Centrum, Warsaw Airport, Modin Airport, and Warsaw HQ among others. The company is extremely transparent and thus they furnish all required information at the time of booking. So, if you are always on the lookout for extra facts and information, this platform will meet your requirements.

The next big takeaway of the company lies in their excellent deals. The company offers some of the best and exclusive deals and discounts. This way, you get a car rental at the most economical price even after weighing in all your options.

The final and biggest takeaway of the company is their excellent range of fleet. Whether you are looking to rent a Fiat, Ford Fiesta, Volkswagen Golf, Kia, Seat Leon, Nissan Qashqai, or anything else- these experts have it all. In addition to these excellent fleets, the company also gives you the option to pay later for the rented car. This way, you can conveniently manage your finances while taking your dream ride across Warsaw streets.

Overall, this is an excellent platform for cheap rented cars and you won’t be disappointed with the options out here!


  • Multiple car rental options with detailed information
  • Exclusive deals
  • Option to pay later for rented rides

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5.- MM CARS RENTAL (7.6/10)mm_cars_rental

This is one of those rare car rental companies that come with options and packages for everyone. So, whether you’re looking for a short, medium, or long-term rental- these experts will cover it all! You will find all kinds of cars starting from Class C models. In case you’re looking to upgrade, you can also do that with a simple click. Currently, you will find Opel and Jaguar cars for rentals that are for the short-term. For longer rentals, you get better and more extensive options. Either way, every car is in pristine condition and your rides are virtually glitch-free and smooth.

As with other car rental companies listed here, MM Car rentals ensures complete coverage in and around Warsaw. The pick-up times are super-fast, and you barely need to wait once you book the car at a specific time and date. The service desk is consistent and always ready to assist you with your queries. So, whether you have a query about booking, pricing, fleet types, or anything else, you can reach out to these experts for quick assistance and resolution. The company takes customer satisfaction extremely seriously and all your doubts or requirements will be duly addressed.

Overall, this is an excellent service, and most customers are highly satisfied with the pick-up time, car quality, and fleet range.


  • Excellent fleet quality
  • 24/7 customer assistance
  • Extensive coverage

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Now that you have a clear idea about the best car rental in Warsaw, it’s perhaps much easier to navigate into the otherwise congested traffic scene of the city. Remember, even though Warsaw boasts well-maintained city roads and alleys, you can still encounter potholes or bumps, depending on the weather. Things get especially grimy during the winter months. That is why it is best to hire a rented car that will help you travel through the city streets much faster and conveniently. Even experienced drivers find it difficult to navigate their way across the dimly lit City Center. That is why always make sure you’ve rented your car from a reputed agency.

Make sure the driver is trained, experienced, and licensed for the job. Once you consider this simple factor, finding the best car rental in your country will be even easier! So, wait for no further and explore our top car rentals in Warsaw, Poland and pick the one that best suits your requirements and budget.

Now you can continue reading our article about the differences between Avis, Budget, Hertz, Europcar, Payless, Sixt, Thrifty, Dollar, Alamo, National, or if you are planning to rent a car in Poland, you do not want to rent in Warsaw, but in any other city in Poland, you can take a look at our ranking of the best car rental companies in Poland.

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