Best Scuba Diving Companies in Sardinia

Sardinia is one of the second-largest islands that can be found in the Mediterranean. The area is around 600,000 hectares that are specifically reserved for the excellent cuisine, breathtaking landscape, nightlife, and many other activities. This is the best place when it comes to diving in Italy through the Mediterranean. This area is loved due to the caves, fascinating wrecks, and ease when it comes to diving.

It has an amazing seabed, maze-like caves, and rock formations, and as a diver, you will explore this fascinating nature, including creatures like eagle rays, groupers, tuna, dolphins, octopus, sharks, crabs, breams, squid, lobster, barracudas, and many other types of sea creatures. Since this is a place with a lot of fascinating things when it comes to diving, it’s better when you plan to visit this area to choose the best scuba diving company in Sardinia so that you can have a memorable visit. In this article, you will get the privilege of covering the 10 best scuba diving companies in Sardinia. So let’s dive in and cover them one by one.

The 10 best scuba diving companies in Sardinia

In this section, you will find the 10 best scuba diving companies in Sardinia. The list contains selected and organized companies that have an overall Google customer rating of almost 5.0 and the highest number of reviews. Now let’s discuss them.

1.- Poseidon Diving Center

Based on 368 reviews, one of the best and top companies in Sardinia that you can use is the Poseidon Diving Center. The company has been there for many years, and they are committed to protecting the marine area of Isola Piana and Caccia. They offer different diving services like diving courses, snorkeling tours, and fun diving. The company is well equipped with different safety equipment to make sure that once you reach the place through their qualified staff, you will be able to enjoy your diving activities without worrying about safety measures and other things.

The Capo Caccia and Isola Piana are the best diving sites for this company, which they are protecting. With this company, you do not have to worry even if you do not have much experience when it comes to diving. They have experienced instructors and they offer clear guides so that you can discover scuba diving with the most experience possible.

Based on the customer reviews, the best thing that makes this company the top with a lot of positive customer reviews is that they offer a scuba diving program for anyone who wants to explore the underwater. Even if you do not want to take a full course, then this is the perfect company for you to have an incredible adventure and experience.

2.- Natour Sardinia

Based on 253 reviews, Natour Sardinia is another company that you can find on Sardinia Island. With this company, you will get the chance to interact with qualified dive masters and marine biology enthusiasts. These experienced staff will introduce you to the underwater world and meet thrilling creatures like sea stars, sea urchins, octopuses, and other sea creatures.

They focus heavily on snorkeling, where you will have the ideal equipment to dive, swim, and explore the underwater or even the sea beds, among other activities. They have all the perfect equipment on board, so visiting Sardinia and having an adventure with them will be a worthwhile adventure.

The company is located at Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, 20, 07020 Palau SS, Italy, and specifically, they provide service on diving sites like the Maddalena Archipelago, south Corsica, and North Sardinia. The company is best when it comes to snorkeling services, but also offers other entertainment and water activities that may suit your stay or visit to Sardinia.

3.- Blue Dive Port Douglas

Based on 141 reviews, Blue Dive Port Douglas is another excellent scuba diving location in Sardinia. It offers private services for both diving and courses or guides. They have an experienced dive team in a place called Port Douglas. The company is locally operated and owned, but as per their mission, they take pride in diving with new friends. They offer courses that guarantee you get the best out of them at the end of the course. With this company, you will have exclusive access to the best diving sites like The Nursery, turtle bay, Helms Deep, and Barracuda Bommie. Note that these are among the best diving sites in Sardinia so you will get the best adventure in the vicinity of this company.

Here both the novice and the experienced diver are welcome and the teaming in exploring the underwater life. Therefore you will have the best way to experience scuba diving on the port Douglas coast with Blur Dive. The main reason why the company is at the top of this list is that you will be able to dive safely with the right knowledge, with the most experienced professionals, and a friendly team.

4.- Diving Alghero-Padi-Dan

Based on 135 reviews, one of the scuba diving companies in Sardinia that has the most and best diving sites, marine life, caves, open environment, and amazing experiences is Diving Alghero-Padi-Dan. The company is located at Hotel Corte Rosada Resort & Spa, Via Porto Conte 77 c/o, 07041 Alghero SS, Italy. It has qualified personnel who are committed to serving the customers with the best services while in Sardinia.

Some of the caves, environments and diving sites that you can explore with this company include Nereo’s cave, Grotta del Pozzo, Peppa cave, Cave of the Fjord, Cabirol cave, Capo Boccato, Cave of the Deers, Falco’s cave, The Dolmens, The Dolphin, Boulders of the Madonnina, Rudder shovel, Punta Salinetto, and Shallow of Hell. If you are looking for a company that will make you have an amazing adventure during your stay in Sardinia, then this company is the best for you since it has more adventurous events that you will explore.

Due to the best diving sites and environment to explore, the company has gained a lot of reputation, not only from a few individuals but also among many worldwide divers. Therefore, it is a worthwhile company you can rely on when you visit Sardinia.

5.- Diving School & Snorkeling Abyssos

Based on 109 reviews,  it is the best scuba diving company that is located at Cao Comino, at the eastern end of Sardinia. They offer different diving training courses to help beginners develop their skills. With the company, you will receive a comprehensive guide that can help you with your friends and family to have different activities under the supervision of qualified personnel.

The company is managed by a former navy diver and a worldwide diving instructor. The other team members will accompany or follow you during the diving sessions and help or guide you to discover the historical beauty of the coast. The company has certified staff who are regularly registered since they meet the requirements. Apart from the diving activities, they also offer training with all the necessary materials and equipment.

Per the customer reviews, this is an organized company that offers great tour guides and has the best diving location during your visit to Sardinia.

6.- Sardinia Island Tours

Based on 103 reviews, it is one of the best companies dealing with diving. The company offers its services from La Maddalena to the archipelago. They offer private services like training, exploration of the historical information of the area, local gastronomy, marine fauna, and many other things. Apart from the diving activities, they offer other services to you so that you can have a great experience during your stay at this place.

The company has invested enough in this industry to make sure that once they have you on board, you will not have any reason to regret choosing them. With them, they give you a vacation that has a complete experience, from diving to the informative part of it.

Based on the customer who has used their services previously, express the passionate guidance that you receive and the amazing things that you will learn while swimming or diving. If you want to have the utmost experience while you are on your trip to Sardinia, then this is the best company that you can use and have the maximum experience of the area.

7.- Pollo Diving Asd

Though this company is still new in the market, with 93 reviews, it has gained a lot of popularity due to the services it provides to its visitors. The company is located at Angolo Azzurro, which is one of the smallest beaches in Porto Pollo. When you are in Sardinia and you want to explore La Maddalena and Lavezzi while snorkeling and diving, then this company is an ideal choice for you.

Some experienced instructors always accompany the visitors here at this company. If you do not yet know how to dive, then you will get your first step-by-step experience of diving. At this company, they call it the “sea baptism.” With the instructor, you will be able to get the training to an advanced level. Then they have different sessions or courses that they offer at a fee, and most of them are in terms of hours, so you have more to learn and experience while you are at this place.

Apart from the above services, the company is fully equipped and with them, you will not have anything to worry about because it acts as a one-stop diving adventure that you will never forget.

8.- Acquaman Diving Center

In terms of the best company, Acquaman Diving Center (82 reviews) is among the best scuba diving in Sardinia. Precisely, the company is located at Villasimius, which is in a protected area called Capo Carbonara. They offer activities or services that ensure that different kinds of people can enjoy and have memorable experiences with them.

They offer services like diving training for beginners till you master the skills. Diving guides are another service that you cannot miss with this company. Also, they have other activities like snorkeling. If you want to spend more time in Sardinia under the guidance of the Acquaman diving center, then there are more beauties and other adventures that you can do so that you can have more experience of the place.

9.- Watergames Cagliari-Noleggio Gommoni

One of the places where you can have fun and relax in Sardinia is the Poetto in Cagliari. This place is where another best scuba diving company is located and has more to offer you so that you can enjoy your stay.

The company (73 reviews) offers diving services, waterboarding, surfing, water games, and many adventures. If you live or want to visit this either alone or with your family and friends, then it is one of the safest and most adventurous places to visit.

When it comes to the sea, then you have nothing to worry about. They are equipped and organized to guide any visitor to explore the hidden beauty and wonders of the sea at Cagliari. Therefore, if you won’t be part of this memorable adventure on the sea coast of Sardinia, then it would be a good idea to consider it.

10.- DiveCarib

If you are looking for the best company for scuba diving in Sardinia, then DiveCarib (based on 73 reviews) is one of the ideal options. This company is located at English Harbor, and they specialize in scuba services. With that, you will get various scuba activities like guided dives, discovery programs, diving courses, and others. This is also an independent five-star company that is the right place if you want the best diving experience.

DiveCarib has the best and most experienced instructors who have been in the industry for more than 40 years. The company is well organized and is among the companies that can give you an enjoyable diving experience. They offer their services to the beginner to the experienced one. With them, you do not have a reason that will prevent you from having an enjoyable and adventurous visit.

Based on the customer reviews, this is a company with the best facility and experienced staff that can help you master underwater skills and enjoy other recreational diving activities.


If you are looking for a memorable diving experience, then one of the perfect locations in the Mediterranean sea is Sardinia. It has large underwater caves, shipwrecks, and amazing marine life, which is why the place is sometimes referred to as a diver’s paradise. If you are looking to discover the sea beds, caves, sea creatures, and more, this is the place to be. By now, since this is the place you can have unforgettable memories to make your visit worthwhile, it would be better to rely on the best scuba diving companies, and by now you have a great list that you can choose from.

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