Europe Road Trip Destinations

Are you up for a road trip? Of course, you are, who doesn’t like road trips? So, if you really want the road trip of your life, you might want to go big this time. Sure, it’s amazing to drive across America or Australia, but why not choose Europe as your next destination?

The good thing about road tripping around Europe is the fact that the borders between countries are open and you will be experiencing so many different cultures, languages, and people too. So, what are the best Europe road trip destinations? Where to start and where to finish? Or simply – what to see?

Start with the Balkans

Perhaps the best option would be to start with the Balkan countries – Serbia, Bosnia, and Croatia. These countries have not been as popular with tourists as other European countries (except for Croatia that became the “it” place as King’s Landing), but there definitely are some amazing places to see here. Another reason why you should start your road trip here is the fact that it’s the centre of Europe, and it might be a bit cheaper to rent a car here. There are so many beautiful things you have to see while in this part of Europe – start with Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, and work your way up to Novi Sad, which is perhaps the most beautiful Serbian town, and second in size. Then you can visit Sarajevo and experience a bit more oriental atmosphere. Also, the Croatian coastline is so mesmerizing that you will definitely love it.

Packing tip: The weather in the Balkans, especially in these countries can change very fast, and it’s very possible that you will be extremely hot one day, while freezing the next one. This is why it’s always best to pack clothes for both spring and autumn, just to be safe.

Authentic Austria and Germany

If you choose to visit Sarajevo and Zagreb and not go to the Croatian coastline, then you might take the opportunity to visit Vienna and then go to Germany. Austria and Germany have so many beautiful places and towns which would be a shame not to see. The experience here might be extremely authentic, and this is probably what you are looking for. You can also rent cars in Austria for very affordable prices if you want to make this your starting point.

Packing tip: Since you might be interested in hiking or walking a lot while visiting some of the best castles of Bavaria, you might want to take the most comfortable shoes that you own. You can always go with popular sports brands such as Adidas, Nike or Reebok as they are both fashionable and comfy, but make sure to put comfort first. You definitely don’t want blisters.

Italian Riviera

So, flashback to the Balkans. If you decided to check the Croatian coastline, then your next stop should definitely be Italy. Italy is a place where every single corner is authentic and beautiful, and no matter where you end up, you will most definitely like it. There are dozens of towns that are worthy of your stay, so you can take your car and try to see most of them. One of the most beautiful places to see is a small town called Alberobello, and you can start your Italian Riviera trip from there, just get to the coastline. Italy is perfect indeed, not only because of the amazing sights but also because of the food and wine.

Packing tip: You will definitely be spending a lot of time in the car, as Italy is a huge country, and you will have the desire to visit every single corner of it. In order to make your trip much more enjoyable, bring good music, books, games, and make your trip a bit more personalized, just for fun. One great way to do this is by adding cool personalized keyrings with your initials, just to make your rental car a bit more “you”. Be as it may, you will definitely enjoy Italy.

Parlez-vous Francais?

Since you’re in Europe, it would be such a shame not to visit France. Now, there are two ways in which you can do this. Your first option is to take your car from Austria or Germany to Paris and see the City of Love. There are also amazing towns all across this part of France and some amazing wineries that you will get to see and try their cheeses. However, if you want to visit France from Italy, you might want to go to Nice and Cannes and have a moment of luxury. These two places are not only amazingly beautiful, but they also give off that luxurious feel that all of us want. If you have the time and budget to go to Monte Carlo, go for it.

Packing tip: If you’re going to Monte Carlo, Nice or Cannes, you don’t want to forget the sunscreen. The sun there can be quite strong, and you certainly want to keep your skin safe. You can also bring nice summer hats that you will look fashionable in – you need to deserve those Instagram likes somehow!

As you can see, there are many ways in which you can make your European road trip work, but you might want to stick to one of these two routes, choosing the one that you like the most. Have a great trip!

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