10 Most Popular Road Trip Destinations In 2022

Planning new travel adventures is always thrilling, especially in a new year. The problem for many is that they can’t find the best place to travel, especially for people who prefer road trips. If you’re one of those that prefer road trips, it may surprise you to know that there are many locations that you’re yet to discover and explore both in your locality and other countries around.

Given the different travel restrictions, border closures, and cruise cancellations that we have had to live with within the last two years, it’s understandable that you’re looking to go outback. The travel and hospitality industries, like many other industries, were hardly hit by the pandemic leading to a shutdown. However, many facilities used the time to rebuild and renovate. These facilities allow you to lodge and rest during your road trips.

Road trips have a different thrill than other travel forms, especially if you find yourself the best destination. However, you must ensure you don’t restrict yourself to a few roads with hundreds of routes to explore and destinations to reach. This article considers some of the most popular trip destinations in 2022.

1. Columbia River Highway, Oregon

This road trip extends 74 miles from Portland through the Gorge of the Columbia River. This is bound to be a fun drive because of the numerous natural wonders this round, including waterfalls, rivers bordering the road, bridges, etc. If you breeze through, you’ll find that it’s a short trip that can be covered quite easily. So, the best way to enjoy this trip is by breaking it up into small portions and spreading it over three days. Then, you may choose to check it all out or select which stretch of the road you would drive on. For instance, you may decide to drive the 48-mile distance to Hood River from Portland. This will only take a few hours to cover, but it will be a worthwhile trip.

2. Alaska

Alaska is a vast state with a couple of towering, pristine wilderness, snow-capped peaks, and national parks. This is one of the best destinations for your road trip. As many have spent most of the last two years indoors, the interest in Alaska as a travel destination increases by the day. Unlike many other cities, Alaska hosts several events on land and water, making it an attractive site. Examples of cruise lines are Holland America, Windstar Cruises, Hurtigruten, and UnCruise. There are also land events such as Fur Rendezvous (the largest winter festival in Alaska), Celebration, and the opening of an Arts Campus by Sealaska Heritage Institute. So, not only does Alaska offer you the opportunity for one of the best road trips of your life, but there are also several events to enjoy your stay in the city.

3. Abruzzo, Italy

Abruzzo stretches from the Apennines through to the Adriatic Sea on the southeastern side of the peninsula. This city is mainly overlooked as a tourist destination despite having the picturesque Trabocchi Coast and unspoiled villages. If you’re considering a trip to Abruzzo, your best bet to give you a wholesome experience is a road trip through the city. This allows you to see its beautiful natural escapes and grasp the wonder of nature in this city. This city, which used to be a sleepy underdog, is fast growing into one of the world’s most popular travel destinations, imbibing conscious hospitality and sustainable gastronomy. Civitella del Tronto and Dimore Montane are two of the best places to lodge in Abruzzo. At the same time, restaurants like Materia Prima and Bottega Culinaria ensure that you enjoy the city’s best delicacies.

4. Pacific coast road trip

Many road travelers also love the ocean but have not taken their time to travel across the coast and enjoy the best view the sea has to offer. If you’re in this group, then you should be driving through the Pacific Coast road for your next road trip. This 655 miles road travel is as long as a road trip can be and shouldn’t be considered if you’re faint-hearted. Driving through the West Coast allows you to see much more than the Pacific Ocean’s shining sea. It has a lot of historical landmarks such as Hearst Castle and many beaches, including Pismo Beach. If you’re a fan of reality shows, you should also know about Laguna Beach, which is also on this highway. Art lovers also have the privilege of dropping by at the Laguna Museum to chill and see beautiful art.

This museum correctly houses more than three thousand art pieces from Californian artists, so there’s more than enough to feed the eye with.

5. Budapest, Hungary

The capital city of Hungary is one of the few places in the world that perfectly combines and captures the elegance of the modern-day and the charm of the old world. A perfect example of this is the Matild Palace, a 130-room luxury hotel in Budapest. This UNESCO-protected site was once the home of the city’s royals. So it retains its ancient charm while adding lots of modernization as well. A road trip through this city is the best way to maximize your time in it as it has several things to see and places to visit. Among these are Tackler Borbar Buda, a wine bar by the country’s biggest winemaking family, Marlou and Portobello. Add this to the many natural sites and attractions around the city, and a road trip makes more sense than ever.

6. Highway 7, Arkansas

This city was cited in an essay by superiorpapers as an underrated city and one of the must-be trip destinations. This area has one of the best scenic beauties anywhere in the world, and it makes a road trip worth trying out. It stretches up to 290 miles, covering the pine forest and hardwood in the state. You’ll also find magnificent rivers and rolling hills as you drive along. Luckily for you, there are plenty of accommodation options in the towns around this region. So if you ever get tired through your trip and need to take a break or refresh yourself, then you can check into one of them. There are also many places to visit, but the most notable is Ozark National Forest, which often appears like botanical artwork during the spring.

7. Barbados

Barbados is one of the best locations for a vibrant location with nightlife and dining, as well as an all-inclusive stay. This is even more evident on the South Coast, with several resorts and restaurants. The luxury of resorts and hotels on the South Coast, such as O2 Beach Club & Spa, Sea Breeze Beach House, and Sandals, ensures you have a top-notch inclusive experience. However, it also has one of the best outdoor life in a city, enjoyable both day and night, and the only way to enjoy this is by driving through. Taking a road trip through this city allows you to explore its beauty and natural elegance fully.

8. The Big Five, Utah

This is undoubtedly one of the best road trips the USA has to offer and is among the best in the world. The conglomeration of national parks in its southwest region makes it a popular location for international and local travelers. The region is called “The Big Five” because there are five national parks. Each of these parks can define your journey and ensure your road trip experience is unmatched, and you have five of them. The night sky in this region is also magnificent. Perhaps, the most beautiful you’ll ever see because of better air quality and minimal pollution. This means the sky is clearer, and the stars shine brighter.

9. Burgundy, France

This region is defined by the Burgundy wine it offers, but there’s more to it than just the wine. Many other things are on offer, particularly in its capital city, Dijon. It has a couple of attractions that make a road trip across the city worth it. But like many other people, you may choose this city to have a taste of its famed wine. This city will open an expansive complex, International City of Gastronomy and Wine, with a hotel, cooking school, and several restaurants by spring. It’s also expected to have a wine cellar with more than 250 by-the-glass offerings.

10. Great river road

This road spans ten states, expanding along River Mississippi. The Minnesota part of this river runs the furthest and has the most scenic views. There are several wildlife resorts along the way, including Yazoo Refuge. Additionally, there are locations where you can eat and pass the night along your journey. Finally, if you complete the journey, you’ll end up in New Orleans, with interesting local food and jazz music. This road trip is very long, but it’s also very enjoyable. However, you should endeavor to take everything you need along with you.


There are several travel destinations to check out in 2022. However, these are some of the best destinations for a road trip. In some cases, you need to travel down to the country and find your way to the city to enjoy its road trip.

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