How Much to Rent an RV For A Week?

Traveling with a recreational vehicle is safe, comfortable, and convenient. The good thing, there are many RV owners willing to have their mobile home or recreational vehicle rented.  So, if you’re thinking about camping with an RV and looking for information on how much to rent an RV for a week, you should stay tuned and read this post that will outline what you need to know in renting an RV.

This post is also for you if you own an RV and thinking about renting it out. The recreational vehicle is quite an investment, and maintenance is a must like using the best RV roof sealant to keep its roof at its optimal condition and ensure that people, appliances, and devices in it are protected from the elements.  So, if you’re not using it often, you might as well find people interested in renting it.

Consider how much it cost

The question of how much to rent an RV for a week is a tough one to answer. It is hard to make a specific assumption, too. The cost depends on the age, type/class, and owner of the RV. On average, you can find RVs for rent for as low as under $100 or as high as a thousand bucks. Generally, the average price of RV rentals are the following:

  • A travel trailer at least 10 years old can cost between $50 and $125 nightly or between $125 and $200 nightly for newer ones.
  • A fifth wheel rental rates range between $60 and $150 nightly for an older RV at least 10 years old or $150-$300 nightly for newer ones.
  • Class A is between $150 and $250 per night if the RV is at least 10 years old, but it can be at least $350 per night for newer ones.
  • Class B RV rental ranges from $100 to $200 per night for an RV at least 10 years old, but this rental price can be at least $200 to $350 per night for newer models.
  • Class C rental prices can be at least $100 to $200 per night for an older RV at least 10 years old, while newer ones can be rented between $225 to $400 nightly.

You can also find pop-up campers and toy haulers from different sources like listing sites where to search for a recreational vehicle for rent nearby.  However, they’re uncommon. Also, you need to remember that RVs are not the same, so their rental rates vary. Plus, if you’re looking to rent a luxury RV with many amenities and luxury features, they are also more expensive. Nevertheless, you can compare prices and figure which is the right one for your needs.

Why to rent a RV

You might have also been thinking why you must rent an RV than travel, go for a cruise or board a plane.  There are many reasons.  RV travel is safe and convenient.  You don’t need to rub elbows or deal with a crowd. Plus, you also have many options and camp without restrictions.  You can control your environment unlike in a hotel wherein you need to follow the rules.

Renting RV also saves you money because you can cook your food, not mentioning controlling its ingredients. There is no need to dine in a restaurant and spend a lot of money. It is also ideal as an office or business space or keeping sick family members or frontliners.

The RV is also comfortable transport for the sick and the elderly. It’s also perfect to rent an RV if you’re working on-site for projects or looking for temporary storage/housing during disasters, fires, or hurricanes. It’s also suitable if you’re attending festivals and concerts.

Think about the total cost of renting vs. owning


What’s the total of owning and renting?  Use this question to weigh your options whether you should buy or simply rent an RV. However, renting is less costly because you don’t need to maintain the RV or spend on other things associated with its ownership. Also, it might not be advisable to buy an RV if you don’t plan using it often. But if you were considering to rent it out, owning one may be good.

Think about the other factors involved in renting an RV for a week


Aside from the type and age of the RV, other factors play a role in its rental price. Some of these include peak versus low season. Prices can be higher during the peak season, so if you’re on a budget, you might consider renting during the lean season.

A longer-term stay can also be more affordable than shorter-term stays.   The rent can also average from less than $100 or as high as $5000 nightly. Its price can also differ based on supply and demand and where you have rented from. You can compare the different listing and sources websites where to find different RVs for rent.

What’s included when you rent an RV?


When figuring what RV to rent, you should also think about what’s included, which can vary from one owner to another. The price can be higher if you’re renting a fully-equipped RV and that with many amenities. On the other hand, others are more affordable because they offer basic amenities.

How about insurance?

How about the RV Insurance

Some RV owners include this option when renting out their recreational vehicles. It is something that can offer you added peace of mind. The good thing, there are those offering 24/7 roadside assistance, too, so it’s important to check!

How does rental price work?

There are website sources where to find competitive prices than typical rental services because some of these websites do not charge a listing fee.  But then, owners also set their prices for a rental fee.

Compare the prices based on the minimum rental for a day, a week, or a month.  However, the prices can also change from season to season. Higher rates can be expected in the peak season. Also, you need to consider that there is a certain tax, which is based on your state.

You might also have to pay for insurance along with the rental fee.  In addition, there are owners that will also set limits on the use of a generator, for instance; thus, you will be charged per hour of its use. Don’t forget that you might also have to pay a security deposit that will be returned to you if you’d return the RV clean. In addition, you might have to pay other fees like outdoor furniture.

Final Words

That’s about what goes in an RV rental. By now, you got an idea of how much to rent an RV for a week along with the things that go with it, including other fees like a fully-stocked kitchen, outdoor furniture, generator, and mileage, to name some. You must also factor in the age and type of RV when determining how much to pay for an RV rental.

We’re hoping that this post has shed light on this matter. And again, if you want to experience comfort and safety, you might as well choose the option of renting an RV. Did you like this article? Share it with fellow RVers also looking to rent a recreational vehicle today!

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