The Best Cars to Lease for a Family Road Trip in the UK

Taking time with your family while traveling as a family trip should be an enjoyable experience and should never be a source of pain. From Land Rover lease deals to electric cars this article highlights the best car models suited for lease as family road trip vehicles with regard to comfort, spaciousness, and fuel efficiency. These vehicles are ideal for both short and long drives if your idea is to spend the weekends with the kids on a road trip.

SUVs: The Ultimate Family Companion

Family vacations and road trips are convenient in an SUV due to the space available for both passengers and cargo. Additionally SUVs often have a larger amount of leg room available which makes them a comfortable vehicle for long family road trips. Modern SUVs have advanced safety features, powerful engines, and solid structure which makes them great for off-road adventures too.

Minivans: Space and Versatility


Minivans have a reputation for being large on the inside and highly flexible. This makes them among the most comfortable road trip cars. They can often seat up to eight people and offer versatile seating that can be adjusted to carry luggage and other items. They are accessible through sliding doors and can often come with features like screens in the back for the kids to watch a movie.

Estate Cars: The Perfect Combination of Comfort and Convenience

Commonly referred to as station wagons, these cars achieve a blend of convenience and comfort. They are known for their spacious boots so that you can pack everything your family needs for extended road trips. Estate cars have efficient engines which make navigating urban and country roads a breeze.

Electric Vehicles: Eco-Friendly and Cost-Effective


Electric vehicles are a good match for eco-conscious families. The use of EVs have zero emissions and are cheaper as they don’t require fuel. With more charging points becoming available everyday, they are becoming more popular for family road trips. However, it is important to plan properly to ensure you have charging stations along the route.

Compact SUVs: Agile and Fuel-Efficient

If you have a smaller family and don’t want a massive car, a compact SUV is the top choice. These cars are smaller in size but don’t compromise on internal space. They are light on fuel and agile in cities and small country villages. Even though they are smaller, they still offer plenty of luggage space in the boot. They have great leg room also. This helps ensure the journey is a comfortable one.

People Carriers: Ideal for Larger Families

The people carrier is a great solution for large families with more than four children looking to go on a road trip vacation. These cars can seat between seven and eight people comfortably while also having plenty of room for luggage. This makes them the perfect road trip car for large families and big groups.

In conclusion, your family road trip will be pleasurable if you lease the right car. Whether you choose an SUV, minivan, estate car or people carrier or anything in between, you need to prioritize your comfort, space, and fuel-efficiency. It is important to consider the unique needs and preferences of your family. Then pack your bags and embark on an adventure.

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