Top Private Jet Travel Companies in the USA

Traveling via private jet offers a heightened level of luxury, convenience, and flexibility that commercial air travel often cannot match. From tailored schedules to personalized in-flight services, private jet companies in the USA are growing in popularity, serving both corporate clients and affluent individuals.

Here’s a ranking of the best private jet companies, based on their reputation, services, and user reviews.

1.- NetJets  (9.5/10)🏆netjets-logo

Often called the pioneer of private jet card membership services, NetJets boasts a fleet size that surpasses its competitors. With over 50 years of experience, they guarantee availability, eliminating any wait time for their customers.

Founded in 1964, NetJets stands tall as the world’s largest private jet operator. Originally named Executive Jet Aviation, it transformed the industry in 1986 by introducing the concept of fractional aircraft ownership.

Today, NetJets possesses an unparalleled fleet of over 700 aircraft, ranging from light jets to long-range bombers. The company prides itself on offering unmatched service quality and safety, boasting more than 50 years of unmatched experience.

The team at NetJets emphasizes customer-centricity, and clients receive impeccable, tailor-made services every time they fly. Their vast fleet size guarantees instant availability, assuring clients that they can fly when and where they want.

  • Services: Fractional ownership, jet card programs, private jet leasing.
  • Price Example: An entry-level jet card starts at around $165,000 for 25 hours of flight time.


Large and varied fleet ensures availability.
High safety and service standards.
Offers both short and long-haul options.


Price point might be steep for some.
Limited to their own fleet; doesn’t offer charter services.


Telephone: +1-877-356-5823

2.-  Flexjet (9/10)🥈flexjet-logo

Initiated in 1995, Flexjet emerged from the well-respected Bombardier Aerospace. Its reputation is rooted in offering luxury air travel solutions, boasting an exceptional selection of aircraft. Flexjet is celebrated for its Red Label offering, an industry-first that provides a dedicated crew and access to the world’s youngest fleet.

Their commitment is to redefine private jet travel, placing emphasis on genuine luxury and flexibility, ensuring clients receive a personalized and unforgettable experience every time they embark on a journey.

  • Services: Fractional jet ownership, leasing, and jet card programs.
  • Price Example: Red Label by Flexjet, a premium service, starts at approximately $300,000 for a 50-hour card.


Red Label service offers dedicated crews.
Offers a diverse range of aircraft.
Excellent customer reviews.


Premium services come with a premium price.
Not as extensive globally as NetJets.


Telephone: +1-866-309-2214

3.- Wheels Up (8.7/10)🥉wheels-up-logo

Wheels Up is a revolutionary name in the private jet industry. Established in 2013, it’s relatively younger but has made significant waves. The company was conceptualized to democratize the blue skies, ensuring that more people could affordably access private aviation.

Their pioneering app-based platform provides unprecedented transparency and ease for clients, allowing bookings in mere seconds. The membership model is a fresh perspective on private jet services, eliminating the need for ownership or jet cards, and instead offers a pay-as-you-go approach.

  • Services: Membership-based model, charter services, and shuttle services.
  • Price Example: Core Membership starts at $17,500 initially and then $8,500 annually.


Innovative app-based booking.
Offers both individual seats and whole-plane charters.
Dynamic pricing model can offer cost savings.


Younger fleet might lack certain jet types.
Annual membership fee in addition to flight costs.


Telephone: +1-855-FLY-8760

4.- XO (8.5/10)XO-logo

In the bustling realm of private aviation, where luxury meets the skies, one name stands out: XO. Born from the legacy of XOJET, a brand renowned for its excellence since 2006, XO offers a blend of on-demand charter services with the perks of a membership program, creating a seamless flight experience for its clientele.

Gone are the days of traditional jet ownership burdens. With XO’s on-demand charter services, accessing a super mid-size jet is just a few clicks away. And for the frequent fliers, XO’s membership programs are a godsend, offering a suite of benefits ranging from priority bookings to reduced hourly rates.

The company prides itself on its digital prowess. With the evolution of technology, XO has smartly positioned itself at the forefront by providing a comprehensive digital platform. Users can effortlessly book flights, manage their trips, and access a range of services—all from the palm of their hands.

But it’s not just about convenience and luxury. Safety is paramount in the aviation sector, and XO has left no stone unturned in ensuring top-tier safety standards and practices. This commitment is evident in their meticulously maintained fleet and rigorous crew training.

XO’s journey took a monumental turn in 2019 when it was acquired by Vista Global, a global giant in private aviation. This acquisition marked the dawn of a new era, uniting two titans and paving the way for XO to further expand its horizons.

  • Services: Charter services, membership programs, and shared charter.
  • Price Example: Membership starts from $1,000/month with fixed hourly rates for jet charters.


Modern fleet with the latest amenities.
No long-term commitments required.
Transparent pricing with fixed rates.


Limited options for fractional ownership.
Peak days can have additional costs.


Telephone: +1-888-803-5996

5.- Sentient Jet (8.3/10)sentient-jet-logo

Initiating its journey in 1999, Sentient Jet carved its niche by focusing exclusively on jet cards, which became a pioneering move. They conceptualized a model where clients can pre-purchase flight hours, eliminating uncertainties associated with on-demand charter costs.

Their Safety Management System emphasizes client security, and every flight under their banner meets the industry’s highest safety standards. Sentient Jet combines flexibility, safety, and premium services, assuring clients enjoy the best of private air travel without the need for ownership or leasing commitments.

  • Services: Jet card membership with no long-term commitments.
  • Price Example: 25-hour jet card starts at around $137,000 for a light jet.


Good for occasional fliers.
Competitive pricing.
Certified Safety with their Safety Management System.


Limited to jet card services; no fractional ownership.
Flight hours expire if not used.


Telephone: +1-866-602-0044

6. VistaJet (8/10)vista-jet-logo

VistaJet, since its inception in 2004, has been redefining global private travel. Its global fleet is unmatched, offering seamless air travel in every corner of the world. They’ve meticulously designed their services, emphasizing the minutest details, ensuring clients experience luxury at its peak.

VistaJet’s unique selling point is its tailored membership model, which is designed around the individual needs of its members. Their focus on offering a consistent and unparalleled luxury experience across the globe has made them a preferred choice for many international travelers.

  • Services: Subscription-based model and on-demand charter services.
  • Price Example: Program Membership starts with an initial deposit of $500,000 against future flight hours.


Global coverage.
Luxury in-flight services.
Transparent hourly rates.


High initial deposit.
Might be expensive for infrequent flyers.


Telephone: +1-833-853-8872


The USA boasts a myriad of private jet travel companies, each catering to unique needs and preferences. Whether you prioritize luxury, flexibility, or cost-efficiency, there’s a company tailored for you. It’s essential to consider your frequency of travel, desired service level, and budget when making a selection.

As always, conducting personal research and speaking to company representatives can offer insights tailored to your specific needs. Safe travels!

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