Top Value for Money Travel Insurances in the US

Imagine this: you are on a beach far, far away from the US, sipping on a refreshing drink and dozing in the beach chair while your kids play volleyball in the sand.

Getting a travel insurance plan that is good value for money is an easy enough thing – arm yourself with an internet connection, and you are good to go.

However, the right insurance plan needs to have everything you need and more, along with a price that falls within your range.

Getting Insurance That Is Good Value for Money in 2024

Shelling out on excellent, ironclad insurance is good, but one must remember that they are not billionaires. The truth is, we all anxiously wait for paychecks, we all accidentally spend most of it while shopping for basic groceries, and we all desperately wish to leave the US for a holiday abroad.

So, it is vital to find top value for money travel insurances in the US that allow you to feel secure while also letting you have an enjoyable holiday to spend money in freely.

If you have not gotten a single holiday in the past year and are sick of staring at a computer screen all day, now is the time to make your move. Get a travel insurance plan and pack your bags to whatever far-flung land you dream of!

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What to Look for In A Reasonable Travel Plan

In this vastly-populated world, the options for everything are dizzyingly high. Choosing the ideal travel insurance for your family and yourself can become a challenge with so many different options available.

Following are the things that one needs to have in a good insurance plan:

  • Medical insurance – This should be a permanent fixture for all of your travel plans.

Unless you break your leg while bungee jumping out of a somersaulting airplane, your medical expenses will cover anything and everything related to emergency health during your travels.

  • Theft coverage – This is another very common cover that almost everyone adds to their travel insurance plan.

Most people travel with expensive phones, cameras, laptops, and other such gadgets that thieves can potentially steal. Hence, theft insurance cover in your travel insurance plans is a very crucial addition.

  • Trip interruption coverage – If you are traveling with your family and suddenly fall fatally ill, you can file a claim proving your health concerns are real and getting the money that you lost due to the cancellation back.

This option is essential for the elderly and families with young children in them.

  • Coverage for emergency evacuation – While one hates to think of bleak scenarios before traveling, an emergency trip to the hospital is an eventuality everyone should prepare for.

The insurance company will cover the cost of the emergency evacuation and the hospital bills.

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How to Find the Best Travel Insurance Agency?

With the coronavirus vaccine being rolled across the US with an increasing frequency, it is safe to assume that you will be stretched out on the beach in Mykonos while reading a very absorbing murder mystery by the time summer rolls around.

But how can one make sure that they have found the best travel agency for the money they are paying? Let’s find that out.

  • Finding top value for money travel insurances in the US is all about research. Make yourself some coffee, get on your laptop, and look up every travel insurance plan available to US residents for travel elsewhere.
  • If you are not too tech-savvy and tend to get lost in webpages, talking to an insurance broker may be your best bet.
  • An essential part of researching travel insurance is checking out their response times. If you are in an emergency, you do not want your insurance company to take several days to get back to you.

This mind-numbing research pays off in times when your son loses his iPhone, or someone steals your wife’s wallet while you are in a strange country with no resources.

Things to consider before choosing a Travel Insurance Plan

Getting good value for money is all about choosing the insurance plan that covers all eventualities.

Read carefully the fine print

We know insurance jargon is boring, but it is essential to read it from cover to cover because the chances are that the company hides loopholes to avoid paying up when the time comes.

Ask about what travel insurance does not cover

Many US residents start daydreaming of the mosques of Istanbul and Madeira’s islands the minute they book their holiday and fail to inquire about the things that the travel insurance does not cover. This carelessness leads to misunderstandings when they make their insurance claim in the case of an accident.

Research your medical insurance

Remember – medical evacuation, repatriation, medical emergency, and routine checkups are all different terms you need to know when booking your medical insurance while traveling out of the US.

Top four dependable travel insurance companies in the US

1.   John Hancock Insurance Agency

With COVID coverage available as well as cancellation coverage for travelers, John Hancock Agency is the ideal choice who want nothing but the best.

2.   Allianz Travel

Ever want travel insurance that covers absolutely everything in reasonable packages? Allianz Travel is the one for you.

3.   Travelex

With infinitely customizable plans and a price range that works for absolutely everyone, you may want to go for Travelex if you want good value for the money that you paid.

4.   Air Care

For any mishaps involving flights or tickets, Air Care is your friend. Its best feature is its ability to file an automatic claim, but its other benefits also make it a good choice for frequent travelers.

The Takeaway

If you do not want to be miserable while staying in a resort in the Maldives or exploring a cathedral in Italy because you have lost your wallet and do not have a dependable insurance company to call for help, book one today!!

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