Best Car Rental Companies in the Czech Republic

The ancient charm of Eastern Europe lies within the majestic country of the Czech Republic. Presenting World Heritage Sites more than any other nation in Europe, the Czech Republic offers the most stunning historical sites to explore. And car rental in the Czech Republic becomes an unavoidable necessity for a foreign tourist. The Vaclav-Havel International Airport in Prague is a great place to pick up your rental car and provides an awesome starting point for your Czech adventure. Hike the trail through a cave at Moravian Karst, then drive to the old spa towns like Karlovy Vary, where you can soak up your problems on any 12 hot springs.

You will be able to cross the border in your rental car from the Czech Republic to all of Europe, but the rules may vary depending on the category of your car. Also, you first need to get the approval of your car rental company. There are newly built highways, such as the D2, linking Prague and Pilsen and reaching the German border.

Mini (Hyundai i10 or its equivalent) is the type of car that is a regular rental car in the Czech Republic. On average a car rented in the Czech Republic costs $ 184 a week ($ 26 a day).

When renting a car in the Czech Republic, you will need to drive on the right, overtake on the left, and always give way to the right. During the daylight hours, you are required to use bright lights. If you are driving on a freeway or highway – because of the toll roads, please buy a tax sticker. These vignette toll units are available for purchase at the post offices, border areas, gas stations, and all Ustrední Automotoklub Ceské Republiky (UAMK) branch offices.

You can expect to pay about 33.28 Kč ($ 1.47) per liter of petrol in the Czech Republic. The gas stations network in the Czech Republic is very dense, and they all provide fuel. These gas stations are known as “benzín” in the Czech language.

The most popular car rental cities in the Czech Republic are Prague (91% of total searches for car rental users in the Czech Republic), Brno (6%), and Ostrava (1%)

If you want to rent a car in the Czech Republic, you must be 21 years old and have your driver’s license for at least two years. Any driver under the age of 25 may be liable to pay a younger driver’s surcharge. If any driver is over 60, he or she must provide a valid medical certificate when collecting a rental car. You can use an international license and an EU driver’s license to rent a car in the country.

Speed ​​limits in the Czech Republic are as follows: in residential areas, the limit may vary from 30 km/h (18 mph) to 50 km/h (31 mph), or otherwise be signed; on national roads, the speed limit is 90 km/h (56 mph); and on highways and on Expressways, the limit is 130 km/h (80 mph).

Whether you want to visit Prague, Brno, Ostrava, Olomouc, Liberec, Pilsen, České Budějovice, Hradec Králové or Ústí nad Labem, we have made a Ranking of the Best Car Rental companies in Czechia in 2024 to help you choose your next car rental booking, which, by the way, you can do easily and at the best price on this website.

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#1 – Runwell 🏆

Runwell rent a car is a car rental company operating in Prague and other European cities for the last 15 years. Runwell’s car rental fleet of vehicles includes more than 30 reliable vehicles of different classes in major car brands.

Runwell car rental is one of the five largest car rental companies in the Czech Republic. Runwell car rental company offers reliable German, Japanese, American, and Italian cars and vehicles from major brands such as the Honda Skoda, Toyota, Ford, Nissan, Volkswagen, Peugeot, and Mercedes

Runwell car rental offers full-service rental car insurance and prepaid European highway tools. At the request of the customer, the vehicle may be fitted with a navigation system, snow chains, child safety seat, roof rack, etc.

With the right prices and 24/7 customer support, Runwell Car Rentals lead the list of best car rental companies in the Czech Republic.

#2 – Carlove 🥈

Carlove has a solid set of reliable, well-equipped, and affordable vehicles! Any traveler will find a suitable option among the wide selection of cars for popular car rental models of famous brands in Prague.

The Carlove fleet range includes a variety of vehicles for class and performance – from low-economy models to minibusses and luxury cars. Carlove takes care of its customers by providing excellent car rental services.

BASIC and VAT insurance are immediately included in the item shown for rent. Carlove offers a free car seat. You can pay by credit card. It is possible to rent a car without a deposit.  Car love eliminates the need to pay toll roads in the Czech Republic. You will be able to pay full insurance without deductions, rent a navigator cheaply, and rent a chain in winter.

Carlove is ranked as one of the leading car rental companies in the Czech Republic with thousands of reviews and customer support.

#3 – Hire Car Prague 🥉

Hire Car Prague started renting cars in 2007. At first, it was just a few cars, but in the coming years Hire car Prague upgraded and expanded its fleet of cars and opened new branches. Hire Car Prague covers almost all major categories of vehicles.

Hire car Prague’s economy class represents reliable diesel or petrol cars with either automatic or manual transmission. Their fleet also features popular models such as the new model of Skoda Fabia, Hyundai i20 (automatic), and Hyundai i20 (manual).

Hire car Prague’s Intermediate Phase is represented by Skoda Octavia and Ford Mondeo by automatic and manual transmission. This is a comprehensive car fleet with a reliable safety system.

With excellent customer service and vehicle quality, Hire car Prague is setting a new trend in the car rental industry. With so many satisfied customers choosing to hire a car in Prague as a car rental company to explore the Czech Republic, it becomes a trend to travel by Hire Car Prague.

#4 – Green Motion 🔝

There is the option of hiring green vehicles for the green company. Established in 2007 in the United Kingdom, Green Motion is now recognized as a leading global brand in the provision of low-CO2 vehicles and van rental. The Green Motion car rental offers its car rental services in 300 locations in 40 countries around the world.

Green Motion Car and Van rentals provide its customers – leisure and business – with the opportunity to enjoy high-quality car rentals while helping to reduce the impact of CO2 emissions associated with traffic.

Green Motion car rental offers loyalty programs like green, silver, gold, and VIP. With a variety of vehicles and exceptional customer support, Green motion Car rental in the Czech Republic is considered one of the best car rental companies with positive user reviews on different sites.

#5 – Europcar 🔝

Europcar is another big name for car rental companies and is one of the favorites in Europe. The car rental company Europcar is an expert in lending and renting cars for many years. And of course a trusted partner on your journey in the Czech Republic and around the world. Europcar also wants to mention the natural aromatherapy that brings travel to a higher level.

Europcar has received the prestigious award: World Travel Award, which testifies to the quality of their services.

Europcar is available in 12 locations in the Czech Republic and offers many vehicles to ensure you get the car you want. You can also find vans, sports cars, and luxury cars in their large fleet. Their success in the car rental industry is remarkable.

With the best prices and best customer service, Europcar has thousands of satisfied customers with healthy user ratings and reviews. Europcar is undoubtedly one of Europe’s best car rental providers.

#6- Sixt 🔝

Sixt is one of the best-known car rental companies in Europe, a German company quickly expanding in Europe and other countries of the world. Located in seven locations in the Czech Republic, Sixt offers an excellent fleet of vehicles at good prices.

Sixt is one of the leading options for those wanting to rent a car in Prague, due to its excellent customer service and proximity to the airport. When renting a car at Prague Airport customers can choose from a selection of luxury cars, including everything from the best Audi and BMW models to the saved options from the likes of Ford and Seat.

Sixt is generally considered the most expensive car rental agency and in fact, it is. Although for the most money you will spend you will get the best cars to ride. Most customers are well-balanced with their rental services, and Sixt car rental is a pride of their happy customers.

#7 – Avis 🔝

In 1946, Warren Avis opened the first car rental company at Willow Run Airport in Detroit with three cars. Avis currently operates in over 5,000 locations in 165 countries worldwide.

Avis is a well-known, reliable industry brand with a long history of new car hire. Moreover, its commitment to genuine comfort and special service makes it one of the most trusted brands in the world.

Avis car rental services are available in 9 locations in the Czech Republic. It is one of the best-known car rental companies operating in Europe. Avis car rental offers a range of models of all time, from big cars to lovely cars to big family cars or vans in the Czech Republic. Avis offers a wide variety of vehicles such as Audi, BMW sports, fun Mini and Mercedes vans. Avis car rental also offers environmentally friendly cars.

Based on user reviews and ratings, Avis is the top car rental company in the Czech Republic. Although some customers are dissatisfied with their prices they sometimes arise by some car rental companies.

#8 – Hertz 🔝

An American car rental company based in Estero, Florida operating in 10,200 corporate and franchisee locations globally, Hertz is one of the largest car rental companies in the world offering its car rental services worldwide. Hertz offers one of the world’s largest fleet of service vehicles. You can choose your car whether it should be a car, wagon, SUV, or truck.

Available in 9 locations in the Czech Republic, Hertz offers renters a variety of cars that are suitable for any budget and event. If you are renting a compact or economical car with Hertz, you can expect anything from a Nissan Versa, Toyota Corolla, Chevrolet Impala, or similar car. This is your go-to collection for daily budget collection and rental car quality.

Although you find Hertz more expensive than other car rental companies, Hertz car rental promises you a comfortable ride that’s worth your money. Hertz performed well in user reviews on many sites even though some customers are uncomfortable with their customer support.

#9 – Enterprise 🔝

Enterprise is one of the oldest and largest car rental companies in the world.

Their fleet contains all kinds of cars, vans, SUVs, and luxury and sports cars. You can get a clean luxury while traveling and renting with Enterprise. Located in 8 locations in the Czech Republic, Enterprise will pick you from your desired locations.

Their prices are usually high and customer support is sometimes above average. Enterprise has a worldwide reputation.

#10 – Right Cars 🔝

Right Cars is an international car rental company located in countries such as Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Malta, and also the Czech Republic.

Well appreciated by its customers worldwide, in Czechia, it is located at the Prague Airport.

Their clients highlight overall value for money, the cleanliness of the car, and the service at the rental desk.


If you are planning to visit many cities on your Czech vacation, you should consider renting a saloon model, which is not only comfortable but ideal for long road trips. With downtown driving, compact vehicles are best suited for narrow streets and small parking spaces. Estate cars are best with large groups with lots of luggage.

When renting a car in the Czech Republic, children less than 150 cm (5 ft) in height or less than 36 kg (79 lb) in weight must use proper, safe child safety barriers, whether they are in front of or behind the car. If you are traveling to and from the airport, you will need to bring your own car seat or rent one from the car rental company for about 115 Kč ($ 36).

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