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Best Car Rental Companies in New Zealand

Best Car Rental Companies in New Zealand

Probably not your average travel destination, New Zealand is a relatively unknown country when compared with the most visited countries in the world, but those who have given the opportunity to learn more about it, have fallen in love with this beautiful island country.

If by any chance you watched The Lord of the Rings and wonder where all of those wonderful landscapes were, many parts of the three films happened to be filmed in New Zealand. And the only thing you will need to visit some of these beauties is a good rented car to travel to the Kiwi country.

Australia’s neighbor country is split into two islands, called the South Island and the North Island, both holding amazing places, culture, people and things to do.

To be fair, the worst thing about visiting this Island country is the distance between places! This is what makes it so important to rent a car in New Zealand. Luckily, they have excellent roads, have good signs and plenty of information, making it easy to travel the islands on a rented car.

Also, this remote and beautiful island country has several local car rental options, which is great, as they will most likely comply with the particular laws in the country, and competitiveness is often good for your pockets.

Whether you want to visit Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington, Queenstown, Dunedin, Nelson, Napier, Palmerston North, Tauranga, New Plymouth, Hamilton, Invercargill, Blenheim or Rotorua, we have made a Ranking of the Best Car Rental companies in New Zealand in 2020 to help you choose your next car rental booking, which, by the way, you can do easily and at the best price on this website.

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#1 – Apex Rental Cars 🏆

Apex Rental Cars is one of the most popular and well-known local car rentals in New Zealand. They have plenty of convenient locations in all major cities across the two islands, which is very convenient for those travelers wanting to know more about the country.

The car rental process with Apex through their website is very straightforward and intuitive, making it easy to clarify any doubt you might have and quickly updating prices as you add or remove extra insurance or services.

One great thing in favor is that in case you have chosen a pick-up location in either of the islands and a drop off location in the other, choosing ferry tickets will be a mandatory step, making it easy and convenient to move between islands. And you can also buy ferry tickets directly with them even if you are dropping off in the same island.

Their fleet of cars is newer than other local companies, yet older than major international car rentals, but they are well-maintained cars, and having extra drivers is free, which is quite a surprise, though you still have to choose how many extra drivers are going.

Overall, a great option if you want a modern enough experience, and very good service while still being able to save some money.

#2 – JUCY Car Rental and Campervan 🥈

For a professional, yet fun company with a great reputation in New Zealand, Jucy is one of the preferred companies to rent a car while you are visiting the Kiwi nation, with a good fleet of cars, as well as campervans, for those wanting to be one with New Zealand’s nature.

One of the best things about renting a car with Jucy is probably their rates. They don’t offer brand new cars, but they do offer fairly recent cars, and of course, they are very well-maintained, and to be fair, the older the car, the cheapest it will be. Of course, do consider your needs before choosing the type of car. Often a small or mid hatch will probably serve you well.

When renting with Jucy, you will find that they offer a free insurance tier with basic coverage, and you can add up from there. You can also add several extras such as a really cheap additional driver’s daily fee.

And if you were considering renting in Auckland or other cities in the North Island, and end up in Christchurch in the South Island, you can get your Interislander tickets with them, which might be quite convenient.

#3 – Omega Rental Cars 🥉

Omega Rental Cars is a well-known car rental company in New Zealand, with a large fleet of cars of different years and prices, as well as many locations in the major cities and airports in both, the South and North islands.

One of the best things about renting with Omega is in case you would like to pick-up in a city in either of the islands and drop off in the other because they offer different options for this case.

You can choose to pick-up in a city on one island and drop off in another, and you will be able to buy ferry tickets right during booking with the Interislander Ferry or Bluebridge Ferry. Do be aware that you must buy a ticket for the car and one for each child or adult. And alternatively, you can choose to drop off at Picton or Wellington and pick up a different car in either of these.

The rates for renting a car with Omega Rental Cars are quite good, with a fleet of cars slightly older than that of major international brands, but yet these are well-maintained, and if you only want to drive in a city, getting an older car can save you a good amount.

If you are planning to travel between the islands, or you are just looking for a well-reputed local company, Omega Rental Cars can be the best car rental option in New Zealand for you.

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#4 – Snap Rentals 🔝

For a New Zealander car rental company with very good rates, and few locations in the most visited cities in this island country, and especially for those drivers under 25, Snap Rentals is a least known, yet well reputable company you might want to consider.

Their rates are their greater attractive, with very low prices on their car rentals. Be aware that most of their fleet is composed of older cars, but they are well-maintained and mostly with low mileage, so you will be safe while travelling with them. Do consider renting in advance with Snap, as their fleet is not so big, and they can run out of cars relatively quickly.

If deciding to drop out on the island opposite to the one you picked up your car, you will need to buy your ferry tickets yourself, but you do ca contact Snap rentals, and they will help you to find a good deal on Interislander Ferry tickets.

Another good thing about Snap is that they do not charge an extra fee if you are under 25 years old.

Even though it is a smaller and not so known alternative for renting a car in the Māori country, Snap rentals can serve you well if you are traveling to one of the locations and you don’t mind renting an older, yet good car.

#5 – Hitch Car Rentals 🔝

For a company with fewer locations, but yet a good reputation and overall good service, Hitch is a Kiwi car rental company that can serve you well on your trip to New Zealand.

Their fleet of cards might not be the biggest nor the newest, but they do compensate it with well-maintained cars, as well as very good rates on their car rentals, and depending on your locations and dates, you might find quite good rates on an SUV or a people mover.

It is not very clear whether you can cross between the islands with a car rented from Hitch, but it is possible to choose Christchurch (located in the South Island) as pick up location and drop off in Auckland (located in the North Island); though no ferry tickets are offered.

If you are looking for options on car rentals in New Zealand, and you are not so concerned about car ages, or you are found with their limited locations, Hitch might be the car rental of choice for you.

#6 – Bargain Rental Cars 🔝

Bargain Rental Cars is another car rental to consider when visiting New Zealand, especially when what you are looking for is the cheapest prices, as they are all about best price guarantee among the many car rentals in this island country.

Their cars are older than those of international car rentals, but that is greatly compensated with their very low rates, and overall your car will be in very good condition.

Another point in favour is that Bargain does rent to people as young as 18 years old. However, if you are a renter 25, you will be obliged to choose their comprehensive insurance, which is not so expensive and might be a good idea to get it anyway, but it does add to the price.

They have an impressive amount of locations in the city of Auckland, and for those wanting to travel to the South Island, they have a branch in Christchurch, though it seems that you will have to buy the ferry tickets yourself, and will be better to communicate your intention to cross islands with the company.

For those looking for the best prices, people under 25 years old, and those looking for particular locations in Auckland, Bargain Rental Cars can get you some of the best rates, especially if you are not looking for the newest cars.

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#7 – Go Rentals 🔝

Go Rentals is a Kiwi car rental company with one of the most modern fleets of cars, which makes it quite distinctive from other local car rentals in New Zealand.

The minimum age of renting a car with Go Rentals is 21 years old, but no extra fees or mandatory insurance tier must be paid for renters younger than 25, which is a great advantage for younger drivers.

Booking a car with Go Rental is quite straightforward, and they offer locations in main cities in the country, including Dunedin in the South Island, and their rates are very good considering the age of their cars. You will be able to stick with their free insurance and upgrade from there.

For those travellers wanting to cross between the islands, it will be necessary for you to buy the ferry tickets yourself with any of the two major New Zealand services: Interislander and Bluebridge. Though you can arrange the booking with a Go representative via phone or email.

Overall, Go Rentals is a good car rental company option with several locations in major cities across the two islands, and good rates in relation to the age of their fleet.

#8 – Drive NZ Rental Cars 🔝

Drive NZ Rental Cars is yet another local company to rent a car from in the Māori country, with a mix of newer and older cars, and good rates for their cars in their locations at Auckland, Christchurch and occasionally at Queenstown.

One advantage of renting with Drive NZ is that drivers younger than 25 years old can rent, though they might have to pay a surcharge. However, some cars require a minimum age to rent them, which might limit your options, and other cars have a minimum amount of days to be rented.

If you are considering picking up in one Island and dropping off in a different one, do contact the company in order to confirm that you can cross between islands, or find better deals on ferry tickets.

For a company with new cars and good rates, Drive NZ Rental Cars is another good option to take into account, as they might have the best rates for your locations and dates.

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