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Best Car Rental Companies in the USA

Best Car Rental Companies in USA

The US is one of those countries with the particularity of being so big and so diverse, that no two states are the same. This is a great thing because we have the opportunity to discover new places while staying in the same country.

However, it also makes it hard sometimes to travel in our own car, or in a single-car between states, especially due to the long distances between states, which makes it so important to be informed about where we can rent cars and get the best deals.

The options for companies to rent a car in the United States are plenty, which can make choosing one harder, as each one has its own advantages or disadvantages.

For this reason, we will learn about some of the best companies to rent a car in the USA.

#1 – Enterprise 🏆 logo_enterprise-rent-a-car

Reputation can be something that alone, can be as powerful as a good, or as a bad marketing campaign, and help many people trying to decide for a company to rent a car by simply going with the company with the overall most positive comments.

This is the case with Enterprise, and it is the case in the positive side, because it is considered among many of the people who have tried different car rentals in the US as the best one. No company is perfect though, but Enterprise tends to be the option that offers more advantages than disadvantages.

First of all, their car fleet, which has some of the newest cars among the options in car rentals. Some of their oldest cars are just six months old, and with not so many miles marked on the odometer, which can bring some relief to renters who don’t want to run the risk of the car having issues.

Now, the factor that really makes or breaks a deal when it comes to deciding where to rent a car, that is, of course, the price. In the case of renting with Enterprise, prices usually make the deal, as they are one of the companies with some of the best daily prices out there.

This makes Enterprise one of the best options for those wanting to rent for less than a week. While renting for longer than just a couple of days shows prices that are still lower than several other options. And of course, always try to book with time, as this can considerably reduce the price.

For those interested on a good rewards program, Enterprise’s rewards program is an excellent one, free to join, and it really makes it feel worth it to be a part of it, both, because of the possibility of getting free rentals, and because of the extra advantages of the program.

#2 – Hertz 🥈logo-hertz

Yet another car rental company with a long-time reputation, mostly as a good one. Hertz is a familiar brand among travelers and individuals who often need to rent a car, and there are several factors when it comes to deciding whether or not going with this company for our next car rental.

When it comes to the fleet of cars available, their selection is one of the most varied ones, with options for almost every type of customer, with more simple models for those just looking for a car in good conditions, as well as fast sports cars and options on hybrid cars.

Prices are one of the aspects of renting with Hertz that can make many people consider other car rental companies, at least at first. For daily rentals, Hertz does have some of the highest rates among the options, which might not be very convenient for those needing a car for just a couple of days.

For longer rentals, though, prices of Hertz get much better, and it is possible to get better deals if booking ahead of time, rather than one day before the day we need the car. Also, renting in a non-airport location can also make prices better.

Their rewards program is a very good one, with many advantages compared to others. It is free to join, and each dollar spent on renting with the company gives points, which can be exchanged for free days of rental. This makes it good to consider joining their rewards program even if you don’t often rent cars.

If needing to rent a car for a week or longer, Hertz is one of the companies that provide the more value, and their program is good enough to eventually get some days for free, for those times when you only need a car for a day. Definitely a company with a fair reputation.

#3 – Budget 🥉logo-budget

Budget Rent a Car is another car rental company with a long history and an overall quite good reputation among the options available in the United States. When deciding if renting with Budget, there are some factors that could make this the way to go or not.

In terms of prices, Budget does not always have the cheapest rates, but it does tend to have better than average prices, which is already good, and prices do get better the further you book in advance, as opposed to booking to close to the date you need the car or just the day before.

One big advantage of Budget is the amount of offices they have available all around the states, which makes it more probable to rent a car with Budget for most of the locations you might be traveling to, including locations outside of airports which are often less expensive, as well as a pick-up service that might be quite convenient.

Those people interested in rewards and a long-term relationship with their car rental company of choice, Budget certainly doesn’t offer the best rewards, but they do have some extra benefits, and you can join it for free.

Overall, the locations they have available, as well as good customer experience and better than average prices, even if not the lowest, can make Budget your option of choice, if not for every trip, at least for some of them.

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#4 – Alamo 🔝logo-alamo

Alamo is a well-known company for renting cars, which is often considered for people needing to rent a car. This is a company among the best, though the benefits are not always necessarily as clear as with other companies, it’s definitely worth it to find out what they have to offer.

Prices of renting with Alamo are considerably low, even if not the cheapest among the options, their prices are often better than with other popular companies, especially when booking ahead of time, which can highly reduce the rates.

Their rewards program is not the one offering the most benefits among the other options, but it is good enough to offer a 5 percent discount to all of its members, and it is free to join, which can make it a nice added to further reduce the price when renting with Alamo.

The weakest point of Alamo has to be the number of offices they have available, which is considerably less than companies as well-established as this one is, especially because they are more targeted to travelers, as most of their locations are at airports. And for those who would like to reduce the impact on the environment, Alamo does offer electric and hybrid cars for rent.

#5 – Avis 🔝logo-avis

When renting a car, finding the cheapest deals tend to be the number one factor in order to decide which company to go with. However, Avis doesn’t always offer the best rates, especially when it comes to daily rents, and yet, they are a popular company you might want to consider.

First of all, their prices for daily rentals are among the highest, which can make it a deal-breaker for anyone looking to rent for just a couple of days. However, it is possible to get better rates the more in advance you book with Avis.

Also, when renting for longer than a few days, rates do get better, having considerably good weekly rentals, and because they have many locations available all over the United States, as well as in other parts of the world, it is more possible to find offices outside of the airport, which considerably decreases the rates.

Those who decide to join their rewards program do can get free rentals, but the amount of points needed in order to get free rentals is the highest of all. Though it is still a very good added if you find yourself renting with Avis often, as you will eventually be benefited from this.

If being careful when renting with Avis, by booking in advance, and trying to find locations that are not in-airport, as well as renting for a week-long, you can still get considerably good deals from one of the more expensive car rental companies, which is at the same time a quite popular one.

#6 – National🔝national-car-rental

When considering National Car Rental, the opinions are often mixed, as there are a few things that can make National the best option for certain cases, while not necessarily the best one in others. Nonetheless, National is a car rental company with a long time around, and many customers recurrently using it.

National ranks best among companies and business travelers, thanks to their special rental program for businesses, which offer the advantage of contracted rates, that will ensure that prices will stay at the same rate, no matter the moment they decide to book a car.

The number of vehicles they have available is yet another big advantage and something that makes the difference because they not only have cars available but also trucks and vans for those requiring these types of vehicles, with reasonable prices.

Definitely a company that many people on the business side of the market might prefer, because their business rental program is quite unique, and can make the life of companies better, which makes National an important competitor.

#7 – Dollar 🔝logo-dollar

Dollar is one of those car rental companies that are certainly among the best ones, though it is still considerably smaller, which can make it a not as convenient option in many cases. And yet, it is still big and good enough to consider it.

Daily rentals with Dollar are not the lowest available, but they tend to be lower than average, and as it’s usually the case with car rental companies, prices get better the further you book a car in advance, which might get you very good deals.

While for weekly rents situation is much more positive, and their rates for week-long rentals are among the lowest, that is to say among the best, and they have particularly low rates for an additional driver, a few dollars lower than most companies.

One of the best aspects of renting often with Dollar is their rewards program, one of the best around, because you don’t require as many points to redeem free rentals, and the restrictions on what you can rent for free are quite clear, so no surprises involved.

The greatest disadvantage of Dollar is the fact that it is a considerably small car rental company, with the least amount of locations available. However, Dollar might be a secret weapon when an office is available where you are traveling, and you might use any other of the options when this company is not available.

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Choosing a car rental company might be an overwhelming task for some travelers in the United States due to the many options available in the country. However, there are many clear factors that can help us more easily narrow down the options: Daily prices, weekly prices, cars available, rewards program and locations available.

By having these variables clear, it becomes easier to choose from the wide variety of can rental companies in the US, remembering that all of the companies mentioned here are among the best on what they do and that the count with years of experience.

Usually, it would be the best to have a company to rent with more often with, preferably getting the advantage of their rewards program; and have one or two you trust enough to fall back in those few occasions when your default car rental company cannot satisfy your needs.

We hope you liked this article. Now you can continue reading our article about the differences between Avis, Budget, Hertz, Europcar, Payless, Sixt, Thrifty, Dollar, Alamo, National and more, or use our search engine below to book your car.

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