Experience it All at the Jewel Changi Airport

Travelers now have a new option when they are in Singapore, as the Jewel Changi Airport is open and ready to show off everything inside its massive ten stories.  Visitors can reach this new terminal by walking along the inter-terminal travellators or taking the Skytram or shuttle bus.

Everyone will love arriving by plane at this airport, as they can then easily check into their room at the on-site hotel before venturing out to explore the rest of the building and the entire city of Singapore.  Inside Jewel, guests will find themselves wandering between Canopy Park, Forest Valley, and the Rain Vortex.  Everyone will love walking along with the sky nets inside Canopy Park before sliding down the discovery slides and getting lost inside the canopy mazes.

Over in Forest Valley, visitors will find themselves relaxing inside the five-story gardens, as they listen to the sound of water rushing over the captivating falls.  The tallest waterfall is the Rain Vortex, and at forty meters high, everyone is going to be mesmerized by the sight, especially at night when the lights and sound are turned on.

Of course, those last two things are not the only place where travelers can experience nature while in this fascinating city.  Everyone loves heading over to the Gardens by the Bay and the Singapore Botanical Gardens.  The former is a beautiful jungle-like area that can be found within Marina Bay and the lush greenery is just what everyone needs to feel calm and relaxed.  The eighteen supertrees are the most popular feature within these gardens, which is no surprise since they hold up the massive aerial walkway.

The botanical gardens always offer a person even more tranquility, despite the fact that they are in the middle of what seems like a million skyscrapers.  Visitors simply wander through these gardens, as they accidentally discover one attraction after another, and according to past visitors, the National Orchid Garden is the only space that everyone should actively seek out when they are there.

No one can ever be in Singapore and not go into Chinatown, as the culture and traditions are so incredible within that area of the city.  Visitors are always seen wandering around the five different districts, as they grab something to eat and pick up one souvenir after another.  Pagoda Street is the best place for cheaper souvenirs, while the best food can always be found on either New Bridge Road or Smith Street.  Nightlife is always extraordinary over in the Tangong Pagar District, while the Telok Ayer District is well-known for its tranquility.

Singapore offers so much to travelers, especially now that they can indulge in even more activities when they arrive at the new Jewel Changi Airport terminal. Rent a car and enjoy Singapore at your leisure.


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