Some Tips for Solo Woman Traveling

Even though solo female traveling has been considered inappropriate and adequate for centuries, we can freely say that there’s no stigma attached to it any longer, which is the good news you should take advantage of. So, if you’re an adventurous lady who wants to travel the world all by herself, just keep on reading and learn more about the art of solo female traveling. Check out our tips and get down to business!

Take safety precautions seriously

Your safety should always be your top priority, no matter if you’re traveling solo or with a group of people, which is exactly why you have to take safety precautions seriously. In fact, you should start planning your safety steps before you leave home so that nothing can surprise you.

The first thing you should do is to invest in pickpocket-proof clothing such as T-shirts, dresses, scarves, and even underpants with secret pockets, which are beyond perfect when you want to hide your valuables. However, make sure to leave valuables that aren’t crucial to the trip at home, so that you don’t have to worry about them all the time. Mastering self-defense strategies are also very important, as well as buying a quality lock – especially if you’ll be staying in hostels. Besides that, you should have your hotel’s business card on hand, too, so that you can catch a cab and get away quickly in an uncomfortable situation.

Be prepared for everything

Ensuring that you’re properly organized and informed is absolutely essential before you embark on a new solo adventure, so stay safe and be prepared for everything because that’s the best way to avoid the worst-case scenario. We can freely say that acting as if you know what you’re doing is an amazing way to attract less attention, so remember the ‘fake it till you make it’ rule and you’ll be just fine – even if you don’t have a clue!

Keep multiple copies of your documents somewhere safe and be sure to always have a map in your backpack as your smartphone can easily betray you when there’s no Wi-Fi. Instead of spending loads of cash on expensive taxi rides, you should probably rent a car and save a lot of money without getting scammed.

Don’t go overboard with your travel essentials

Keeping your suitcase as lightweight as possible is vital for a couple of reasons – first of all, simply because you’ll be traveling on your own, which means that no one will be there to help you with heavy bags. Besides that, do you really need so many clothes, shoes and beauty products? No, you definitely don’t, so stick to the essentials only and keep yourself from overpacking.

When it comes to your beauty bag, quality hydration skincare products are inevitable, as long flights and different climate can dry out your skin and make it look flaky and lifeless. A good moisturizer will help balance and maintain your skin’s hydration levels, so don’t skip this product under any circumstances. As for your makeup, a concealer, black mascara, and a lip balm will certainly be more than enough. Make sure to pack a pair of sunglasses, too, as well as your sunscreen with both UVA and UVB protection!

Remember that traveling solo doesn’t have to mean that you’re lonely

Contrary to popular belief, people who travel alone aren’t actually pathetic men and women who are lonely because they don’t have any friends. This is a quite common misconception about solo travelers, as companionless journeys are a great way to meet new people and make friends. Apart from that, you’ll also get to know yourself at the same time, which will help you learn more about your own character and test your habits. Do we even have to emphasize that meeting other people in hostels, cafés, bars, parks, restaurants, and guided sightseeing tours is a completely natural and logical thing? We don’t think so, which means that you’re highly likely to end up talking to a person next to you at some point. If that doesn’t make solo trips so fantastic, we don’t know what does!

Yes, we can all agree that there are a lot of things you should bear in mind as a female solo traveler, but you know what? It doesn’t have to be as challenging and scary as you probably thought – as long as you’re sticking to our tips and guidelines, of course. These will definitely help you get ready and stay safe on the road, so bear them in mind and you’ll have the time of your life in a foreign country, all by yourself!


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