Explore the State of Ohio this Summer

The state of Ohio has an abundance of adventures waiting for travelers this summer.  Anyone who wants to explore them all will want to begin their journey by flying directly into Hopkins International Airport, which is in Cleveland.  Once travelers land and collect their luggage, they can go directly to the rental car desks to pick up their vehicle for the duration of their stay.

As soon as everyone has their rental car keys in their hands, it is up to them to choose what they will do first, second, and last.  This portion of the adventure normally takes preplanning, as it can be slightly difficult to wing it at this point.

Many people choose to begin in Cleveland since that is where they landed.  However, others will leave that city for last, because they need to return there for their flight home anyway.  No matter which a person chooses, there are lots of activity options available to them.

Everyone must begin their time in this city within the Historic Gateway District and there is a free guided walking tour available to visitors every summer.  History is everywhere in the 5th Street Arcades, which used to be the Colonial and Euclid Arcades back in the day.  Sporting memorabilia can be found inside the team shops and everyone will want to catch a game if one is playing during their visit.  Before leaving this area of town, a stop into Lola, the restaurant owned by Michael Symon, is a must for some amazing cuisine and a few laughs.

A four-hour car ride will have visitors in the breathtaking city of Cincinnati, where museums and art galleries can be found at every turn.  A Reds’ game should be on the list, but a visit to the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center will also suffice.  Those travelers who are a little more adventurous can even cross over the border into Kentucky for a couple of hours.

From Cincinnati, everyone can take a two-hour drive up to Columbus.  This is where visitors can see prehistoric Indian mounds, as well as the stunning Topiary Garden.  This is the city to be in during the summer months, as the Ohio State Fair is being held, as is the Downtown Arts Festival and the Picnic with the Pops.  Travelers will want to plan their vacation accordingly if they want to make sure that they can attend all these events while in this gorgeous city.

Every visitor must venture down to Short North, which is the brewery district, or the German Village while in Columbus.  They are the best places in the city to grab a pint or two while experiencing the exciting nightlife.

Travelers who have even more time to spend in the state of Ohio will want to see more than the three larger cities.  Thankfully, there are plenty of smaller cities and towns for everyone to explore!  Dayton is only an hour away from Columbus, and this area is known as being where the Wright Brothers lived.  Visitors will love exploring aircraft history at the Air Force Museum and Aviation Heritage Park, before watching a performance at the Victoria Theatre.

However, those with younger children may want to choose to spend their time at Scene75 instead.  This massive indoor entertainment area is the largest one within the country and kids can’t seem to get enough of it.

A car ride to Sandusky from Dayton will take approximately three hours, but once everyone arrives, they will have plenty of time to stretch their legs over at Cedar Point.  Visitors can spend hours on the rollercoasters within Cedar Point, or they can relax on the beaches of Kelley Island for a day or two.

Sandusky is not too far from Put-in-Bay, only about an hour and a half, but most travelers do not know that the island that this town is on is even a part of the state of Ohio.  Visitors can drive part of the way there, but then they must board a ferry for the rest of the trip.  Some people choose to leave their rental car on the mainland, while others will choose to drive it onto the ferry and have it with them on the island.

Put-in-Bay is located on South Bass Island, and travelers will find that their days are lazy and long during their stay.  Most people spend their time wandering along the streets, looking at the beautifully restored houses, and perusing the shops.

After relaxing on the island, and maybe visiting a few nearby ones, travelers will need to reluctantly make their way back to Cleveland via a two-and-a-half-hour drive in their rental car.  Before flying out of Hopkins International Airport in Cleveland to return home, every traveler must take the time to stop into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  This is a must-see for anyone who takes the time to visit Cleveland!

Everyone will love the time that they spend in Ohio during the summer months!  And since no one can possibly do everything that they want in one visit, a return trip is definitely necessary for the future!

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