Luxury Hotels in Madrid: The Mandarin Oriental Ritz or Four Seasons?

Madrid is a city with much to offer. From the Prado Museum to the Retiro park and the Royal Palace there are a number of wonderful places for you to visit during your travel, but for you to be in a position to enjoy everything the city has to offer you need to consider your choices of accommodation.

As far as hotels in Madrid go, there are two options that stand out over the rest, both for the impeccable features and amenities that they offer. Still, also because of the quality of the rooms they have available, and those are the Four Seasons and the Mandarin Oriental Ritz.

Both of these hotels can offer you a luxurious experience during your visit to Spain, and yet selecting which one is best for you might be hard. This is why we have prepared a comparison breakdown of the two hotels so that you can ensure that you are getting the best possible experience.

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Both the Four Seasons and the Mandarin Oriental Ritz offer a number of property amenities, and yet some of the things they offer differ. As you are sure to want to make your trip as relaxing as possible, you might want to check the Spa services offered by both hotels. Whether it is a relaxing massage, access to a Sauna, visiting the fitness center, or spending an afternoon swimming in the indoor pool you are definitely going to be able to find the perfect way for your body to unwind.

These places have both been designed with the idea of calming your spirit and allowing you a moment to connect your mind, body, and heart, so by the end of your trip you are sure to feel rejuvenated. However, if you are looking for a more complete spa experience, or to simply have a bigger selection of spa services available, you might find that the Four Seasons has a more extensive range of facilities as it houses a Steam room, Spa facilities in which you can find, Body treatments, Hair treatments, Facial treatments and a Hammam, Hot tub and Sauna. This set of services can give you a more complete relaxation experience and they can really be a welcome break from everyday stresses. In this regard, the Four Seasons appears to have a slightly better selection of wellness services and facilities available than the Mandarin Oriental Ritz.

Madrid Four Seasons
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While, if you are traveling solo or as a couple, both hotels offer a fairly similar set of services for you to compare, if you are traveling with children, you might find that the  Mandarin Oriental Ritz has more to offer as it has specialized kid activities. In this way, the adults of the group can get some extra time alone to sightsee, explore the city, or simply just relax.

If instead, you would like to take part in one of their family-friendly activities you can also do that. The Four Seasons has no similar service for activities, but instead, it offers a babysitting service at an extra charge. If you are traveling as a family this might not be ideal for you as it will mean that either you will have to plan all of your activities to be kid-friendly, or you would need to use the babysitting service which does not offer a lot more than simply arranging for someone to watch over your children.

In this regard, the Oriental Mandarin Ritz might be a better option for families that are traveling together as it will offer more children-friendly activities.

In terms of location, both hotels are centrally located with a wide range of sights at a short distance. If location is something important to you, you might find that the Oriental Mandarin Ritz is in a slightly better location as it is only 0.7km from Park Retiro and 0.2km from the Prado Museum.

This means that you will have within a very short distance major sights to visit. While in terms of walking distance, both hotels are near major sights, if you have a family or want to travel around the city of Madrid it might be best to rent a car. This will allow you the freedom of going around and visiting all the sights and even the countryside around Madrid. If you are interested in finding the best car for your travel needs you can search through our website by clicking here.

Both hotels will be able to assist you with finding appropriate parking, but in the Four Seasons Parking might come at a small extra charge, whereas the Mandarin Oriental Ritz offers free parking. If having easily accessible free parking is important to you, then the Oriental Mandarin Ritz would be a better option for you.

Madrid Ritz Mandarin Oriental
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Finally, both hotels offer a wide range of luxurious rooms that can truly allow you to relax and enjoy your visit to Madrid. Depending on the space and level of luxury you would like there is something for you, whether that is a big double room, a family room, or one of the suites.

Both hotels are amazingly well kept and the rooms and cleaning service are exquisite in most cases, so you can’t go wrong with choosing either one of these two hotels.

While picking the correct hotel for your holiday can be tough sometimes, in Madrid you might find that that choice is slightly harder to make, as it might seem hard to determine whether the Four Seasons or the Mandarin Oriental Ritz are the best options for you.

In general, if you have a family, the Mandarin Oriental Ritz is better as it offers many child-friendly and family-friendly activities. For solo travellers or couples, the Four Seasons is better as it has more facilities and amenities and you can thus, enjoy a relaxing trip either alone or with your partners and friends.

In any case, regardless of the hotel you choose, you are guaranteed to have a wonderful time as Madrid is a beautiful city and both hotels offer incredible services and rooms.