The Best of Spain (in the Eyes of an Aussie)

If you’re an aspiring Australian traveler or just a regular Aussie who’s never been outside of their city, Spain is one of the best places to start exploring the world. Why? It has everything—amazing weather, friendly people, beautiful sites and natural beauties that take your breath away. So, here’s a little España trip through the eyes of a fellow Aussie to get you ready for your adventure. Do not forget to rent a car on your arrival in Spain.

Start with Barcelona

Barcelona is the place to be! If you’re into sightseeing, great food, and amazing drinks, make sure to visit this Catalonian city. Start your tour by taking a light stroll down Las Ramblas street and Passeig de Gracia—these are the most visited locations in Barcelona. When you get tired, you can rest in the Gothic Quarter, have a bite and wet your beak.


Make a stop in Valencia


If you’re taking your time with your rental car and want to explore Spain as much as you can, you can go south from Barcelona and make a stop in Valencia, a masterfully constructed city on the coast of the Mediterranean. The way they combine their farthest past dating all the way back to year 138 BC with the most innovative architecture of the 21st century is truly breathtaking. The sandy beaches, blue seas, and coastal mountains will make you feel like you stepped into a fairytale!

Have a road trip to Madrid

Spain, just like Australia, is super friendly towards road trippers. The country is large and gorgeous, so if you have to explore it, make sure to do so by renting a car and cruising across the country.


You might struggle a bit at first (you drive on the opposite side of the road than in Australia), but the roads are excellent and you can take your time to see everything thoroughly. In case you need to use Google Maps to get around it would be advisable to get a Europe SIM card that offers a 12GB data package before the trip. That way you can find your way quickly and without any issues. So, make sure your phone’s charged, your car in top shape and head to Madrid!

Party in Madrid

If you’re a party animal with a softer and artistic side, you might think about moving to Madrid permanently—seriously, you’ll fall in love immediately.

Madrid is a place with unique energy and people who just have this life thing all figured out! This city is simply killing the nightlife scene. There are more bars than you can imagine and you can find anything from quiet spots to grab a cocktail or hard-core clubs that are all action all night.

However, Madrid is a city of contrasts, so when you sober up the next day, you can hit the museums and see some of the most famous and cutting-edge artists in Prado, Centro de Arte Reina Sofía and Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza. Later in the evening, you can try fine dining and feel like the classiest Australian alive!

Finish your adventure by heading north

Once Madrid’s fast-paced life drains you, you can head north for a more relaxed vibe. You can continue with your car or try something different by boarding a train. There’s a direct connection with San Sebastian, the Basque heaven, and the ride takes only about five hours. Make sure to fast throughout your trip, because San Sebastian is one of the world’s greatest dining destinations.


It has everything from light snacks of freshest oysters and Basque tapas to multi-course feasts in Michelin-starred restaurants! Additionally, for a city of that size, San Sebastian has many events from film festivals to street parties and massive culinary fairs, so you won’t be bored one second! This is really one of the best ways to end your (first) Spanish adventure and fly back home.

Spain is the epitome of European charm that will blow you away and make you just a little bit jealous of everyone who gets to experience this beautiful country on a daily basis. However, you can always come back and explore the sunny south and other parts of Spain—the adventure never ends there!

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