6 Hotels in Las Vegas with Best Babysitting Services

Las Vegas has always had a reputation for being an adult-friendly setting, and (often) this was always the case. However, various facilities began creating kid-friendly infrastructure and an atmosphere accommodating to kids as time went by. There are lots of activities, hotels, and attractions that kids can enjoy.

Your kids can now enjoy various activities like waterparks, shark reefs, circuses, and “kids eat free” buffets. In addition, various hotels in Las Vegas offer babysitting services meant to ensure that both parents and children have the time of their lives in this beautiful desert oasis. You may be wondering how this happens and where you may get babysitting services in Las Vegas. Well, that’s why we are here.

While teenagers can be left by themselves in a hotel room for a few hours, things are often not so easy for younger kids. It’ll be safer (and more comforting) to know that your kids are left by themselves. That way, you get to have fun in a few casinos without having to worry about whether the kids are safe.

Child care activity programs

Luckily, various hotels in Las Vegas offer the best quality babysitting (child care) services both off and on the strip. More prominent hotels even have a nighttime activity program where parents drop their kids at night in a safe and secure setting. The programs are designed to keep the kids together in a setting that several adults supervise.

Often, the children are provided with meals, snacks, and various activities, including arts & crafts and movies. This program works well for school-going children that are used to staying apart from their parents for extended periods. There is another option that involves in-room childcare.

In-room childcare

In-room childcare is often provided for in larger hotels where nannies take care of your child or children in the room. The hotel or staffing agency ensures that the nannies have their background checked and screened before being hired to provide babysitting services. Often the nannies are grandmothers or college students looking to make extra cash.

The nannies will make meals, avail snacks, play with the children, and even tuck them into bed if the parents don’t come back home on time. This is an amazing option for parents with small children who are or aren’t potty-trained. It could also be good for parents that want to come back to the room and find the children sleeping.

Private Nanny

You also have the option of hiring a nanny on an as-needed basis. The nannies could avail themselves at your hotel or residence as needed and can be hired for one or multiple nights. They are the best option for family groups traveling together since the nanny can often handle many children.

If you have teens, you’d be better off looking into child-watch programs. Such programs aim to provide your teens with a safe space where they can safely have fun while their parents are off to town. There are several programs, i.e., hang-out spots and dance clubs, that are escorted and designed to provide teenagers with more freedom to help them feel like they aren’t being babysat.

Now that you get a clearer picture of what to expect let’s dive in and find hotels with child care in Las Vegas.

Best Hotels with Babysitting services in Las Vegas

#1.- Bellagio Resort (4.7/5) 🏆

Bellagio Resort is one of the best and well-known kid-friendly hotels in Las Vegas. The hotel is smaller compared to other hotels in the area and is operated by MGM Resorts International. The hotel is famed for its elegance and has many activities that children can take part in. It has excellent rooms with the best views in town and is also located in the best place.

It also has several amenities and various fun activities that parents can participate in. However, the best part, especially for parents, is that you can have a great time since you can book a babysitter to take care of your kids while you have some fun around town. The babysitters are vetted and approved to ensure that they provide the best services.

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#2.- The Mirage Hotel and Casino (4.4/5) 🥈

The Mirage is a tropically-themed resort located perfectly in the center of the Las Vegas strip. It’s great because it provides kids with endless entertainment, making it one of the best kid-friendly hotels/resorts in Las Vegas. For instance, the hotel has the remarkable Mirage Volcano, an amazing site for children to see.

The volcano combines music, fire, and choreography to create an unforgettable event popular among kids and adults. The pool (with its palm trees and cascading waterfalls) is great for families and provides a getaway from the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas streets. Parents and children can also enjoy a family dinner at the California Pizza Kitchen, a family-friendly restaurant situated at the Mirage.

The Mirage has kid-friendly entertainment, shows, and activities that your kids are sure to love. Apart from the numerous kid-friendly activities the children can enjoy, parents are allowed to book nannies that’ll help take care of the children while they go out and have some more fun.

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#3.- MGM Grand Hotel and Casino (4.4/5) 🥉

Although it isn’t as kid-friendly as some other hotels in Las Vegas, the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino is quickly becoming a favorite among families. The hotel is situated near the southern end of the Vegas strip, which could be a bit far from the action; however, it is close to the New York- New York Hotel and the Mandalay Bay. Thus, you won’t miss some fun activities you could do.

The hotel has one of the best and largest hotels in the Vegas strip, making it a great chill-out destination for families with kids. You and your family could grab a tube and float down its lazy river, get access to one of the three whirlpools, enjoy the beautiful waterfalls, or kick back and relax on a comfy daybed. Your family could also enjoy spectacular martial arts shows, acrobatics, aerial stunts, and some fiery pyrotechnics.

You could also take your kids to some of the kid-friendly restaurants available for a bite to eat, including The Dapper Doughnut, Bonnano’s Pizzeria, Cabana Grill, Sports Deli, and Food Court. You could also hire a babysitter any time to look after your kids if you want to go out and have some more fun.

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#4.- Hilton Grand Vacations on Boulevard (4.4/5)


This hotel is an amazing destination for families that don’t want to stay in a casino hotel but still want to be as close as possible to all the action. The hotel has a laid-back vibe and is located on the northern side of the Vegas strip. It provides the visitors with ideal access to dining, shopping, and kid-friendly entertainment, perfect for family vacations.

The hotel is surrounded by palm trees and has two pools perfect for families to enjoy a fun day in the sun. If you are not interested in swimming, you could shoot some hoops on the hotel’s basketball court or play table tennis. Your kids could also have some fun time in the hotel’s whirlpool spas or have some fun watching free circus shows next door at Circus Circus.

You could also take your kids for a bite to eat at kid-friendly restaurants like Circus Circus and Waves Pool Bar & Grill (enjoy chicken tenders, burgers, nachos, and more. You could also hire an in-room babysitter to take care of your kids while you explore and have some fun.

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#5.- Embassy Suites by Hilton (4.0/5)

Embassy Suites is located minutes from the strip and has spacious suites that are perfect for families. The hotel offers casual American dinners, complimentary evening reception, a digital key, an outdoor pool, an onsite restaurant, and room service, etc.

It also has a relaxed and laid-back atmosphere that’s perfect for individuals looking to kick back, relax and enjoy their Las Vegas vacation. What’s more important is that the hotel offers babysitting services for parents that want to enjoy a little bit of adult time in the Las Vegas strip casinos.

Get access to vetted and screened babysitters who have enough experience taking care of children so that you can have the chance to enjoy and have a fun experience.

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#6.- Thunderbird Hotel (3.7/5)

Thunderbird Hotel Las Vegas

The Thunderbird hotel is located South of Downtown and North of the Vegas Strip. The hotel is located somewhere that’s both remote and close to all the action. It’s near pawn shops, neon wedding chapels, and the famous Luv-it Custard and has recently got a huge makeover making it a great location for individuals that don’t want a busy vacation.

This makes it an amazing vacation location for parents looking to have some fun while simultaneously keeping their children safely sheltered from all the action. The hotel rooms have a huge makeover with a modernistic design, making it a comfy location for hiring a babysitter for indoor childcare services.

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Las Vegas is getting more accommodating and kid-friendly by the moment, and as such, parents vacationing with kids are assured of having a great time both as a family and by themselves.

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