Top beaches in Sydney to take your rental car and family

Sydney, the largest city in Australia, is one of the most important cities in the world. Located in an incredibly beautiful harbour, this historic city has much to offer visitors, and it would be easy to spend a week or more exploring its sights. Sydney is known around the world as the capital of the sea, with dozens of beaches that tourists love and that locals gather. Most hotels in Sydney can provide you with directions and tips on the easiest way to reach any number of beaches. The best part is that you do not have to be a passionate swimmer to enjoy a beach in Sydney, as a lot of people flock to people to watch or eat at one of the fabulous coastal cafes and restaurants. So, if you happen to be visiting Sydney looking to make the most of your weekend with your rental car, then you are in for a treat. Below is a list of the top Sydney beaches to take your rental car.

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Bondi Beach

Any list of beaches in Sydney should start with Bondi Beach. It is easily the most famous beach and is close to the business district and easily reached by train or bus. The beach itself has a big ripple, so body surfers and retirees can enjoy their day. Others can walk on the boulevard and soak up the sun and enjoy fish and chips and a drink. Alternatively, you can have lunch in one of the restaurants or cafes overlooking the beach or stroll and enjoy the sights. You can easily park your rental car right across the road as there is parking available, but please do note that it is metered and will therefore require you to pay. Parking so close to the beach can expose your car to salt getting etched onto the paintwork, so always park with caution of simply give it a good clean and paint restoration after a visit

Manly Beach

Manly Beach is just 11 km from Sydney, up in the north direction. For beach lovers, this is the best place, as the rolling stones meet the golden sandy beaches. This beach has a row of pine trees that give the beach an amazing view. Thousands of couples and visitors visit this magnificent beach every summer. A walk along the beach coast will enchant you. Manly Beach has several beaches to visit and explore. The shops and restaurants around the beaches offer rich food and drinks of all kinds. Some of the most popular sports are volleyball, diving, and boating. Many festivals are celebrated during the summer season, so it is the most visited season for tourists.  Just be sure to pack some beach balls, towels, and picnic basket in your rental car.

Coogee Beach

Coogee Beach is located in the southeast of the business district and is a great place to go for a day or evening trip. The suburb also has wonderful nightlife to enjoy when the sun goes down. Cogue Beach is the closest beach to the city centre and the eastern part of the city. It only takes a 30-minute drive to get there from the city centre. Despite the fact that it is a small beach, it still wins takes home as one of the best and most dynamic beaches, rated by the locals. Do not let the small sized beach full you as it packs plenty of excitement with a perfect blend of cafes, shops, ice cream stores and of course beachy vibes.

Bronte Beach

Located a short distance from Bondi Beach, our very first suggestion, Bronte Beach is a popular destination for families, largely due to the man-made pools built in the cliffs next to the beach. In fact, swimming pools are often preferred to the beach, which can often be a bit hectic, but in any case, you can enjoy the beach a little easier. A fantastic choice for those who are not a huge fan of the waves and prefer something calmer and still, then the pool section will be your choice. Often a great alternative if Bondi Beach is too congested, especially during the warmer seasons of Spring and Summer.

Palm Beach

Palm Beach is an instantly recognisable stretch of sand for those looking to get home and away – but you do not have to be a soap fan to enjoy the beach. Most of it is exposed, offering a wide view of the horizon and beach – just like a desktop wallpaper. Check out the beach across at both ends if you want to have lunch here. Check the northern end for surfing and the southern end for safer swimming.

Clovelly Beach

Clovelly Beach is unconventionally beautiful, with its huge strips of trees that reach the waterline, the very narrow strip of sand and the long promenades along the sand. It offers a perfect blend of scenic beach waterlines and greenery. The small beach is secluded and very calm, and everything in the water is protected – it is a marine park. Pack or rent a snorkel, mask and set of wings inside your rental car, and you will have a fantastic afternoon!

Whale Beach

If surfing is your thing, Whale Beach is the best bet for scenic beach surfing. There are some very neat rock pools and an underground where they swim when there are lifeguards or a lot of other people on the beach. But of course, you do not have to be a surfer or swimmer to enjoy the tranquility of Whale Beach, simply dip your feet in the water or bury it in the golden sand. Whale Beach may not be one beach widely promoted and in fact one of the very few hidden gems out there, ideal for a more secluded feel without the rustle and bustle of Bondi.

You cannot claim to have had a real travel experience in Sydney if you did not set foot on any of these beaches. These are just some of the beaches but there are still more. Just remember to slip, slop and slap sunblock because it can get real hot quickly and could be working a sun burn in no time. As much as we enjoy the beach we all know it can get messy real quick, so one thing we would recommend is a Sydney Car Detailing service to avoid any potential penalty fees for a sandy rental car when you plan to return it. Enjoy the summer lifestyle of Sydney soon and see for yourself, make the most of your rental car and organise beach hopping or a coastal adventure. Sydney is just not the same without its beaches and scenic coastal walks.



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