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Explore the USA and Canada Easily with a One-Way Car Rental

Traveling can be so much fun, and while you may focus on one part of the world every time you travel, there may be times when you want to see a few different destinations at once. When you choose to do this, you will be happy to know that you have so many more options than driving a vehicle to your starting point and then all the way back there again at the end of your trip.

When you choose to travel to more than one destination, we recommend renting a vehicle in your starting destination and then returning it at your final destination and flying home. This will save you some time on travel and it is so easy to do!

One-Way Car Rental Seattle to Vancouver

One of our most popular one-way car rental options is a trip from Seattle to Vancouver. There are many tourists who visit the city of Seattle annually, and many of them, due to its proximity, also take advantage of visiting Vancouver; and the idea of even spending a day walking around Vancouver is simply exciting, it’s a trip worth making.

The drive between these two cities in different countries will take between two and a half and three hours depending on traffic and the time it takes you to cross the border. You will travel the one hundred and forty miles mostly along Interstate 5 and Highway 1.

Here’s a link to the official website of the Washington State Department of Transportation, where you can consult the 4 points to cross the border, so you can choose the most appropriate option for your itinerary, and something interesting to emphasize is that when you’re driving along the I-5 highway and you’re approaching the border areas, we will find traffic signs that will tell us the waiting time to cross the border and immigration. Anyway, you can check in real-time with our smartphone this information by visiting the WSDOT Live Info

As you travel between these two destinations, you can stop to see the sights and don’t forget to take the time to appreciate the gorgeous views at the same time. Driving from Seattle to Vancouver, or vice versa, in your rental car will allow you to explore the cities, towns, landscapes and the environment that surrounds our way, our own air.

Make sure that in the car rental agreement is considered the possibility of crossing borders, as not all companies allow it, and remember that in USA speed is measured in MPH and in Canada in KPH.

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One-Way Car Rental Detroit to Toronto

Another option for one-way car rentals is traveling from Detroit to Toronto. The distance between these two cities is a little longer, at two hundred forty-four miles. However, you can reach your destination within just four and a half hours. You can choose to stay on Highway 401 the entire way or you can eventually get onto Highway 403 to complete your journey.

There are also so many things that you can do between Detroit and Toronto, so plan on taking your time and making stops at attractions that you want to see along the way. Toronto deserves at least 3 full days if you have it.

In fact, for both these trips, and for any other road trips you decide to take, we recommend planning a full day for drives like these. By planning the entire day on the road, you will not feel rushed through anything and you will reach your destination in plenty of time to check into your hotel at night.

If you like food, culture, history and picturesque cities, try to get to Montreal and Quebec City someday. It’s worth it. Canada is a beautiful country, it is definitely a wonderful place to travel, and the roads are excellent for road travel.

Many people think that the cost of one-way car rentals is more expensive, but that is not the case. Plus, our prices include the one-way fees, so you will not have any surprises at the end of your trip. When you are ready for your next vacation, consider a one-way car rental, so you can see more of the world in a shorter amount of time.

September and October are the ideal times to take a drive through Canada, as the weather is very pleasant and there are no longer as many travelers. Although in general, it is a cool climate this time of the year allows traveling with greater security.

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