Explore the Fascinating City of Kannur in India

The city of Kannur can be found within the northern region of Kerala in the country of India and visitors will find that there are so many things to see and do while they are vacationing there.  Everyone traveling to this destination will want to book their flight into the new Kannur International Airport, which is the fourth international airport within the region.

Once a person lands, they could utilize public transportation for the duration of their vacation, but their best option is to rent a vehicle.  This vehicle can then be used to not only take a person to and from their hotel, but to also take them to any attraction or landmark that they have on their itinerary.

The St. Angelo Fort, which is known as the Kannur Fort by many, is one of the destinations that every visitor will want to drive their rented vehicle to.  This fort was constructed in 1505 and is currently considered a world heritage site.  After exploring the site, many people choose to sit and stare out towards the breathtaking views of the sea, as they listen to the waves crashing into the rocks on the shoreline.  Those who stumble upon the fort later in the evening will want to stay until after the sun has set in the sky, because there is a fountain that lights up and plays music at that time.  The performance is short, only approximately fifteen minutes, but the glow of the fort and lighthouse behind the fountain creates beautiful scenes for photographs.

Anyone who wants to see the native animals and plants of the region will want to drive over to the Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary.  This is the perfect place for people to hike through the forest, as they try to capture a glimpse of the langurs, elephants, and deer.  Amongst it, all will be the native plants and flowers, which attract numerous types of butterflies.  Visitors are often seen enjoying picnic lunches along the trails, as it is common to spend hours enjoying this little piece of paradise.

The Edakkal Caves are another outdoor area that most visitors love to see up in North Kerala.  Inside the caves, people will discover archaeological carvings from the Stone Age, some of which are believed to have been done more than eight thousand years ago.  While there are carvings of people and animals, visitors also spot ones of tools and symbols that no one knows.  These caves were not discovered until 1890, which may be why these carvings have been so well preserved, and visitors need to be careful not to damage any of them.

The Arakkal Museum inside the Arakkal Royal Palace shares the life and cultures of the only Muslim royal family within Kerala.  Guests can wander through the museum as they look at the family’s furniture, weapons, art, and other items from when they lived there.

One of the most important temples within Kannur is the Parassini Madappura Sree Muthappam Temple and it can be found on the River Valapattanam.  Those entering this temple to pray must remove their shoes first and make sure that they are dressed appropriately with their entire body covered.  Everyone is allowed to pray inside the temple and food is often provided as well.  There are no cameras allowed inside the temple, but the memories that everyone has from the experience will last forever.

Some of the jobs available in Kannur are unique, as everyone will see if they take the time to visit the Kerala Dinesh Beedi Co-operative.  A beedi is similar to a cigarette, but it is tobacco rolled up into either kendu or tendu leaves.  There are no machines to do the rolling of the beedis, so people are hired to do the work by hand.  It is not easy to roll one beedi after another all day, but some of the most skilled workers manage to roll upwards of one thousand of them each day.

No one can leave Kannur without spending a little time at the beach, and Kannur Beach is not like any other beach in the world.  In fact, the name includes five beaches, Payyambalam, Adikadalayi, Meenkunnu, Baby, and Thayyil.  Payyambalam Beach is the most popular of them all, as visitors and locals can simply stroll along the shore as the waves roll over their feet.  Travelers will want to drive to each one of these beaches during their time in India, so that they can determine which one is their ultimate favorite.

Those visiting Kannur will quickly realize that renting a car is the best way for them to see everything on their must-do itinerary, because a few places are further away from the local hotels and other accommodations.  While some areas can be reached via public transportation, a rented car makes it easier for visitors to spend as much time as they want at each location instead of being trapped by a pre-determined schedule.  Therefore, a car will ensure that everyone has a phenomenal time on their vacation in Kannur.

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