New Caledonia Trip Report

New Caledonia is a French territory located in the South Pacific. It is a perfect place that combines many interesting places you can visit. Beaches, waterfalls, and forests show you the versatility of this island and make it an attractive option for your next trip. If you don’t know much about it, and you are wondering what is there to visit and see, our little guide can help you.

The best time for traveling

New Caledonia has peak seasons from June to August and then from December to January when most Australian people come. You can experience the true summer then, with wet and hot weather. During the rest of the months, the island is mostly occupied by French people and other European citizens. If you want to avoid the crowd and find cheaper accommodation, also avoid peak months as the prices are higher.

Each month is best for a certain activity, although you will have an amazing time no matter when you decide to go, since it is a very lively place, with many activities you can enjoy. It is especially beautiful for newlyweds and couples because the Island is romantic on its own.

Visit the waterfalls

One of the first things New Caledonia has to offer are numerous waterfalls, so make sure at least one is on your agenda. Maybe the most famous one is Madeleine Falls, which is surrounded by beautiful nature. It is not very high, but swimming is forbidden, although there are spots where you can stand to get the perfect view. Another beautiful waterfall is Wadiana Waterfall, which is again not high but is very interesting. It has a multi-tiered cascade and an amazing pool where you can swim in the clean and cool water. Some of the others worth visiting are NY, Le Trou and Tau waterfall which you can reach by foot and reach the natural, freshwater at the bottom of the rocks.

Beautiful islands in the New Caledonia archipelago

New Caledonia is an archipelago made up of many smaller islands. Mare is an island where the ocean meets the forest. The island has a very rich history and has many fortifications, festivals, and caves, which certainly leaves a lot of activities for you to do. Lifou has long, white sandy beaches, crystal water, and beautiful landscape all around, which makes it a perfect place to relax and enjoy. The unique Isle of Pines will amaze you with its nature, especially because it is a tropical place that has pines that will provide the perfect shade. Be sure to swim or snorkel in the crystal-clear water of Oro Bay, visit queen Hortense’s cave and climb N’ga Peak. You can go canoeing like the locals do, and enjoy the paradise this island is. Ouvéa Island is heaven on Earth, and even UNESCO listed it as a World Heritage Site. If you want a more peaceful atmosphere, Tiga is the perfect island for you. It is the place meant for experiencing the traditional lives of the locals and relaxing to the max.

Extra activities that you can enjoy anywhere on the island

For any adventurous person and nature enthusiast, there are many fun activities to enjoy anywhere in New Caledonia. Diving and snorkeling are just some marine activities you can try and experience the true beauty of the crystal water. The best time for sightseeing is out of the peak season, which is normally December to January and then July to August. This is when the hotels will be crowded, so if you like peace and quiet, choose other months. You will have the chance to visit different reserves with exotic bird species, Kanak monument dedicated to France and their possession of the colonies. Forts and parks are also interesting and can complete your stay. Fun boat tours and spending time at the beach are an inevitable part of this trip as well.

If you want a true island experience, and a vacation that offers both fun activities and calm places meant for enjoyment, New Caledonia is the perfect place. The combination of rich history, beautiful beaches and nature all around will refresh and relax you, which are reasons enough to try this destination for your next trip.

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